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  1. Gem

    A News Tab in this Website

    I actually suggested something like this last week but for in-game. The forums can also be a great place for news with clips and stuff though
  2. Gem


    This section is IN-CHARACTER. 1. Please do not post about any illegal items or illegal jobs. 2. Be detailed when posting or seeking a job. 3. Leave your in character contact information if interested. Different contact Info Below Email (Discord DM, forums DM. Please keep it in character) Text or Call (In-game Phone Number. Please keep it in character)
  3. Gem

    Coast Guard.

    If coast guard would be a thing they wouldn't have shotguns they would have pistols and ARs. I think Ralph is sill trying to get your boat in for you still.
  4. Gem

    Coast Guard.

    It was almost a thing in the past and the plans for it were actually really good. We had the vehicles in the server the boat with the lights and the beautiful helicopter. It could be a good thing for the future but as of right now as Ralph said FDNY needs to be worked on first. gotta make sure all current departments are running properly If we were to get a coast guard we would need to add stuff to do in the ocean for a coast guard member to do. like fishing out in the ocean maybe with that big ass boat that we had a while ago. make an illegal fishing area that coast guard has to patrol make people get a boat license from the coast guard make people get a fishing license from the coast guard coast guard responds to crims trying to escape via water. Maybe have a yacht that spawns with illegal equipment (like illegal gun parts, drug ingredients, etc) but have it limited like 2 gun parts per spawn location etc I'm sure that coast guard would be it's own thing too and not apart of FDNY since it's classified as military in the US and they are able to carry firearms and what not. and it would probably be very limited. 10-20 people max
  5. Gem

    Hey Y'all

    Welcome welcome welcome.
  6. Gem

    Legalize Body Armor

    No. We don't follow every single law IRL. We change some real laws to make it fit our server. Speaking of IRL do you see every single person/gang member etc wearing body armour? NO. legalising it would make it unrealistic because every single person would have it. Therefore it will stay illegal for now
  7. Gem

    Job: Dispatch

    So I remember I long time ago we attempted to have dispatch but with the current tools and the amount of people we had in our community we couldn't get it rolling. So what PD did was the highest ranking officer would respond to other officers dispatching so there wouldn't be consent 10-4s by multiple officers and medics. (I guess that disappeared like Thanos)
  8. Gem

    licence plates

    This may be getting worked on so hopefully you'll have a plate soon.
  9. Gem


    There are now trains in the server
  10. Gem


    We have attempted putting in a transit system and it just was not working out properly. It was very buggy.
  11. Gem

    Jack Morgan

    Welcome to the city my dude. Hopefully I don't pull you over!
  12. Gem


    Welcome. Hope you enjoy our community!
  13. Gem

    New PD vehicles

    Ya'll just got updated vehicles not too long ago. And the police vehicles are made so it's fair for both sides to have fun not just PD. Some civ vehicles are faster(Very few) If you have PD vehicles faster than all the civ vehicles it ruins the fun for them cause they know they're going to get caught each time. For PD you guys go through training to know how to catch people + when you're in the server there is most likely more than 3 officers in a server + have comms so you can coordinate with each other to capture a suspect. At the moment there is about a 75/100% chance that you will catch a suspect when in a chase. IT IS OKAY TO LOSE SOMETIMES. If you feel like you can never catch someone you may need to train more The model S is only used in a county in California Nowhere else has them as a fleet of police vehicles.
  14. Gem

    Purge night

    Thanks for your suggestion. We do have these purge nights a few times a year. (One in the spring and one around the fall) sometimes the dates get changed, but we do have them.
  15. Gem

    Local radio station?

    Thank you for your suggestion. The management team will discuss this and Hopefully we get back to you as soon as we can. This seems like a great idea for our community.
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