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    1. I would like to start off by saying that in no way am I trying to shame any department for the way things have been run/being run. I have also witnessed a lot of the listed problems/issues first hand some more than others. All problems in the city (in my opinion) if you don't agree that doesn't mean I am wrong. Main “Jobs” in City: Roles are sorted from most to least experience Police: Raise pay for police as there are not very many other options for police to make money (besides trying to flip cars and houses). I know there are some cops that do want to go off duty and would like to be able to drive those expensive fast fun cars every once in a while. Rules are based around letting PD have as many advantages as possible ex. You cannot kidnap a police officer that is on duty at all even with ooc consent, You cannot hold up an officer to get a friend released from custody even if it’s 1 officer transporting alone which shouldn't happen with HVT’s. Cops have 75lbs pockets (as of last time I was in pd) and you do not have to carry bullets for any of your weapons (besides maybe pistol ammo not sure how it works most cops carry pistol ammo). This allows cops to be able to carry more medkits, armor, sprunk/donuts more stuff in general than a criminal who, to carry the same amount of ammo, loses more than half their pocket capacity. A possible fix is to bring back police ars & ammo bought from the armory and adding a new charge separate from the poss. of government property that already exists which would have more of a fine and time than the current one to combat corrupt cops from selling their ars (maybe also add serial numbers to the ars so the officers can be questioned if multiple ars show up). Criminal: Not enough criminal activities to do so after most criminals have done all the real crime (robberies and selling drugs) they just begin to get in shootouts because they cant reform and get a WL job (besides tow if your record isn't too terrible). Gangs don't really mean anything it just means you have friends that will run around and shoot with you, no gangs or families really run anything anymore every single gang makes their own guns (most of the time), None run drugs because there is no reason to be running anything besides maybe meth which basically everyone knows or you can find out just by asking around for like 10 mins. Criminals are at a severe disadvantage to PD in just about every way and it leads to PD “winning” most situations and ending them as soon as possible. What I mean by ending it as soon as possible I mean gunfights as soon as everyone goes down they take all automatics so even if you manage to find a way to slip out you lose your gun, either way, there's no point in even trying. Once someone is down there is no way to save them besides picking them up and speed walking away which officers will gun you down if you do. There needs to be a way to either get someone into the seat of a vehicle or into the trunk after they are down. Maybe even another location that people can be revived at so cops can't just camp the hospitals until you go to one. Prison sentences! Right now I don’t see a problem with time and fines. The only problem with prison sentences is 9’s I understand 9’s is still a WIP and is constantly changing and will hopefully continue to change. The problem with 9’s is that you could have a clean record for months and in a single shootout with cops you can get it 9’s has turned into an excuse to stop someone from being able to rp for a few days. 9’s is also not uniform between officers as some can give you assault instead of aggravated assault etc. (more problems about court and doj side of 9’s in doj section) FDNY: Raise pay for FD as there are not very many other options for FD to make money (besides trying to flip cars and houses). I know there are some FD members that do want to go off duty and would like to be able to drive those expensive fast fun cars every once in a while. Not much to say here as FD is already pretty good. I would like to see something more added as I personally thought FD was boring at times. Tow: Not much to say here as Tow is already pretty good. I would like to see possibly more tow spots open up for all shops as it can be pretty hard to become a tow when there are very few open positions (as long as they are getting a set minimum number of hours). Possibly introduce a prio if you hit a certain amount of hours a week and you keep it until you drop below said hows (i believe this might have already been in the works when I left tow). This would hopefully allow shops with active members to host events easier. DOJ: Not too much here I would like to see an attempt to get more people into DOJ and make DOJ in general a smoother process and not all going through 1 or 2 people (especially if they aren’t around as DOJ a lot). 9’s on the DOJ side of things you either get your client a plea deal and get them out as soon as possible or you wait a few weeks to have an actual court case. Almost all criminals go for a plea deal because the 500k-2mil fine is nothing to them. Other than 9’s cases. You don't really see many people trying to get charges removed or anything because 1 felony arrest is the same as having 1000. There's no points system that warrants people wanting to get past charges dropped even though you could easily get a lot of arrests dropped because there isn't enough evidence etc. Other Changes, Updates, and Issues: Racing: When racing was first introduced to the city tons of people were doing it and it was a lot of fun but the hype wore off pretty fast and fewer and fewer people continued racing. I personally had seen many attempts to bring racing back from organized club events to just friends racing and inviting other friends. Things I think would help racing become a prevalent activity in the city Add the tuner chips, nos, fake plates, and other vehicle-related items that had begun getting worked on so long ago and make vehicles more durable. Add something to make racing worth partaking in other than just the cash prize pool money, maybe some form of money that you would buy previously mentioned items with, or even “engine parts” which would be needed to upgrade a vehicle 10 parts for engine 10 parts for transmission etc. A legal citizen would be able to buy these parts from racers who had extra if they wanted their vehicle upgraded. Mechanics would be able to “scrap” the parts to get adv repair kits (a faster way than regular scrap) to make it worth it or sell the parts for cash at some location. Allow better race control laps, (class selection c, b, a, s, x), race modes like elimination each lap 1 person gets eliminated until only 1 is left. Staggered start rally races. Money: I want to start off by saying rp is not about money or making money etc etc but in a city where some cars are as much as 85 mil and houses are 150+ mil and even more money is very important to the large majority of the community. Money is, has, and will continue to be a major topic within the city you either had a little or an absurd amount. Criminals have the easiest job for making money since most of the best ways to make money have 1 or more steps that are illegal. Regular civilians have the hardest time as the best way to make money is scanning at ~150k an hour (as of the last time I scanned). This way of making money is at least 2x faster than any other legal way but also has no rp interaction since you just get money deposited straight into your bank account. Ways to make legal money making better: Make the job center jobs require more rp interaction but also have an increased payout to make rping as a legal citizen viable for those who want to still eventually get the expensive cars or a nice house. Lower vehicle prices since the car price do not directly relate to speed/handling of the vehicle allowing more people to drive the cars they like and want than just the cars they can afford. Increase the number of available houses? I am not sure if this would even be possible as the majority of the houses are already able to be bought. Businesses: I feel like everyone has the same opinion on businesses: everyone wants 1 but no one wants to run one once they have one (besides very few stores). I have seen a good shift towards fixing this with the new website and businesses being taken back but I still think it is a problem. A lot of businesses never open and are used just to sell the needed stuff to their friends, family, gang, etc. There are a few businesses that I have seen open (gun stores, and 2 gas station/item stores). Besides those few businesses the majority of them sit vacantly and aren't being redistributed to active members because “I paid 300 mil for my gun store, it should be mine even if I am not around”. Small Things: Box Trucks for moving large amounts of items scrap, drugs, guns, etc. More ways to clean money. Bring back getting cars out of insurance. Change into pre-saved outfits @ clothing stores. Bring back old punching. Add bandages to item stores. Possibly add custom vehicle colors? Civilian handcuff pick/keys. Civilian handcuffs (soft cuff only). Police hard cuffing (used with a /me cuffs to bed etc). More places to get medkits (at all hospitals). Move cars from more locations. More vehicle slots (i believe the max is 64?) Add more vehicles/replace current ones. Add a calculator app to the phone just for ease of use. Lock/Unlock houses and edit keys list from your phone. Anonymous calling setting. Contact list when using a payphone. Make gun licenses not take so long to get back. Toggle UI better for cinematic pictures. Soft body armor from a tool store that gives you 50% armor (for those who dont want to smoke meth). Allow guns to be robbed from players (so they cant lie about having a gun).
    2. Swiftz

