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  1. Zac

    New PD vehicles

    Ya'll just got updated vehicles not too long ago. And the police vehicles are made so it's fair for both sides to have fun not just PD. Some civ vehicles are faster(Very few) If you have PD vehicles faster than all the civ vehicles it ruins the fun for them cause they know they're going to get caught each time. For PD you guys go through training to know how to catch people + when you're in the server there is most likely more than 3 officers in a server + have comms so you can coordinate with each other to capture a suspect. At the moment there is about a 75/100% chance that you will catch a suspect when in a chase. IT IS OKAY TO LOSE SOMETIMES. If you feel like you can never catch someone you may need to train more The model S is only used in a county in California Nowhere else has them as a fleet of police vehicles.
  2. Zac

    Purge night

    Thanks for your suggestion. We do have these purge nights a few times a year. (One in the spring and one around the fall) sometimes the dates get changed, but we do have them.
  3. Zac

    Local radio station?

    Thank you for your suggestion. The management team will discuss this and Hopefully we get back to you as soon as we can. This seems like a great idea for our community.
  4. The 128 slot server will officially be up on Friday, June 28th Below is information on how to join it. 1. You must have the latest version of TeamSpeak3 ( 2. Install the Tokovoip Plugin for TS3 provided tokovoip_1_2_2_1.ts3_plugin 3. Join our TS3 server by entering our IP here: 4. Join the "waiting" channel under *insert cool channel name* (will be changed) 5. Start up FiveM and direct connect using the server IP here: 6. Make sure you have Push to talk set up in TeamSpeak under Tools>Options>Capture. Press push to talk and add the key you wish to add If you are a Cop, EMS, or Mechanic DO NOT add caps lock as your push to talk 7. Cops, EMS, Mechanics use F9 to activate your radio menu and join the appropriate channel. To talk on the radio press CAPS LOCK. To change Voip range, Press F1 and it will change in the top left corner to either whisper, normal, or shouting.
  5. Zac

    Abacus TriGG

    Welcome to the city! I also don't like Pinapple on pizza
  6. Zac

    Adrian Huber

    Welcome to our beloved community. Hope you enjoy it here
  7. Zac


    Welcome to our community. For introductions we have some rules and guildlines to make sure your introduction is perfect for everyone to see. Tell us a bit about yourself. Whats your name and where are you from? How did you find our community? Whats your favourite hobbies? Anything else you would like to share. On behalf of all of Management we weclome you to our community and we hope you enjoy it here. Reminder that this is an out of character section (OOC) everything you type here will ONLY be out of character. for your character info you may go to Character introductions.
  8. Zac

    Rules and Guildlines

    1. Please do not post about any illegal items or illegal jobs. 2. Be detailed with your ads 3. Please do not spam bumps. If the topic is still active it should still be for sale. 4. Leave your in character contact information if interested. Different contact Info Below Email (Discord DM, forums DM is Email. Please keep it in character) Text and Call is the second way to contact a person (In-game Phone Number . Please keep it in character)
  9. Zac

    Rules and Guildlines

    1. Please Do not Metagame in suggestions. (Giving illegal locations, info on how to do illegal things, etc) 2. Be kind and respectful to all members when giving input (Don't be an ass) 3. Please be a bit detailed when giving suggestions. 4. Look at the list of suggestions before posting your own. There may already be a post on your topic
  10. Zac

    Laundering Vehicle Rentals

    Reminder to all in here that you shouldn't be giving in game information to others. It is a form of metagaming. Please do not give in game illegal info to others. thank you
  11. Zac

    Scouse Barry aka Scouse

    Welcome good sir
  12. Zac

    Emmanuel David.

    Welcome Hope you have fun!
  13. Zac


    Hello! I hope you're enjoying our servers and community!
  14. Zac


    You are correct it is random. There is a reason. You can't guarantee being able to steal a vehicle. It also makes stealing vehicles harder to do (which is kind of realistic)
  15. Zac

    Ability to pickup a dead friend.

    I think this would be a great Idea. Make the Roleplay more interactive instead of watching your friend go Poof