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    1. Wish you the best with your idea and please you don't have to wave your previous experience and positions to me lol out of all people
    2. Sure its a bad idea, it was tried before and we see how that is now. One PD following one set of rules and having one command structure is all this city needs. If you are interested in the department then apply and ask around. But simply playing politics to get a new department to open is not a good idea. Thanks for the tag
    3. It would be cool if they brought back the old parking garage where everyone use to hangout one block up back in the GTA5Police days, at least there is legit parking spots there and less traffic problems because its a legit parking lot.
    4. It would be a nice feature to include especially whenever/ if we get a new MDT for the police
    5. If you are not looking at PD apps at 3am then I don't know what you are doing with yourself

      1. WowKenny


        i just applied as a cop, really hoping to be one

    6. Miss you buddy, one of the best cops I met on here, real OG

    7. Could be like when we hit jump to many times when we are running we instantly fall down, so like if someone is running and they smoke meth like 2-3 times the more times they do it in a row the higher probability they have of overdosing and knocking out instead of gaining speed. Giving a risk and reward factor. Personally don't think meth should be 100 percent full proof for criminals, fully agree with Zavala.
    8. I would say the primary reason when I have seen either my patrol partners tires have popped or my own would be due to desync. At the end of the day things like tires popping are going to be little scuffed sometimes just due to the amount of people that are on the server, but overall the concept makes a lot of sense because it keeps people driving some what realistic as well when is comes to pursuits for both cops and civilians.
    9. I wouldn't mind it but I would say since it is a public server to maybe be a little hesitant with who has the ability to use that ped as we have seen things be abused before and we certainly would not want our community to get a rep of having people use kid peds and do illegal things and or inappropriate things, that no one would want done to any child. I would put this in the same category as being given the ability to fly in our community, where very few have the ability and there is a very quick hook if abused.
    10. Its Senior Officer to you lmao
    11. I would not trust Kane with anything more then a golf cart lol, if he is primary in a pursuit I literally try to get into the helicopter because that is the safest place to be.
    12. I also see this myself when interacting with people as a police officer or just chilling on civ I believe the ability to not take everything that happens in RP personally is something that would help. When members bring problems OOC instead of letting things play out and then going to support with questions and concerns is definitely pushes away RP for sure and I would probably say new players trying to get there feet wet as well. I think people forget that RP is a two way street you need both sides to be on board with it to be successful. Weather you are winning or losing it should not matter but the experience and quality of the RP should be what matters and remembering that this is not the end all be all result. You can have a working economy, cool cars, nice houses, PD and EMS but if you don't have quality player base and a friendly community then all those extra's do not matter.
    13. The Civilian population would explode also I dont believe that is the long term solution. There will always be times where people from all groups will want new or more cars its just about being able to manage them properly and fix any immediate issues if necessary.
    14. As someone who originally was trying to get the Fire Department implemented during my time in EMS I am so on bored with this Destiny, I know speaking to Crunch way back the problem we ran into with the fires was the lag it would cause when people would be close to it. IDK if that problem could be fixed now and or if maybe the 64 slot servers are more equipped for that. I have not seen the problem with the fire truck yet but if that is the case should be fixed by a re skin and or a new model. Also I believe this community had a script for a jaws of life at some point or another. I could also recommend a few smaller vehicles with working water hoses that would be a better utility vehicle. Also I would say it would probably be best to just have all departments using the same helicopter model because the less vehicle models the better but I would definitely ask if perhaps the EMS job when pulling out the helicopter gives you the ability to use the thermals.
    15. As someone who has been here for over 4 years and has seen the up's and down's of this community I will say there are always things that can improve with in any community. Currently being an outsider with what exactly the staff of the community is working on for the server I will say this I do believe the economies inflation is an issue worth addressing and with any issue it should be addressed as a group and with progressive ideas to make this community RP experience the best it can be. But I don't believe calling someone a "Smart Ass" is going help resolve anything. Also there are many other places people can go I don't believe people understand here that there are other places you can go play at. This is a luxury not a requirement, unless you have any abilities to actually contribute or impact the problems being addressed then simply insulting people does not help anything. Especially people who have no idea the struggles with coding and or what developers and management have to do to resolve problems and constantly being asked for shit to be added. Or being an Owner and having the most impossible job of trying to make everyone happy. What I would end off on is this just be understanding that if you are identifying an issue in the community that staff and management probably have already identified it as well, resolutions to things take time and are not as easy as copy paste. But the petty insults should stop if you want to be taken seriously as a voice for resolutions.
    16. with a 128 server slots in the works anything could be possible #GoldStripedPants
    17. Sheriffs Office 2020, hit me up with those yellow striped pants
    18. Code Red cities are always making servers pop to me the timer is perfect its a public server and shit is always hitting off in all the popular cities so I personally have not run into this problem
    19. Its simple when something does not go your way dont act 12 and cry about it, also if there is a rule broken then go to support and dont just spam ooc lol
    20. We already have gun play over role-play adding more things that criminals to do will just get abused like everything because people don't know how to do anything else but crime lol
    21. If you want to know if you have a warrant like IRL you either come to PD and discuss with a police officer or get in touch with an attorney, civilians are not permitted to see police documentation, plus the way you are saying it sounds like meta AF so just RP it out
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