      Change /hu

      It gives you their ammo if they have a gun though...
    3. Swiftz

      Pocket Wiping

      I like this because if two gangs want to fight then whichever side loses has the potential of actually losing more than 10 mins while they wait for a local flight. Right now gangs can just keep shooting and shooting because neither side ever loses their guns until the cops arrest them. Like management always says report the ones that abuse it not the ones that use it.
    4. Its been done in the past with no issues, punish the people who are abusing it off duty not the people who want to use it a few times a year. Deal with it when it becomes an issue.
    5. Swiftz

      LTS DragBike

      take the offer of 85 they usually only sell for 50 at best
    6. The title kinda says it all but I will list just a few reasons I think civs should be able to wear PD clothes Adds rp people can impersonate police Lets off duty cops wear police clothes for specific events (VU PD Night) Would let off duty cops and DU to have the police bulletproof vest available If you have any opinions or ideas put them below please
    7. Yeah, but for that day it was fun maybe if they can find a better way that dosent cause latency issues.
    8. Can we get a new twitter with the new phones, one that lets us tweet pictures and delete tweets
    9. Still really looking for one of these houses please HMU
    10. House was sold to Frizzy Shark, hes asking 100+ mil for it
    11. Swiftz

      LTS Some Cars

    12. Swiftz

      LTS Some Cars

      2012 Range Rover SC Shop Value: 10 Mil C/O: 7 Mil B/O: 8 Mil Dominator GTX Shop Value: 6 Mil C/O: 4.5 Mil B/O: 5 Mil 2019 Jeep Wrangler Shop Value: 15 Mil C/O: 12 Mil B/O: 13 Mil 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish Shop Value: 7 Mil C/O: 4.5 Mil B/O: 6 Mil Offers can also be sent via email to Swiftz#4934
    13. Swiftz

      LTS Some Cars

      Wrangler C/O: 11.9 Mil
    14. Swiftz

      LTS Some Cars

      Wrangler C/O: 10.5 Mil
    15. Swiftz

      LTS Some Cars

      Wrangler C/O: 10 Mil
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