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    1. Harris Transportation Need transportation in a sleek style, we got you. Contact information: SipCap#0001 | Zachary Harris | Phone#: 538-5605 Want a event driver that will take you where you need to go, nonmatter if it is on land or sea? Need to show up to a court case in style? Feel free to use the contact information above. From Stretched limousines and SUV's to Sedans, including a electric car option (for those who want to be silent, stylish and eco friendly ). We promise safe transportation of everything from the Chief of Police, to the silent and hidden ring boss, to a Brides mate for a wedding. Service is also available for smaller things, like if you'd like to arrive to your Legion Park gathering looking snazzy. Our VIP Transportation services provide: Personalized greeting at the pickup location, Nice vehicles, such as the Escalate and Raiden, or the Baller XL and Revolter, Professional and uniformed driver. Your VIP Fleet SUV's SUV's are a perfect choice for picking out your formal entrance to a court date, wedding, or event. They big and luxury look have a more commanding presence than others. SUV's also are good for rougher terrain, both in the fleet having been tested to be off-road worthy, meaning anywhere from the mountains of Chiliad to the beaches. Town Car's Town Cars are perfect for less formal things, but are not limited to non-formal events. They're smaller and sleeker, allowing you to arrive to a event or get together without as much presence as a SUV would give off. Our fleet includes vehicles like the Raiden, Winsor 2 and the Revolter. Stretch Car's Stretched limousines such as the Stretch, or Patriot stretch (soonTM to be added to the fleet) command a great presence when arriving to a formal event, the long body and higher capacity allowing multiple guests to get out (6 Max). These can be used for the special special people, such as a Executive or a Bride, or if you wanna show off a little. Pricing Pricing for this service can very, it is requested that anyone planning to use this service contacts Zachary Harris for a meeting [Contact info above] to discus it. Pricing can vary from anywhere to 10k per person, to 500K Per 3 persons. Event and such will be needed as a plan in advance sort of thing. Discounts can go towards certain people, or depending your plan. Payment system works as such: Half beforehand [Example: 20k fee, pay 10k upfront and pay the other after said event.] or Straight up [Example: 20k fee, pay 20k upfront] I look forward to anyone interested, don't hesitate to contact for more information or images on every vehicle in the fleet. Contact Information: Email: SipCap#0001 | Number: 538-5605 | Signed, Zachary Harris, Owner.
    2. Thanks, because it is hell for people who do EMS work and have had issues with IRL Suicidal issues. I know EMS are allowed and supposed to ignore these type of calls if they don't want to/aren't comfortable dealing with them, but it also gives the worry of someone calling you out for being "lazy" or not responding, or etc. or just making a stupid FDNY Report and causing issues.
    3. I think Vexx is making completely reasonable request with ERT. May be FDNY and not NYPD, But I've went to one of their training's (as the criminal) and they have nearly nothing when it comes to a lot of buildings and situations, considering nearly all of them are basically choke points and nothing else. For Example, when ERT pulled up to the training and we had barricaded are self's inside Humane Labs. In that sort of situation, ERT having something along the lines of a flashbang would of helped them 100% and most likely would've changed how the scenario went; However, since they were stuck outside and we were stuck inside, there was no way they could buy any time nor do practically anything about us in that room, short of tear gas, which was no option as we had "hostages". Something like (https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/4115-flashbang-grenades/) for ERT especially would benefit them greatly.
    4. Fuck yeah my boy John finally here oh shit bb this mofo brought me to BCRP and now im better than him :Kappa: - TheBetterFalcon
    5. (Not exactly new, but I'm bored and thought might as well) Also gonna basically just make a character sheet, you might learn something new! (if you know my character(s) in RP of course) Also, If I've never helped/met you, serve it as a character intro to you Zachary Warrens, DOB/Age: 04/10/2002, 17 Years old. Place of Birth: Moved around a bit, unsure, let me ask dad. Gender: Male Current Job: Unemployed, but thinking about a job. (What a bum) Some more personality stuff, but this time for Zachary, Attitude Towards Death: Shit happens, just don't die 4Head. Strengths: Car handling (9/10 of the time), being bored, being nosy. Weaknesses: Voice being too loud or soft, Any sort of talk pertaining sexuality/sex (Just ask Tena or Vinny -_-''), weird ass people. Sexuality: Closeted gay Education: Currently in online school. Regular Routine: Wake up, question life, get dressed and brush teeth, depending on mood doing school, go out and live life. Interest: Cars, people in general, animals. Hobby's: Speeding around, hanging out with people, listening to music, computer art. Misc Info: Zach has Tritanopia (aka rare colorblindness, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGNDXM5DLPo ), Heterochromia at the colors of blue and grey (I'm makin' him wild), socially awkward, Adopted son of Alfie Warrens.
