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    1. Can we please make vehicle handling more realistic? I know there are many vehicles and it might take a bit of time. Hear me out though. What If the normal GTA vehicles got reverted back to the regular GTA handling for now and just change the custom vehicles. That would be a start no? Vehicles should not be able to turn on a dime and, for most vehicles, accelerate to 100mph+ in like 2 seconds. Changing the vehicle handling will also make Pursuits more fun by lasting longer and actually requiring driving skill instead of just speed for both Civs and Cops. Currently if a civilian is speeding 160+ there is like a 10% chance that the cop will be able to interact with that person. Now if vehicles had more realistic handling that person won't be doing 160 cause they can't weave through traffic as easily and that cop can have a little bit of a chance to interact and creating more RP! And on the civilian side if you decided to run you would have to rely on your driving skills and not just speed. We all know that 85% of cops cannot drive so you would have to use those driving skills to your advantage. Example the PD Durango cannot turn around corners when you're going over 70-100mph +. Still the vehicle is too fast but the actual handling is somewhat realistic compared to the PD taurus which you can turn around a corner doing like 100 and be unbothered. And before people comment saying that the taurus has great handling, the main reason y'all are saying that is because a lot of PD cars can't match up with the custom vehicles. And most of you know I am not a win cop so don't say anything about "you're just saying that so cops have a better chance to win" it would just be nice if vehicle actually drove like normal vehicles and not like speed racer vehicles That is all cause I gosleep Love you, Nathan Caz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVjRe8QXFHY
    2. RIP I need sleep. I really like that idea though So if you wanted them to create their own goods, How would they go about doing that?
    3. Hey All you cools cats and dogs! It's your favourite Gem, Zac here. Wanted to get some suggestions from All of you since you peeps help make this community what it is. So for legal jobs, A lot of people have been asking for them for quite some time but only a few people have brought legit ideas to the table, so I kinda want to hear what type of jobs are you guys wanting to do? If you have awesome ideas of a legal job with detail showing how each job gets done, don't be shy. Let's hear it. Please remember to be kind to each other. If someone has an Idea and it's something you don't agree with Please reply with respect or don't reply at all Much love, Zac
    4. FiveM supports the Casino DLC You have to be on this Canary thing so the DLC is on FIveM and not streamed. But it's unstable. So whenever it becomes stable I guess it might be added to our servers. And what you said about the rest. Streaming causes problems lmao
    5. I agree with the new clothes for Females. Don't just request Females though. Men too!!! We Equal We want clothes too. I saw that FiveM got the new casino DLC recently and that has a ton of clothes in it however it's on some type of Beta thing and I'm not sure when it will be out of beta. Hopefully soon then we all get new clothes
    6. I think 3 is enough. You don't need that many slots. One slot Good Guy, One Slot bad guy, third slot edgy guy idk. You use those characters and expand off of them to further immerse yourself into the RP. You get arrested or do something bad on a character it shouldn't be an "oh well I got 4 other character so it's fine" It should be an "oh what can I do to make my fix my actions" or something like that if that makes sense. it shouldn't be like throw away characters. You have them and you keep them and role with the flow. With the animal stuff It sounds fun but as you know we are a public server and it will get abused to shit sadly.
    7. I really like your ideas. I feel like we are getting too much into Criminal stuff and are leaving out proper jobs that people who don't do crime want to have. If that makes sense
    8. Direct connects for the 32 slot servers Queens-servers.nyc:30120 Staten- servers.nyc:30130 bronz- servers.nyc:30140
    9. Welcome my fellow Canadian. Hopefully I don't pull you over
    10. Welcome to our community. We hope you enjoy it here. Below are direct connects to our 32 servers if you even need it. if You want to join the 64 slot server you need to be in a discord app Here servers.nyc:30120 servers.nyc:30130 servers.nyc:30140 Also make sure that you read our community/server rules Here Zac Senior Management
    11. Legal team has new 2 judges and more District attorneys and is currently in the process of adding new things to Expand the legal team and make everything more efficient within the department. So things are getting better just gotta give it some time.
    12. I actually suggested something like this last week but for in-game. The forums can also be a great place for news with clips and stuff though
    13. "Life is what you make it so lets make it right"- Hanna Montana RP is what you make it. If you don't put in effort yourself you are going to be bored.
    14. ZacIsAGem


      This section is IN-CHARACTER. 1. Please do not post about any illegal items or illegal jobs. 2. Be detailed when posting or seeking a job. 3. Leave your in character contact information if interested. Different contact Info Below Email (forums DM. Please keep it in character) Text or Call (In-game Phone Number. Please keep it in character)
    15. Not Gang RP is not my type of RP if you can call it that. t would be nice to see these "gang" members actually RP in gang areas like grove street and staying in those areas instead of sitting at legion going "Gang Gang Imma tough guy". People who try and RP as a "gang" member needs to learn that gangs aren't 100% pew pew. They need to learn how to RP with their mouths more and less with their guns.
    16. If coast guard would be a thing they wouldn't have shotguns they would have pistols and ARs. I think Ralph is sill trying to get your boat in for you still.
    17. It was almost a thing in the past and the plans for it were actually really good. We had the vehicles in the server the boat with the lights and the beautiful helicopter. It could be a good thing for the future but as of right now as Ralph said FDNY needs to be worked on first. gotta make sure all current departments are running properly If we were to get a coast guard we would need to add stuff to do in the ocean for a coast guard member to do. like fishing out in the ocean maybe with that big ass boat that we had a while ago. make an illegal fishing area that coast guard has to patrol make people get a boat license from the coast guard make people get a fishing license from the coast guard coast guard responds to crims trying to escape via water. Maybe have a yacht that spawns with illegal equipment (like illegal gun parts, drug ingredients, etc) but have it limited like 2 gun parts per spawn location etc I'm sure that coast guard would be it's own thing too and not apart of FDNY since it's classified as military in the US and they are able to carry firearms and what not. and it would probably be very limited. 10-20 people max
    18. No. We don't follow every single law IRL. We change some real laws to make it fit our server. Speaking of IRL do you see every single person/gang member etc wearing body armour? NO. legalising it would make it unrealistic because every single person would have it. Therefore it will stay illegal for now
    19. Houses go off of rent. If you don't pay your rent you lose your place. it's usually a few weeks of not paying then you lose it.
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