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    1. Absolutely agree, one thing what annoys me is when people say, I was born with this mask on this mask is super glued on. My apologies but who the fuck stitches, super glued or even is born with a fucking raccoon mask on it’s major failrp yes it’s good to conceal identity but walking around with it on 24/7 that’s ticking ridiculous. I’ve seen so many great Roleplayers leave this server because shit hasn’t changed when people moan about legion being blocked off that’s because they can’t do anything non roleplay, if people were true to fucking roleplay they wouldn’t have their thumb stuck up their ass staying at legion doing nothing it’s the most boring thing to do.
    2. I agree, but what I’m saying is that I’ve seen more RP going down in writing than I have seen character progression.
    3. I agree, and what I’ve realised is that the TextRP in the discord, I’ve seen more textrp Than I have in-game RP and that’s just sad.
    4. Okay so I hope I don’t get into trouble by any means by the way I’m about to express how I think the server has gone, but before I joined back to the city 2-3 days ago I nearly took a week off. This is because every time I went on-duty this server literally feels like a game of cops and robbers. There is absolutely 0 character progression going on and absolutely 0 storyline being created, and this is another reason I don’t live-stream this server I don’t want to have people come to a channel to see all the bs what’s happening and think well this is a shit server because all they do is kill people over cars, money and drugs, and then do nothing but stand at legion. There is an entire city, also there is sandy shores and paleto up north, I guarantee if people would learn to move from legion and create RP this server would be better. Like from the police side all we do is respond to cds complaints and shots fired calls and when we arrive on scene to stop an individual we either get shot at without a word said or we get combat logged on because someone has been arrested when they don’t want to be. Also some civilians say we always have a win mentality for situations idgaf if I lose a situation for not. But I think some civs have the win mentality because if they don’t get away from the police and they get caught their either toxic asf or combat log. @Crunch I really hope this shit changes for the better.
    5. I can't agree more, when people are like oh hold on I gotta go it's like wtf bud, yes stuff can come short notice but don't say to someone oh my head exploded because by saying that you're saying you're dead, if your head exploded how tf are you able to speak and be alive. If I need to go do something I'll just say, "I'm a little tired, don't mind me just going to rest in the car for a minute and take a nap" that's something realistic it's letting people know you may not respond to what they're saying. some RP it brilliant some RP is pure shit and expecially when you're a civ and someone has you at gun point you don't go to a safe zone because that's avoiding RP
    6. To be honest, with peoples RP some of it's good some of it I'm not going to lie it's shit, people do nothing but sit at legion not I'm not trying to compare others servers to this one but for example NoPixel if you look at peoples RP they don't sit at legion talking they are in the city and up north making storys for each others roleplay. Yes sitting at legion is okay for the first 10-15 minutes but what kind of roleplay do you gain, it's not about getting money, getting nice cars, and shooting people because they hit your car. it's about knowing each other and talking to others, going to different places in the city and going up north making a story-line, sitting at legion is boring and what I've noticed is that people don't value their lifes. When you're being held at gun point not cop related, you get out and put your hands up. You don't drive your car and smack others. You're meant to value your life like you don't want to die. Not everyones character on this server is some ricky mother fucker who doesn't care about being shot. I just wish people would stop going to legion and value their lives.
    7. hey Dr David I don't know if you've already filled one out already or if you was just introducing your character but if you havn't head over to https://gta5police.com/forums/index.php?/application/form/3-white-list-application/ and fill out your whitelist app. Thank you
    8. If it's possible could we make it so the chair animation for example instead of having to continuously press enter once we press the animation it stays their until we press the W key or something along those lines so we can actually sit their in RP and not having to press enter every 5-10 seconds
    9. I would also love keybindings such as instead of cuff via the ALT menu you can press a key and it will cuff them. and L = lock car or something
    10. lately I've been seeing some officers and ems still blowing intersections. And don't get me wrong I used to do it a few times but now I've stopped. but I think if we can get some sort of training done then that would be useful so like when a police or ems are either blowing through it or trying to clear it they MUST have ALL EYES open for oncoming traffic such as bikes popping wheelies, or cars going high rates of speed etc. This way not only could we watch how they would do it but it would show how much of a eye they're keeping out for the city and how safe they're trying to make it.
    11. I think it would be great and really handy if the police vehicles could get a dash cam view so that when we go on a pursuit or traffic stop we have the registration right in front of us and that we we know how close to the vehicle we can get and if we could get this implemented I think it would add more RP to traffic stops and pursuits altogether
    12. Do you think we could get rid of that blue box what we have and make is so the text/chat is just there with no box around it
    13. Daniel Hawk


      Could we get chat looking something like this?
    14. I think it would be awesome and easier to access if the K, F1 and the bank menu could have a mouse cursor for F1 and K menu instead of the arrow keys, also the mouse cursor for the bank could that be decreased in size so it's like default windows icon
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