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  1. AlphaBravoCheesecake

    Selling 69 Ford Mustang Boss302

  2. AlphaBravoCheesecake

    Selling 69 Ford Mustang Boss302

  3. AlphaBravoCheesecake

    Tips to improve roleplay with officers

    When they scream F*** 12 just yell back: "Love you too!" and drive off...
  4. AlphaBravoCheesecake

    LTB a Nissan gtr

    Get rid of that it isn't even an auction...
  5. AlphaBravoCheesecake

    Selling 69 Ford Mustang Boss302

  6. AlphaBravoCheesecake

    Jimmy Charms! The Poll worked...

    This poll is extremely important for the sake of BigCityRP, change Jimmy Lynch to Jimmy Charms, it will give peace back to the citizens of BigCity. Thank you to everyone who participated in our pole, we appreciate everything, you have contributed greatly to this community!
  7. AlphaBravoCheesecake


    I don't want a fast truck, I want a Midnight Purple truck with nice wheels
  8. AlphaBravoCheesecake

    Drug/Gun organizations, not kingpins

    Oh ok, yeah, no, I totally agree, when I arrest someone for selling something, that shouldn't be the end of that distribution ring, it needs to be more complex with more people and more levels, IDK how we can get that to happen with most of the people in BCRP.
  9. AlphaBravoCheesecake

    Robbing houses

    People don't have neighbors? Some houses in that area don't have cameras? Some houses wouldn't have security sensors? I mean there are so many factors that lead to alarms being triggered
  10. AlphaBravoCheesecake


    I would love to be able to buy one and just occasionally take a job!
  11. AlphaBravoCheesecake

    Drug/Gun organizations, not kingpins

    I get that, but still, because a LOT of people are here, to do no actual RP, and all they want is Cops & Robbers with the fastest cars, that leaves only those who actually want to RP to work together, lets say on one of the whitelist servers you set up an RP Scenario for this, or you got together with people you know and set up your own organisation. You could control everything, you could take control of the market, BUT, you would have to RP that some of them are the "Goons" and don't know anything, all they do is drive and deliver, you have your "Cooks", all they do is make product, and you have your "Dealers", all they do is sell what your Goons bring them. It doesn't have to be super difficult, you could even give your cook the job of delivering, if you are short man power. Its all about RP, you don't need the owners to implement new things to do what you can already do...
  12. AlphaBravoCheesecake

    Drug/Gun organizations, not kingpins

    Theres no need to set this stuff up OOC, do it in Character as @Nakkerino said, use more than one person, have a network, don't need stuff to be set up for you, set it up...
  13. AlphaBravoCheesecake


  14. AlphaBravoCheesecake


    Again, this has been discussed so many times, there is a reason that the only people able to fly in BCRP are Cops, its because we received training and we can face consequences if we misuse this.
  15. AlphaBravoCheesecake

    Test Driving Vehicles?!?!

    Would be great, if people wouldn't abuse it, but it will be abused and used for robberies or used to get yourself out of a sticky situation creating a mess of cars filling the streets with no owners...
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