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    1. To attempt to redirect this post back to what I suppose was it's original intention, here are a number of things that I think could be improved upon by the criminals and/or things that I see/hear them doing, not necessarily "wrong", but there are better options. 1. This kind of falls in line of not just "criminals" but all "civilians".. is to value your life and your possessions more than you do right now. If we're going to take the overall picture and compare it to how things are in real life, you hit another vehicle head on, at 50-60 mph, almost guaranteed to have the vehicle deemed "a total loss" by any insurance company. Additionally, for the individuals who travel through the city at 100+ mph, that would also to an extent seem to fall under a "no value of life" rule, however us as management have not punished for that. Having spent time on duty as a police officer in the city, I have clocked people going as slow as 45 MPH, being the speed limit, to clocking people doing 180 MPH down Vespucci Boulevard. Just to provide a relatively real life example of a vehicle collision of the sort, described above: This Photo I would like to use, to sort of show how 'laxed we are when it comes to "injuries" inside the city. This was a single vehicle accident, where the vehicle was flipped I would say roughly 2-3 times, before coming to rest after uprooting a tree or two, before coming to rest, in that final location showed in the photo. The resulting injuries to the individual that was driving, was a fractured jaw, a fractured arm, 4 broken ribs, and a broken foot. He has spent roughly, now a week in the hospital attempting to recover from these injuries and was informed by doctors, that he has to consume liquid food for the next 5 weeks, at least. He can't articulate words very well, as his jaw was wired shut, to let the jaw heal. TL;DR of Point 1 : Try slowing down a little bit while traveling through the city. 2. Gun Fights - (Not necessarily with law enforcement).. Continuing the "value of life", and where we as a city/server/community seem to lack on it at least in my opinion, is the constant partaking in shootouts between individuals. In real life, most groups/gangs will do what they can to avoid a shootout, as if you die.. your dead, there's no reviving back at the hospital, and continuing on your merry way 5 minutes later. I think perhaps, a potential solution to this would be to add a "punishment" for going to the hospital, doing this in regards to having it cost money as it would in real life to visit any hospital and/or emergency room. Like this man in Seattle who now faces a $1.1 million dollar hospital bill after recovering from Covid-19. Although, most of/maybe all of it will be covered from insurance, however, that is still a pretty steep bill to pay for anyone whether it be a single person or a group of tax payers. 3. Interaction - Another topic that I think civilians/criminals could make improvement is their interaction with law enforcement. Like a few people mentioned above, as a cop in the city, we are met with a handful of things, one of them being is just simply bullets to the face, or some random guy running out into the middle of the street screaming fuck 12, etc. In a number of situations involving police vs criminal(s), a good chunk of the police roleplay is, literally, just pursuing a fleeing vehicle. At the point in which the criminal gets caught, then they will usually end up being quiet the entirety of the time they are being processed, or they will respond to the cop with "i dont care just send me off". Add in a bit of explicit language, might dictate exactly what is said a bit better, but will keep it out of this post. 3.1 - Interaction w/ All other departments - The biggest thing that I can stress about this roleplay we can provide to other people at the very least, is to be respectful to other people's jobs. Be patient with people, as with some of the jobs, EMS, Mechanic, Lawyer alike, is there are very few people that want to actually participate in the job, because of the poor roleplay comes out of it. I have heard many cases, and have witnessed very few of them, of people who will get picked up by EMS, to get ready to be transported to the hospital, and they just run off. Mechanics? If they go out to a tow call, not requested by PD, they end up getting interrogated as to why it took them so long to get out to them, and they're out in Sandy Shores doing whatever.. I don't mind having good conversations like this for the community to comment, post and react, however, the conversation should not be a one sided argument about whether one party is OP or not. I would ask to try and keep comments to be constructive, and if there is anything to offer to the table, don't hesitate to do so.