    6. (Not exactly new, but I'm bored and thought might as well) Also gonna basically just make a character sheet, you might learn something new! (if you know my character(s) in RP of course) Also, If I've never helped/met you, serve it as a character intro to you Oliver O'Donald, DOB/Age: 08/04/1995 Place of Birth: Carp, Ontario Gender: Male Current Job: Currently a CCP, Critical Care Paramedic, in the beautiful FDNY, also a Field Training Medic. Some personality thingy's of Oliver, Attitude Towards Death: As sad as Death may seem/be for family's and people, its a part of life, just live your life while you have it. Strengths: Knowledgeable (I try to make him Knowledgeable at least), Patience, and Creative. Weaknesses: Pure Chaos, how loud or soft he talks, heavy stress. Sexuality: Bisexual Education: George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Regular Routine: Wake up, clothes and sandals, brush's his teeth, drive to Pillbox Medical Center and switch into work clothes, get a Ambulance from the garage masters, and finally get to work. Religion: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Interests: Study of the Human body, study of the Human mind, baking, video games, aviation. Hobbies: Learning, exercising, baking, gaming, Meme Fact checking. Misc: Never knew what a C-Collar was until Medical School, Small Backstory: Oliver was born into a middle-class family, growing up in a all boys school up until University. While he was in University he did small time work as a Taxi driver in the city and country, sadly having to use his growing medical knowledge nearly everyday. Eventually he got to join the FDNY as a new PFR, Being trained under Jarine and moving up to EMR. Oliver basically kept going with the pace and now landed where he is now, 1 rank from LT and one of the first Pilots under the new SOP.
    7. You can add permissions to the script quite easily, at least to my knowledge. I was saying making it a Admin command, for when people do dumb shiz like "Weed is at postal XXX"
    8. I think we should add /clear function to the server, for when that special someone wants to post stupid shit in OOC or such. Recently studying/testing my own LUA Scripting for FiveM (make mods or whatever ) and found a function I think we could definitely use. The command is simple as all hell, though untested, I think it would be useful. Source: https://docs.fivem.net/resources/chat/events/chat-clear/
    9. That would be a good idea honestly.
    10. Only issue with that (Im unsure of how advanced @nardah Coding skill is) is that having a custom script that completely changes the car would be that it needs to quickly change to a separate .meta (the file that controls the handling, speed, braking, etc) but if Nardah could easily make a script like that, that would be awesome, and I would love to see something like a hidden gas station But in the same sense, having things to where the Police and Mechanics can see and choose to remove (or for mechanics, add) the modifications for a good price then that would be a must along with it; But it would have to be where if the cops "searched" The vehicle they would have something like "Illegal Modification: Illegal nitro" or "Illegal Modification: Unsafe gas tank"
    11. The reason nobody owns the Car store is the fear of someone breaking the economy by suddenly getting ALL THE MONEY from those expensive cars, or from the dealers with the pantos, etc. If you want to, sit at the car store and (try) to act like a dealer you know? Just ask people what they are looking for, give suggestions, etc. Another way though would be to have a fat ass Rent, or a fat ass tax like having 75% of the money go elsewhere, or a rent like 1 Million
    12. The food/ice cream truck is a personal vehicle Sandy shores vehicle dealer, 20,000 Thousand dollars. But yes the Taco truck and Ice cream truck should have a nice and deep storage Just don't grind shit boys and it may happen!
    13. I feel you hear. @Nardah Will just need to change the .meta of the cars, so let him do and go down his list of "chores" to do; Which if you watch his stream (https://www.twitch.tv/thisisnardah) for the Dev streams you'll see he has a nice list Just sit tight, I guarantee he has it on his list.
    14. Also remember, the more scripts and custom things, the more the chance of lag/texture/bugs. Like if I were to go in and make EVERYONE custom houses, people on lower end PC's and even some on higher end (if bad enough) will be worsened second by second. That sounded stupid, but the more scripts (Heroin, Ecstasy, etc) plus the effect FROM those drugs and the selling mechanics and prices and such CAN (not will) effect others ya know
    15. Something really cool would be if a Taco/Icecream truck owner had to pay like 20k - 30k and get a customized truck ya know, like you send a design to Nardah and he/she (no clue tbh) shoves it on overtop. Hell I would be willing to do that lol
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