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  1. DM your offer.
  2. ZoZo

    LTB Schlagen GT

    DM me for a price.
  3. ZoZo

    Police car upgrade!

    I could be nice if we could upgrade police cars so we could speak from the vehicle with speaker as the real cops have, instead of shouting from the car while the car in the front has his windows up. if you see the clip at 1:00 to 1:10 you can hear the cop say " Stop the car". If the cops could have that it would much more realistic, instead of shouting from the cars..
  4. I think the bike prices are very high 60k for a Harley, where you can buy one for 20k. Its not worth to grind when the prices are so high.
  5. ZoZo

    RolePlay Points

    If we get reward for doing RP like good RP where we use /me and in a RP situation, the players (involved) should get a RP point, which should give them some benefits in the game.. Like 10RP points and you can buy a special car with the RP points and some money? You guys get my point..
  6. ZoZo

    Illegal Jobs - Bigger Pay

    Crawdaddy no mather what there will always be ppl who doesn't care about RP. Nothing wrong with the money its just the ppl who doesn't know how to RP. Bad decision by the developers to reduce the illegal jobs salary cuz ppl are just grinding and not even RP driving Trucking missions. All truckers are blasting through the traffic does that also mean that they have to reduce the trucking run to 10k? Do you get my point? I agree with you Gusti Gustav
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