    2. Alright... Where to start... I guess I will start at what has been said plenty of times in this thread, is that at the end of the day, this is a video game. There are limitations of what scripting can do, and what the game will allow... With that being said, are we a perfect community? Absolutely not. Do we have a perfect police department? Absolutely Not. There are so many areas of opportunity to expand and grow as far as roleplay goes. Both between the Criminal and the Police Departments are concerned. The limitations of some of these factor into the fact that this is a video game, and that there are a number of people who do have real life occupations, in which they must partake in, to be able to manage their living lifestyle. I know I am one of them, every single person, as you know, that are in management, are here voluntarily, and that goes the same for every single person in any chain of command of any department. No one here, earns a single penny for doing any of the work that they do. In regards to your statement, of some cops that will go to any lengths to win a scenario.. they need to be properly reported... To touch a little bit on the topic of winning scenarios.. The goal of a police officer, to catch a criminal.. The goal of a criminal; well, ultimately it's to not get caught I suppose. But each party, has a desire to win each scenario.. otherwise you'd probably not be enjoying your time in the server, but where it starts becoming an issue, is attempting to obtain said win by potentially violating department policies and/or violating server rules. Now, to touch on the specific points that you made. 1. Air - 1: To an extent, I would potentially agree that there are things that air - 1 has the capability of doing is overpowered, however, there is easy way of writing/preventing said ways from happening. Does a possibility exist out there? I am sure there is, I am sure there has been some other community developer that has touched on this and have developed something to counter it. However it's likely to be in the depths underground of the FiveM Forums... I don't know where you have this idea of not being able to shoot it down, with the exception of the fact that your bullet simply doesn't reach the helicopter, but I can refer to a scenario not too long ago, where I was in air - 1, where I got shot at, they disabled the helicopter, and we had to land on a roof.. 2. Here is a real life video clip of a chase resulting from a bank robbery, keep note of the number of cop cars on scene. Now, I count roughly 20 cop cars, that are just visible on that screen. In any real life scenario, the cops will likely always out number any criminals, because in real life, you have not one department, but probably 2-3 departments that will respond to a bank robbery, State, County (where applicable), City. Now, in an attempt to keep our servers at least somewhat fair in the 32 slot servers, management have strictly said that 7 cops permitted in the city, and if I remember correctly 4 responding is actually a department policy, and unless someone speaks up and actively reports it to CoC and/or files a complaint, there will be very little done about it, That's the unfortunate thing. Now, speaking from some time spent in the city as a cop, is that while we are handling one situation, IE a pursuit because someone has a felony warrant, there are people who are out selling drugs, and while selling drugs, a completely different group of people are preparing to do a bank robbery, while that group is doing that, there are two other groups who are having a shootout between each other with automatic gunfire, and while that's going on, we have multiple cars driving up and down Vespucci Boulevard doing 100+ mph in a city, so very quickly, if we were to break off, and attempt to handle each situation alone or maybe with one other officer, we are now fighting 2 against 5.. or maybe 2 against 10 depending on the situation. Not very many people see this, there are many times, that as cops, we are fighting not just one group of people at a time, but two different groups of people, who also don't want to go to jail. 3. Pitting - Here is a recent video, in which Arkansas State Troopers Performed a pit maneuver, that resulted in the killing of the driver of the pick up truck. As far as I am aware, this case is still under investigation, however, my ultimate guess is that, after 17 minutes of a pursuit at high speeds, where a supervisor stated to stop the vehicle at any means necessary, is that there will be no punishment for the supervisor nor the officer whom performed the pit maneuver. Part of what I based my decision off of was a 2007 supreme court case, Scott vs. Harris where the motorist was paralyzed as a result of the pursuit, and was suing the deputy under the violation of the fourth amendment (The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. for those of whom who do not know/don't want to look it up..), the court ruled in a 8-1 favor of the police officer/department stating that "police officer's attempt to terminate a dangerous high-speed car chase that threatens the lives of innocent bystanders does not violate the Fourth Amendment, even when it places the fleeing motorist at risk of serious injury or death." In another case, Plumhoff vs. Rickard in a 2004 supreme court case, officers fired fifteen shots into Rickard's car as he continued to flee. Rickard and his passenger both died from a combination of gunshot wounds and injuries sustained when the car eventually crashed. the Court held that the conduct of the police officers involved in the case did not violate the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. So, I think at the point in which you were traveling 120 MPH traveling on opposing lanes of traffic, nearly colliding with a civilian vehicle, and blowing through the red light, based on the two cases above, I think it would be a safe bet of a "valid" pit maneuver as far as them doing it legally, and to touch on the topic of "Not valuing life".. You really are technically not valuing your life, by running from the cops, and then attempting to pull out your gun after the pit maneuver... But at that point, the cops are no longer going to value your life, or at least.. they shouldn't. They are valuing the life of every other single person who's driving on the road. 4. Vehicles - Going to touch lightly on this topic, but there is a lot of stuff involving this, between vehicle speeds, damage, durability, and everything overall. 5. Spike Strips - Again, doing 120 MPH down city streets? You are not valuing your life.. Should cops be "impounding their car to hide them", no they shouldn't if this is seen being done, then it should be reported. It is extremely difficult, to perform any pit/spike strip option, when it takes .5 seconds for any car to go from 0-35 mph, let alone, blowing through intersections at 120+ mph, when in real life, the average speed going through the intersection is probably somewhere about 50-70 mph. 6. CDS/Reckless*/Shots Fired Reports - CDS and Shots Fired never report the exact x, y coordinate that someone is at, and the information that us as developers have provided, is a lot less than what someone in real life would provide, as someone in real life would probably report "Oh yeah, hes driving a red sports bike at the pier, wearing a black hoodie, black motorcycle helmet and jeans.." and something that I definitely forsee happening, if this is changed from it's current process, is that as soon as cops come down to "investigate" and they attempt to pull someone over, and the run and flee, they will then complain, that the cops are power gaming, because they targeted them, and not any of the locals, who are not walking up to each other and handing something off to them. So think about that too. Reckless* reports, are already relatively inaccurate.. also, if you slow down, they won't get posted, just FYI. Pretty much everybody in the city does 100+ in the city, and that's "Cruising speed", thats not even going from point a to point b, by yesterday... The TL;DR of my post, is that no, we are not perfect, there are areas to improve on from a law enforcement perspective, will they conform to everything in the OP post, likely not, but it is a work in progress, and like real life there are going to be a number of "bad apples" that we do come across, but we do try to be as efficient as possible at ensuring that they don't continue down the same BS that they normally do. But these areas for improvement don't apply to just Law Enforcement, they apply to criminals too.
