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    1. You could replace the current 80 million dollar Mercedes Benz Vision GT with this with this Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR. The current Vision GT looks a little weird like it was made out of clay and isnt entirely smooth. I think this car in general looks sick and would fit in perfectly with the 87-85 million dollar cars. I have the files for the car FiveM ready so reach out to me and I can send them over Swiftz#4934
    2. Swiftz

      Prison Times

      Everyone is supposed to be doing crime for fun am I wrong? no one wakes up and goes "hmm I am going to rob a bank today because I want to sit in prison for 6 hours and be bored" and if everysingle person followed "if you can't do the crime, then don't do the time" there would be significantly less crime happening then there already is which I will touch on when I talk about another thing you said. Less crime means more bored cops and for some reason bored cops just want to speed run the process barely talk to you if its a bank negotiation, chase you, taze you, cuff you, and take you to a PD. "more fair now than they have been" is just a complete lie unless you consider harsher to be more fair then sure i guess you are right. You are seeing an overall reduction in crime because there is an overall reduction in criminals, there is a reduction in 9s inmates for the same reason and because DOJ has changed how harsh they are on people getting released/going in for the 9s violations (as far as I know) dont violate probation andmore aswell as most of the time the imates released from 9s get no additional probation meaning they dont break it once and go back in.
    3. Swiftz

      Prison Times

      exactly, 3 people in 1 car that tops out at 140 you dont need MU, SU, Air-1, Spikes, and 3-4 other units for a bank especially if they didnt kill the hostage or do something outragoues. I think also cops not following demands is another part of the issue if no SU and no MU are unreasonable demands now then follow the only other demands we have which is no Air-1 and no spikes but then you take out both those anyway whats the point of even having negotiations and demands if they 1 arent followed or 2 dont even matter. There has been so many times where I leave a bank and instantly Air-1 is on my after requesting no AIr-1 and I cant go back to the bank and kill the hostage to prove a point or I will get banned for NVL or RDM or something else.
    4. Swiftz

      Prison Times

      from what I know I thought the people that did that were dealt with ooc for chain robbing, taking into account the possibility of someone/ group doing that and then basing the prison time/punishment for EVERYONE based on the minority should be what happens. Personally I dont think robbing a bank multiple times in 1 day is bad, if you are taking the time to find someone elses car and steal it make a plan so that you can get away to even be able to rob a bank again that should be fine, and if they use their own cars well thats when like you said the warrants will stack up until they get caught and go to jail for hours on end.
    5. Swiftz

      Prison Times

      Would you prefer people use 7 bikes or 200+ mph cars and get away and then continue hitting banks without going to jail or would you prefer them going to jail for less time but being able to have a fun chase with cars where even if they dont get away they can come back later and do it. The PD and the penal code literally forces people to be shitlords because if you dont use a crazy fast car or a bunch of bikes and they give you the response of 3 cars, su, mu, air-1 and spiking like you are in some crazy fast car they wont be able to catch is rediculous. My takeaway recently has been it dosent matter what vehicle you use, how many people you have, how many hostages you've taken, how many car swaps you've done. There is just shy of an ESU deployment, 9s warrant level of response from pd for the majority of situations. and this is 100% a cops vs robbers server if everyone stopped doing crime what would the cops do? drive around all day no they rely on people committing crime to have fun and rp and when their over response on the majority of calls is so extreme it makes people not want to do crime. In my opinion a bank robbery pursuit if there are only cars should be: 3 Units and 1 Speed Unit If its a bank robbery with bikes: 3 Units and 1 Motorunit Mix of cars and bikes: 2 Units, 1 MU FOR BIKE ONLY, 1 SU Mass Shooting, Search and Rescue, and any other situation that NEEDS Air-1
    6. I dont think that the whitelist is the issue if someone isnt willing to wait 3 days and spend 30 mins each of those days to learn keybinds, find common locaitons like garages, pdm, dmv, food, clothing, jobs, pds, etc they wont play long in brooklyn anyways. I think its FiveM as a whole it goes through phases there can be a massive influx of players and then it dies down and repeats, I mean the discord server is almost at 8k users there is plenty of people that COULD be playing but arent for whatever reason.
    7. Since my last suggestion thread did pretty good here is another suggestion I have. Increase the pay for ALL legal jobs, this includes PD, FD, DOC, Fishing, Hunting, Lumberjack, Mining, Wine Making, Beer Making, and more basically ever single job center job and white listed job. This would not only promote people to stop sitting at legion but maybe stop people from just shooting eachother all day and go do something fun and profitable, aswell as give people who dont do crime a better way of making money since currently its very slow and time consuming to make money without doing crime or having a whitelist job. Another suggestion for specifically fishing is maybe adding the chance to catch a pistol, gun parts, repair kits stuff that was dumped in the ocean or fell off a boat. Potentially also a leveling system where the more and longer the fish the better you get at fishing the faster you catch fish the easier it is to reel them in and the better stuff you catch. I could see people having fishing competitions for who can catch the most fish in a certain amount of time or by weight etc.
    8. Swiftz

