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  1. I personally rebound by "Enter/Exit Vehicle" button to O, and my voice ptt to F
  2. Moonblaze

    Speeding Tickets

    Regardless of what I do, it seems I always choose the unpopular opinion of people. How would you go about, preventing people, from racing up and down Vespucci all day long, doing 160 mph, and doing it in a way that does not need admin intervention, as I could argue the fact that doing 160 past Legion Square in severely unrealistic.
  3. Moonblaze

    A whole list of suggestions.

    Help me understand. What should I set the prices at then? Right now, I think the highest price selling item is Crystal Meth at About 5 to 5.5K each. This is after spending at a minimum of 2k buying each one as well. Leaving a 3 to 3.5K profit.
  4. Moonblaze

    Vehicle Insurance

    So, in the regards to the total loss idea, is it would assume that you have full coverage, and insurance would cover it 100%, ( perhaps upgrades included )?
  5. Moonblaze

    Vehicle Insurance

    As the discussion has gone on, it's not going to be every 1.5 hours. Rather, from community input, do every week similar to that of rent.
  6. Moonblaze

    Vehicle Insurance

    I am all for discussions, Awhile back, there was a 30 minute recurring payment for vehicles you had insured, and it was 5%. If I remember correctly, I had disabled it, as there was some issue with the loop where it wasn't resetting the value.
  7. Moonblaze

    Vehicle Insurance

    Definitely like this idea. So, after pushing the update back a week, this is what I intend to work on. Implementing the idea above. ( Not being able to claim the car instantly ). ( Perhaps make a way to pull vehicle damage and if its too damaged, then have insurance claim it as a total loss, and require you to purchase a new one?) ( Idea? ) ( Thoughts ) ( I dunno why I am putting so many paranthesis.. ) Increase the duration from 1.5 hours, to every week. Increase the total amount to 2-3% maybe with it being every week? Thoughts? One thing that I have come to realize about grinding is that is what all of, or most of our current jobs require you to do... To change it, would require a massive overhaul of the complete job system, which I have started the process of, but have not made a dent into any of it.
  8. Moonblaze

    Vehicle Insurance

    Additionally, I have pushed the start date of this back a week. So, Starting the 17th instead of the 10th.
  9. Moonblaze

    Vehicle Insurance

    I am trying to create a more realistic concept of insurance, to be used in server, comparing to IRL. There are tons of loop holes and issues that I have to work around to try and make it fair for every person. One issue I am trying to keep at the front of my head while doing this, is the issue of cars despawning. I am still trying to work on finding a fix to this, but nothing successful yet. Vehicles officially have 3 different statuses. "Stored", "Missing", and "Impounded". When the status is "Impounded", then the vehicle can be found at the impound lot. If the status is missing, then the vehicle can be claimed from insurance, and obviously if it's stored, It can be found at one of the many garages. An idea I have, for this, is once purchasing insurance, there will be a wait time on being able to claim it. Not 100% sure how long.
  10. Moonblaze

    Vehicle Insurance

    I don't mind implementing a way to cancel insurance. However, it will take a little longer than that because there is a potential abuse in that system. ( I buy insurance, claim my car, cancel insurance ). Avoids the payments. Let me see what I can do for that.
  11. Moonblaze

    Vehicle Insurance

    To clarify, It would only occur while you are in city. So if you're out of city, then no money will be taken. If I go a route similar to that of rent, then it would be needed to pay, regardless of activity in the city or not.
  12. Moonblaze

    Vehicle Insurance

    No, the hourly concept was not thrown out. In real life, you have your monthly payment that you make for car insurance. However, after further testing, and some discussion, the price has been reduced to 1%, as well as the time increasing to an hour and a half instead of every hour. Regardless of how much time I give, I always get the short end of the stick. I opted to give a couple days notice on it rather than implementing it immediately. We will be looking into the lockpicking here shortly, just have a large number of tasks on our hands, between bug fixing, glitch issues, and other idea requests.
  13. Moonblaze

    Vehicle Insurance

    Hello All! Starting June 17th you will be charged 10% of 50% of the vehicle cost, of the vehicle from the dealership. If the vehicle cost is $100,000, then insurance is $5,000. I believe it's the same number as you pay initially when purchasing insurance. Grandpa
  14. Moonblaze

    Scheduled Maintenance

    Hello All! Just letting everyone know there is a scheduled maintenance request timed for approximately 4:00 AM CST. During the maintenance servers are required to be shut offline unfortunately. The estimated downtime is expected to be two hours. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks, Gramps
  15. Moonblaze

    Whitelist Development

    Just to provide an update on the on-going development of the white list server, I ended up reaching the decision to rewrite our entire framework that we used. Our old framework was a framework that was written by an old developer that developed here, named Frazzle. He released some of the server files awhile back on the FiveM forums and his GitHub. Since then, other people have gotten their hands on the framework, and are using it on their own servers. Instead of making different attempts to integrate different ideas to try and make them work with our current framework, such as things like different phone numbers for different characters, or interiors for each individual home, that is when I decided to rewrite our entire framework. I have successfully written a major part of it, now having a working base framework, of loading data, saving data, working administration system, and a login system that allows for more characters then the restricted 3 we have now. I am now just finishing off tying the odds and ends of the administration system, to make sure everything is functioning and functioning properly. From there, I will be rewriting the phone system, to better allow for connections with the different phone numbers per character, as well as integrating a twitter system into the phone, and integrating and improving the current "dark web" system that currently exists but has existing bugs in it. After creating the phone system, I will be rewriting the Ammunation, Clothing, Jail System, Garages, Vehicle Store, Item Stores, and Inventory system. While this may look like a lot of accomplish, I don't expect it will take too long to write, however I will still continue to post updates here as I move along in the progress. @Alex_Roth If we allowed every one an "equal" chance to connect to the server just as we do the public server, then it simply wouldn't be a white listed server. The white listed server is not for everyone. Just because we release a white list server, does not require you to play there. We do plan on continuing efforts in our public servers, where we deem appropriate. To begin with, yes it will be staff that determines who the "worthy" role players may be. However, once we get a good active community playing in the white list server, I would have intentions of them inviting people, who they would deem worthy as well. The primary purpose of having the white listed server, is to have a place, where players can confidently move away from potentially coming across players who are not here to role play, but rather here to cause mayhem. This "deeming worthiness" is something that you will find in 99% of any "white listed" places.