    3. Whitelist Ideas Rob People Blacked Screen w/ Bag over head Push Vehicles Limit Ability to purchase cars. Unlockable Vehicle Slots? Driveby's Stat System Zip Ties Jerry Cans Interactive jobs (coexist with Trucking ) Car Dealer Burgershot Restraunts Clubs Hunting Clocked in businesses display on map. To Do List Clean up Blips Move Cocaine Move Meth Move Weed Move Weapon Crafting -> New Script "Part Crater" Fix carry, Piggyback to not enter vehicle & 1 person at a time. Hands up required Hostage taking, hands up requirement Review Gun Shops Handguns Shotguns Ammo Accessories Pepper Spray Tasers Melee Weapons Craftable Items Switchblades Knuckledusters Lockpicks Sawed-Off Shotgun AP Pistol Garage Locations at Public Areas clubs restaurants Close LS Customs if 3+ Mechanics on duty. Make an on-duty blip for mechanic shops. Fix console errors ( mysql ) Fix client errors Look @ anti cheat for gambling at the Casino Sell Garage Error Reduce Mechanic shops to 3 ( Shops, 2, 3, 4 ( Sandy Shores, Central LS, Southern LS )) Add a log to Warrant Delete ( this was already done )
    4. This is for management to track the progress of a new framework I am writing. Red indicates incomplete; Green indicates complete. Main Framework Connection Ban Check, Whitelist Check, and Steam Account Check Server Side hold account data, to interact with inventory, clothing, vehicles, etc. Have commands, able to be created, and be executed by different levels of permissions. Server Login New UI allows more than 3 characters, new way data is stored, also allows for your character to have hyphenated names, or even spaces in the name. Create Character Delete Character Select Character Edit Character Character Clothing Save Character Clothing Load Character Clothing on Login Outfits for PD/EMS/Mechanic/Civilians? Modify Character Clothing Character Vehicles Character Weapons Character/Server Garage System Character Inventory System Server Item System Server Jail System Server Vehicle Custom Shop Server Chat System Setup Global/Local OOC Setup Adverts for PD/EMS (*)
    5. im disappointed im not in there
    6. I personally rebound by "Enter/Exit Vehicle" button to O, and my voice ptt to F
    7. Regardless of what I do, it seems I always choose the unpopular opinion of people. How would you go about, preventing people, from racing up and down Vespucci all day long, doing 160 mph, and doing it in a way that does not need admin intervention, as I could argue the fact that doing 160 past Legion Square in severely unrealistic.
    8. Help me understand. What should I set the prices at then? Right now, I think the highest price selling item is Crystal Meth at About 5 to 5.5K each. This is after spending at a minimum of 2k buying each one as well. Leaving a 3 to 3.5K profit.
    9. So, in the regards to the total loss idea, is it would assume that you have full coverage, and insurance would cover it 100%, ( perhaps upgrades included )?
    10. As the discussion has gone on, it's not going to be every 1.5 hours. Rather, from community input, do every week similar to that of rent.
    11. I am all for discussions, Awhile back, there was a 30 minute recurring payment for vehicles you had insured, and it was 5%. If I remember correctly, I had disabled it, as there was some issue with the loop where it wasn't resetting the value.
    12. Definitely like this idea. So, after pushing the update back a week, this is what I intend to work on. Implementing the idea above. ( Not being able to claim the car instantly ). ( Perhaps make a way to pull vehicle damage and if its too damaged, then have insurance claim it as a total loss, and require you to purchase a new one?) ( Idea? ) ( Thoughts ) ( I dunno why I am putting so many paranthesis.. ) Increase the duration from 1.5 hours, to every week. Increase the total amount to 2-3% maybe with it being every week? Thoughts? One thing that I have come to realize about grinding is that is what all of, or most of our current jobs require you to do... To change it, would require a massive overhaul of the complete job system, which I have started the process of, but have not made a dent into any of it.
    13. Additionally, I have pushed the start date of this back a week. So, Starting the 17th instead of the 10th.
    14. I am trying to create a more realistic concept of insurance, to be used in server, comparing to IRL. There are tons of loop holes and issues that I have to work around to try and make it fair for every person. One issue I am trying to keep at the front of my head while doing this, is the issue of cars despawning. I am still trying to work on finding a fix to this, but nothing successful yet. Vehicles officially have 3 different statuses. "Stored", "Missing", and "Impounded". When the status is "Impounded", then the vehicle can be found at the impound lot. If the status is missing, then the vehicle can be claimed from insurance, and obviously if it's stored, It can be found at one of the many garages. An idea I have, for this, is once purchasing insurance, there will be a wait time on being able to claim it. Not 100% sure how long.
    15. I don't mind implementing a way to cancel insurance. However, it will take a little longer than that because there is a potential abuse in that system. ( I buy insurance, claim my car, cancel insurance ). Avoids the payments. Let me see what I can do for that.
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