      Prison Times

      Felony Evading 20 Months Reckless Driving 10 Months Possession of a Controlled Substance 20 Months Reckless Endangerment 25 Months 75 months I personally have seen a LOT of cops immediatly go for Felony Evading over fleeing and also been adding Reckless Endangerment just because its a lot of time and applys to a lot of situations. As for the "prison minigames" ah yes hit e every 30 seconds very enjoyable minigame and rp. I will agree that it is heavily dependent on what cop you get for how long you get 2 different officers could send someone off for 25 months or 1.5 hours for the same situation just by how they decide to charge you.
    9. I can't be the only one that thinks these new prison times stack up so extremely fast causing people to sit in jail for 4 hours for barely doing anything. Here are a few examples of situations where I think we could all agree that the times are ridiculous. You are driving recklessly (only 90 mph which is really easy to go over without paying attention) the cops want to arrest you because they have a "0 tolerance policy" for reckless driving but you have one or two bags of meth on you. You do your best to get away driving all around the city with cops chasing you and eventually crash and get caught. 75 months right there an hour and 15 mins for running from the cops and having 2 bags of meth. You shoot someone trying to rob you and you don't have a gun license so you get in a stolen car and start running from the cops once again you crash and get caught. 100 months almost 2 hours in prison for defending yourself and now I'm sure some people will say "if you don't have a gun license just don't have a gun and you will be fine" you cant in this server with the people that constantly rob and shoot you need a gun if you don't want to be getting robbed every 20 mins or going to the hospital every 30 mins. Now for a little more extreme situation, you are a felon who is robbing a bank with an ap pistol threatening to shoot the hostage if the cops don't give you free passage you flee from the bank and lead cops on a chase eventually crashing, you get out of your car and gun down 5 cops between you and your passenger. You try to run on foot but get gunned down by the 15 other cops responding to their panics. 240 months or 4 hours now, you could say, "Oh, that's not that bad for shooting cops”, but you also get probation or sentenced to the 9s for doing crime and trying to get away valuing your freedom. Just in my opinion from being on both sides of it being crim and cop I just think making crims sit in prison for so long or so easily get probation or 9s is terrible and not fun, everyone is here to have fun and for lack of better terms when the cops “lose” they really don't lose anything besides a little bit of their time, but when a criminal “loses” they can easily lose millions and also have to sit in jail for hours. I just think that some of the penal code times need lowered considering we are playing a video game and not everyone plays here enough to sit in prison for over an hour for some petty crime. This is just my opinion though so feel free to leave how you feel below or leave a suggestion.
    10. Swiftz


