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    1. This is an absolutely awesome post, LOTS of work in getting those links lol. Thank you makes the job much easier. So YES we can certainly add more clothes! BUT let me explain how that works. Lots of trial and error as when you add clothes, it removes clothes. I've added some hair styles one time without really checking what it was replacing lol, next day after restart general chat was full of people complaining their characters looked like Elvis Presley. But GTA has so much horrible clothing we can replace, its more just to find the file name of each piece you wanna replace with
    2. Closing this now . If your interesting in CID, then speak to whoever it maybe to apply for DU, not much was changed besides the name, moved to a sub-division and the people running it. Thanks
    3. Um, I mean I am just wondering, what is actually different? lol If something is different I can only think of a few things. #1 complaints we got about when it was "called" CID... CID would just go around and offer to sell guns and drugs to people, then raid them the next day. (Not interested in criminals with a badge) CID would patrol doing traffic stops in unmarked cars with machine guns on their backs. (pretty much what cops do) So after a long time of this crap going on and getting the yes yes yes we will not do this anymore, CID was moved from being by themselves
    4. So as with everything in this community, things seem to get snowballed. It started with cars, 5m,20m,60m,100m,200m, then we had no choice but to step in and add the cars back into the shop to control the pricing somewhat. Also this goes on with homes as well... The businesses have been out of control, I remember when I see Benny's posted for 50m, I was like, that is fucking stupid. I even reached out to that person cause I know we sold it for pennies on the dollar to him (not sure if it was 2m,5m or whatever.... Over time, it was resold for 10m+. This continued to 50m
    5. Agreed, Id like to see cops actually RPing it at the minimum walking the perp without holding shit. Seems like a crapping thing. So we can make this change ourselves and update the SOP. Or if not making it an animation similar to the take hostage. I would rather we cooperate and just do the right thing.
    6. So first off, the "we pay our taxes". I assume this is in reference to donations. Lets all get one thing straight, you play here cause you love this community, your friends play here, you have fun playing here. We ask 2 simple things of everyone. 1.) Follow the rules 2.) be respectful That's it. No one owes us anything, no one is expected to donate money here. If you feel the need to "contribute to this community?" The absolute BEST WAY to do this? Is not with your wallet, its with your role play period! Focus on creating role play
    7. The funny thing is, this stuff should be the easiest thing to fix. It starts with us, each person. All you have to do is change your ways. If everyone contributed just that, it would be a night and day difference immediately.
    8. We will, with the help of some of the members of the community, work on getting alot of this stuff fixed as we continue. If we start with the quality of RP, everything else will fall in place.
    9. We all appreciate the dedication of this community, this is what makes this place great. Not cars, not scripts, not the name or the server boxes or the hosts we have. Its the people. Thank you
    10. Dude we all just want a place to come and have fun, be respected and make friends. That is the definition of community. If we did these things, nothing can stop us.
    11. Hey, so, this thread is filled with so many great points, a lot of which I agree with. Some of these things take people to cooperate and has nothing to do with what staff or owners dictate. Each department is controlled by that CoC, each department makes the SOP and sets the rules for how those players are to react to situations. Now we can sit here and point fingers at each side, but we have witnessed stupidity on all sides in this community. Is it all bad? No I don't think so. But some of the situations like you mentioned. "you don't mind being held up at gun point to r
    12. I agree, I think alot of the issues are most people are in a rush. They want to spend least amount of time stuck out in the middle of no where, waiting for a tow or mechanic to show up. Now I am not saying they are right or wrong, but if you look at it from a distance, this is a role play community, which means, people want and need interaction, not avoid it. We need more people to cooperate and help other community members along to create RP. People invest alot of time and effort to make others experiences fun here, but we will continue to have that handful of people tha
    13. You understand thats not as easy as you think in these servers... But the future will be different. We will certainly look at the Raptor tho.
    14. A new phone is in the works, actually even before this post was made. But certainly a much needed change. I agree!
    15. Just open a support ticket staff will help you out brother.
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