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  1. Crunch

    New York Mayor!

    We will workout something this week and try and put something official together for a poll. Then once the poll determines the top 3 candidates we will hold an election. easy!
  2. Crunch

    8 Second 3.2L Street Supra

    That is one nasty looking ride! Niceee
  3. Crunch

    Rework of robbery timers

    I mean all we do is try and accommodate the police vs civ action.. Criminals can only be in groups of 5 max. Cops 7.. Thats 12 people out of 32. The other 20 people are most likely more groups of criminals 4 x 5 as an example. So because we are limiting the amount of cops to 7, this is a good balance, but we cant allow 20 people to run crazy hitting robberies why all cops are focused at one location.. Want to raise it to 10 cops and put the timers back to 20 mins? The criminals will hate it when 10 cops show up and cops will hate it when robberies are left and right... And doing this will throw the count for civilians way off giving police way too much power in my opinion. Stuff like this will be way better and easier when we go 64+ slots.
  4. Crunch

    Rework of robbery timers

    You guys really need to get together and speak as a department. You guys come to us and say.. "Oh my god, the banks are being robbed every 20 minutes, we dont finish with one robbery and another goes off, HELP!!!" We make those timers longer, longer cool down so it leaves enough time to RP out the robbery and probably chase. Then you guys come to us, "The hit a bank on one side of the map, someone else hits a store on the other side, the jewelry store getting hit in between, we cant go to all of these places with 7 cops on! HELP!!!" We make one cool down timer, so if someone hits a bank, no one can trigger another alarm, giving you guys plenty of time to interact and finish the RP, just enough so someone can trip the next alarm... Now your bored? lol I give up.
  5. Crunch

    New York License Plates

    Would be awesome to have this option again. Something changed awhile ago on fiveM, they have since changed how we were able to stream the vshare.ytd with NY plates. But since whatever they changed, this no longer works. So the NY plates have never been possible again. I will look and see if anything changed and if we can possible find away to do it, we will.
  6. Crunch

    Punish the Players Not the Community

    Hey Tena, So first, you should know, anything that can help create more in depth RP, I am all for. Giving players the tools to do so, is very important to me. The issue with the additional commands we had put in on a trial basis.. /carry , /piggyback , /force , /takehostage Are afew of the things we had put in just to see how in a public environment it would be used. In the first 10 mins /piggyback was used to stack a bunch of people and run around creating zero RP and just abusing a good thing. We let it go as it just came out. But over the last 48 hours, its not new players abusing it, its players that been here along time, doing stupid shit with these commands. totally disappointed in the lack of maturity and abuse of something that could be so great. So we will put checks in to make sure nothing can be abused or exploited again and if it is, we will just punish those doing it, no matter who they are or how long they been here.
  7. Crunch

    Need some tools in city

    Our Whitelist will have all this plus more. Its based on trusting the players to use these tools the right way. Its much easier to vet how its being used in the WL, then in the public. I have seen public servers with these options and they are hardly used right, we are avoiding that here.
  8. Crunch

    House searching

    do /apartments in game and look at your pause menu to find the blue icons which represent available homes... But Id like to get another batch of new homes available soon, we'll see..
  9. Crunch

    The Revolver needs to be addressed

    Ok well if that is the case, have you reported that we have 2 different versions to someone? Cause IF it is the case, it was not intentional. And if someone can confirm one is a MK1 and the other MK2 and damage is different, then a simple change in the model would be done. But if you think we intentionally gave the PD a less powerful version of it, your highly mistaken.
  10. Crunch

    The Revolver needs to be addressed

    Im not even gonna respond to this cause reading it I lost brain cells
  11. Crunch

    The Revolver needs to be addressed

    So, we have gotten tons of complaints about PD and SP rolling around for no good reason with AR's. Well here in NY, in this state, city and the current boros, we do not have cops rolling with AR's. They have 9mm glocks and some actually still have revolvers. The recent events of civilians complaining about cops with AR's all the time is not realistic. Cops complaining about civilians using revolvers because it seems to be one shot kill. So I went over to PD and asked, what do you wanna do? We either stop the rolling with AR's or we need to change something. They said as long as civs abuse the power of the revolver, they cannot defend against it otherwise. So this gave us 2 options to fix this.... 1) Remove the revolver altogether 2) Allow cops to roll with Revolvers as well The 3rd option adjusting the damage on it, is not really an option. So we decided to make it fair game and allow cops to roll with it and limit the use of the unrealistic AR's. Making a revolver illegal is a horrible idea, cops already lock people up for tinted windows, giving them another reason to lock people up, half the community owns a revolver by now.
  12. Crunch

    Live Auctions

    Well yes, these are all Player 2 Player auctions. When we have a government auction, we will announce those. In the meantime, lock and load. Buy or sell. Once complete, make sure to leave feedback for the buyer/seller.
  13. Crunch

    Live Auctions

    Government auctions will continue as planned. But Ive seen alot of members holding auctions on threads. Although its fine to do, I was thinking, why not allow the system to be used community wide. So I have updated it a bit, included a feedback system as well. If the feedback system is abused, the person(s) abusing it will be removed no questions asked. We are adults here and hopefully can have some trust among each other to be honest and do the right thing. Trolling the system we put in place will not be tolerated, so please save yourself from the embarrassment and hassle of being removed from it. As of now guest cannot see or interact with the ads, Civilians cannot list items as of now. All other roles can participate in all activity such as listing items. A new community role will be made for the long standing members that do not have an additional role here. Here are some rules. Rules of the Auction House No fake posts- All posts are IN CHARACTER and all sales are to be considered legit. Any fake posts in the auction house will be dealt with accordingly. Bids-These auctions will be taken seriously, assets can be purchased only with in game currency. You are responsible for your reply. If you can't afford it, then don't bid. If you bid and can't afford it, you will be left with negative feedback on your record.3 negative feedback's and you will not be able to participate in the government listings again. When you complete a purchase, a positive feedback will be left on your profile. No scamming- do not bid unless you intend to buy the property, or asset. Do not show up and attempt to rob the seller. Doing so will be dealt with accordingly. Also all property will be turned over in a fair manner. No receiving the item/money and not giving the item/money. Things you will see in auctions- These will consist of Homes, businesses and even cars of players that have been banned and have been inactive for X-amount of time The DOs of the Auction Use whatever character is selling/purchasing the item. Have the in game cash in hand when making the transaction Keep your eyes posted on the City's forums for new and updated auctions and times Leave feedback for each other after the transaction. The DONTs of the Auction No scamming No posting fake ads No hate in the auction house. After all we are all here for the same thing. If you lose to someone, there's always a next time DO NOT use the feedback system unless a transaction has taken place in the Auctions. Thanks to #b_rad114 for the help!
  14. Crunch

    Drug shit is dead

    im just going to remove reputation now, cause obviously people are not mature enough to use it properly
  15. Crunch

    Priority Queue for lawyers

    Ok I we will get them priority to move freely across all cities.
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