      What is the purpose of DMV? You can say it adds rp to selling cars or that it tracks which cars and who they are sold by but there is very little to no rp with DMV workers its "i need a pink slip" both people hand them id and some cash and that's it, as well as I'm sure the server previously had /pinkslip logs of what cars and who they are being sold from and to. My suggestion to solve this problem is hire more active DMV workers, make title transfers purchasable 1 or 2 a day, or get rid of this new title transfer system completely, the new system causes prices to be ridiculous cars are already out of stock constantly and the lack of DMV/title transfers causes people to pay ridiculous prices for cars.
    11. I mean you cant really compare a 2011 (newest possible) Crown Vic to a 2020+ SUV not sure exactly which SUV having a top speed of 160 you were referencing but here are some of the suvs in city that I could think of along with their real top speed. Lamborghini Urus - 195 MPH Jeep Trackhawk - 180 MPH BMW X7 - 155 MPH (stock variant of the x7) Porsche Cayenne - 152 MPH (stock variant of the cayenne) A CVPI's top speed is 110 MPH. (Crown Victoria Police Interceptor aka the most supped up police version of the Vic) As for the undercover cars, there is speed unit, and marked units that should be doing pursuits. you don't need an undercover minivan or a comet being in a police chase they are supposed to be used for police investigations.
    12. Maybe you should have started here with your clothing suggestion...
    13. Just a suggestion for a replacement for the currently Cadillac, this would add to the number of nicer 4 doors that are available. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2016-cadillac-cts-v
    14. I will agree the 2012 range rover easily rolls but only if you clip a curb in a turn. as for the Porsche cayenne I wouldn't be complaining that it "performs like a 200k local car" when my 100 mil Bugatti "Performs like a 200k local car". a golf car is a golf car they are made of plastic and not very resilient to hitting walls.
    15. Yeah I COULD get away in a stolen local, and I have but then you either get away and dont get a warrant or you get caught and go to jail. No chance to be "on the run" if its either get out or sit in jail for 120 months.
    16. My criminal was a cop for 6 months, penal code is also public
    17. if its a valid warrant I would have no problem doing on the run rp but like I said bs warrants are annoying and those id rather just avoid all together and ik someone will probably say "just get a lawyer" but thats just waiting 4 weeks to get like 250k for wasting my time or whatever. having an option to be able to wait out the warrant would be better. I dont think many people would just not fly in for a week to avoid a warrant if its legitimate.
    18. Since the new penal code has yet to be added here are a few last minute changes that I would recommend: 1. Make warrants expire, the time the warrant would take to expire would be based on the charge a murder warrant would never expire but maybe a warrant with 5x agg. and bank robbery would expire after a week or two. 2. Change the way aiding and abetting works cops love to slap this charge on everything just to give a crim as many months as possible the first suggestion would also counteract this. 3. Not really a suggestion more of an opinion that I would rather not fly in for a week to get rid of a bs plate warrant for some far fetched aiding and abetting charge than spend 2 hours in prison doing nothing.
    19. like the title says these are some suggestions to help improve the racing scene listed from most needed to least Remove tire pops or fix how it works so your tire wont pop from say hitting a cone or brushing a local Allow us to use repair kits/Adv repair kits unless there is more than 5 tows on duty (we still have to get the car fully repaired after) NOS, with the addition of the tuner chip I think it would be paired very nicely or as a cheaper option if you cant afford a tuner chip you can just use a bottle of NOS if you use it all willie nillie during the race you wont have some for the end. Fake plates? I personally don't see the need for them but I have heard others suggest it quite often most cops now wont write plate warrants. (would also need a charge for fictitious plates) Street racing charge something other than just reckless driving, this charge could also include possession of street racing equipment like NOS. Some benefit to race to encourage more people to do it.
    20. I agree there are definitely a few vehicles that need rebalanced but for the most part besides those few cars you can keep up with the even when tuned in SU. For the crashing part I agree 100% I would also like to see making it harder for tires to pop I havent run into it recently but my tires used to always pop if I just hit a cone or a sign or even brushed the concrete divider.
    21. Fixed those 2 must not have copied them the first time
    22. Here are a few suggestions for new/updated models for some of the current vehicles. I know some of them are not exact replacements but I feel all of them are close enough they would be good options The name of the left is the current in game name not what the vehicle linked is (I know atleast one of you is gonna comment it) Honda Civic Type-R - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2018-honda-civic-type-r-fk8 Audi RS6/7 (still not sure which model we actually have) - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2020-audi-rs7-sportback-c8-add-on-ahmeda1999 Subaru BRZ - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/subaru-brz-rocket-bunny-v3-replace-add-on-livery-support 2015 Range Rover - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2018-range-rover-velar 2016 Porsche 911 TurboS - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2021-porsche-911-turbo-s-add-on-lods-template 2016 Audi R8 V10 - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/audi-r8-2020-addon 2015 Ferrari 488GTB - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ferrari-488-gts-addon-replace-tuner 2015 Lambo Aventador LP750-4 - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lamborghini-aventador-lp700-4-lb-works-limited-edition 2015 Ford Mustang GT - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2019-ford-mustang-gt-bullitt-rtr-5-rims 15 Challenger Hellcat - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2018-dodge-challenger-srt-demon-libertywalk-add-on 2013 Ford F150 Raptor - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2018-ford-f-150-raptor-crew-cab-oiv-add-on-tuning-fivem BMW M5 E39 - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bmw-m5-f90-2018-add-on-hq-template Ford GT40 - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2017-ford-gt-add-on-replace-yca-aige 2018 Maserati Ghibli - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/maserati-ghibli-s Toyota Supra - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1998-toyota-supra-jza80-trd-varis-ridox-rhd Toyota Camry - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/toyota-camry-xse-2018-replce-add-on Dodge Charger - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2016-dodge-charger-srt-hellcat-add-on-replace-animated-template-analog-digital-dials Ford Explorer (could really use an update) - https://gtacarmods.com/product/ford-explorer-2019-gta-5/ Crunch if you see this bring me in as a vehicle dev
    23. There already is very few people walking around with guns on their back. Ar's are so expensive right now and even if they were only crafted by gun store owners that would only drive the price up even more. Most people that have automatics right now are gang members, more and more entry level criminals are not able to get ahold of them. As for "we need more gun control it's just to easy for a new guy or anyone just to pick up a scanner and build a gun" its not really true someone who wants to make a gun first has to find all the spots to scan (not that hard), figure out the recipes, neither of those are hard since someone will likely tell them but then they have to go and scan for many many hours at multiple locations just to be able to make one gun that they may lose after shooting only 1 bullet.
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