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    1. These actors artist etc / famous ppl could also have body guards
    2. I have a really dope idea . So bassically there should be like a BCRP tv show where people have to audition ig and have to wait to see if they get a role in the show. They should get payment received by how much views each episode gets . So if it gets 120 views 120k to split between cast directors editors etc. Also BCRP should make an official yt channel to post the shows. There should also be a way that people could request to get their music video posted on the website. This is really dope beacause this could be another ascpect to rp where ppl could get famous in different ways apart from twitter. All content received by the community should be reviewed and if it appropriate to be on the YT channel they should get paid a bit less than the tv shows. The reason im suggesting this is could this could be a whole nother way to roleplay or do new things. The artist and actors could also have in game meet and greets. And the artist could throw concerts and stuff. It wont be easy but im sure there are alot of ppl in the community that will volunteer.
    3. I forgot to add cops should also have the ability to investigate gangs / hoods moving shady. It should be hard for gangsters so they need to work to harder than any other job to make peofit from this lifestyle.
    4. I feel like gangs should be whitelisted and have an intricate backstory to be able to roleplay as a gangster the city. The reaseon why i fell like this is beacause gangs nowadays are too violent and rob anyone they see even in broad daylight at legion. I also feel like gangs shouldnt or dont need to represent colors beacause 99% of the time they initiative on people wearing rival colors even if their not in a gang . There should also be gang turf in south central of los santos where all the hood are. There should be gangs that occupy different neighbourhoods . eg. Chamberlin hills grove street jamestown etc, And it should also be different gangs that occupy different hoods in each borough. eg, if you have teritory in jamestown in brooklyn you only own the teritory in brooklyn not any other borough . There should also be an ability to take over other hoods by raiding there safe houses. This will cause gangs to defend and stay on thier block and not rob people not involved in crime life, The picture i attached is from gta sa and is a map of gangland this shouid be added to bigcity but the gangs should not actually represent the colors that are labeled on the gang map or any colors.
    5. Tr1ppl3xX


      Yo it would be a dope idea if yall had a ragemp server or switched to rage mp beacause there are alot of people that join big city every day. Plus ragemp doesnt have npcs so 1500 players can join at a time. It would be dope beacause instead of every1 being spread out we could all be in the same server as a community. And ragemp isnt as know as fivem big city is the biggest on fivem. Big city would easily be the number 1 server or get the most publicity on rage mp.
    6. Oh i didnt even know
    7. Tr1ppl3xX


      There should be bandage item that you can use after you have been badly wounded . Like if you get shot or stabbed. You could use the bandages to slow down the bleeding or to restrict bleeding they should be sold at the pillbox main desk
    8. I am aware that there are taxi jobs in the game but there are rarley any drivers even if there is a full server. It would be pretty dope if there were npc taxis and buses. If people need transport they will not rob locals for their vehicles. There are already customs skins for tour buses in the game.Or there should atleast be a bus driver job where actual players are paid to go to stops. The sbus stops should also be marked on the map. The goverment would also get alot orf money from this they should also add bus and subway passes for an example a card were u can charge with credits like in real life nyc
    9. Tr1ppl3xX


      I am aware that there is no subway in this server but they should add a subway and a system wherr it costs 500$ to get in the subway station not per ride
    10. I think that there should be a driving test in the city and there should be an actual instructor. Also u would need a license to drive and cops will be able to suspend your license for driving recklessly.
    11. Yall bloods are some busters see yall in the city
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