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  1. Nilocon

    Whitelist Development

  2. Nilocon

    Fake Plates

    instead of punishing everyone & not letting people have shit because of "shitlords" why not remove the shitlords & have a good community where we can have things & have fun. Just a thought.
  3. Nilocon

    How to improve BigcityRP.

    An eco wipe would be amazing. There is too much money in circulation right now. I'm pretty sure someone got recently banned for duping in like 900m. That's not even counting all the guns/drugs/money that were duped in along the way. Shit like that has broken the economy. This is a realistic role play server, & whenever things are done out of the norm people are banned & reported for things being non realistic but yet our economy is the least realistic thing in the city at the moment.
  4. Nilocon

    Date Auctions

    im tryna buy a Latina i got 30m's on it
  5. Nilocon

    Tasing out of vehicles

  6. Nilocon

    Tasing out of vehicles

    I see this a a lot from both the civ side and cop side. Someone will shoot a taser into a vehicle to make the person fall out of the car. I feel like this just doesn't make sense at all, especially in a realistic RP server sense. If i'm in a vehicle with my door closed and a seat belt on...how will tasing me while in the vehicle make me take my seat belt off, unlock my door, open the door, and roll out of the vehicle? This is just like the tasing of tires making them pop...It just isn't realistic but I see it done all the time.
  7. Nilocon


    Alright I can't be the only one that things lock picking cars is kind of broken. It could take 1 pick it could take 14 picks and there's a chance you still won't get it. If there was a better system that didn't alert cops somehow that you were trying to steal a beater car in the middle of nowhere then I feel like more people would use stolen cars for crimes instead of using their own cars, because lets be honest, besides certain cars being insanely fast I feel like that's a large part of why people use personal vehicles. Right now lock picking cars is too much of a hassle. Either have a different, more fluid picking system or change it to only alert the police AFTER the car has already been stolen. Even then it still doesn't make much sense for a stolen call to go in the moment a car starts getting picked with no one around.
  8. Nilocon

    Store timers

    Also to add to this...With more of these robberies happening there's bound to be more arrests which can give DOC more to do than sitting in an empty prison for 4 hours at a time.
  9. Nilocon

    Store timers

    When there's 14 officers in a 64 slot city there should be reduced cool downs on stores/houses or be able to hit more than 1 at once. This would spread the police resources around more and prevent there from being too many on one scene. As we all know there is often more than 7 officers on a scene in 64 pop WHEN the officer limit reaches cap.
  10. Nilocon


  11. Nilocon


    Current offer is 7.5
  12. Nilocon

    New Cafe/Restaurant

    I think that is pretty much the same as /sit2. You can only really sit sideways in them. I'm talking more of how if you do /sit on certain chairs it like puts you in it sitting proper. Does the f10 allow that?
  13. Nilocon

    New Cafe/Restaurant

    I love it the new cafe, and the whole atmosphere of it, and was wondering if it would be possible to make /sit work at the tables.
  14. Nilocon

    Fake Plates

    I was thinking it could be more along the lines of what pops up on the ALPR when driving past local vehicles. Just a plate number. No make or model. I wouldn't see the point in taking the plates off of your personal vehicle and putting it on a stolen one. That would be counterproductive in hiding the identity. I feel like most officers when driving past a car don't become alerted when there is no make or model and just numbers to a plate. Also, I don't see how lock picking a car in the middle of nowhere or just in a parking lot should trigger an alert to the police because not every car has an alarm system that sends alerts to the police and there's not always locals around calling it in. I get how stealing a car in the boonies triggers an alert of a stolen vehicle. Even personal vehicles will come back as stolen after using a lock pick, which personally, doesn't make much sense.
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