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    1. Agreed on bringing the OG boys back in charge! Why fix something if it was never broken?
    2. And possibly even start introducing drug paraphernalia. Maybe needing a meth/crack pipe in your inventory to even be able to use the drug, and what not. Exactly! Maybe add in some actual pills that people would have to take for a certain amount of time in order for them to stop withdrawing and what not.
    3. Hello! So I think we have all noticed the recent use of illegal narcotics within the server. Most people use it when they run from the Police which is a good strategy. The only thing missing is the actual consequences that come with smoking crack/meth. Now I was thinking maybe adding in a script (If it is makeable or already exists somewhere) that makes your character addicted to the drug of choice that you're using. For example lets say that you smoke meth once. Maybe implement where you'll get messages saying "You're craving meth, if you use more you may become addicted" or something along those lines. After you become a regular meth user then lets say you haven't used Meth within the past 20-30 minutes. You'll begin to get messages like the "you're thirsty/hungry" message but instead it says "You're beginning to withdraw", and then "You're feeling sick, and craving meth" and if you do not use meth then you slowly begin to lose health, start blacking in and out, and whatever other effects comes with withdrawing. I think not only would this be realistic, but it would also bring in more RP to FDNY. Let's say you become addicted and want to stop using meth. Well you can go to the hospital and they can start you on some medication (Like suboxone is used for opioids) to beat your addiction. And it could possibly even allow others to create some sort of Rehab center. I also think it would balance out the economy as drugs will now be in demand since people would depend to live off of them and give more chances for people to RP something else besides a big time boss man who has 400million dollars in the bank. If someone wants to RP a crack addict who is asking for money on the corner of Legion to get his next fix, or even a character that becomes a prostitute to support their drug addiction this could possibly allow the rp to be better. This would create a legit war on drugs effect in the city, and it would make drug dealers more money, and just create more RP over all instead of just using drugs to sell to locals, run from the cops, or getting the 9's for drug trafficking. I think adding in a script like this would create some amazing RP, and we would definitely have some unique characters roaming around. Maybe even spice it up and have "bad batches" come around every now and then. So if you smoke a bad batch of Heroin it could cause an overdose, and then FDNY would come in and administer Narcan to reverse the effect. This would even encourage people to attempt to smuggle in drugs to the prison as it could possibly be a gold mine when it comes to inmates that were arrested for drugs still being addicted, and not being able to get ahold of anything. It would even give DOC more RP, and a chance to even start like a drug interdiction unit within the facility. Let me know what you guys think about this idea. I honestly think just making the drugs addicting can open doors to some amazing RP, and offer something brand new that I haven't even seen on any other servers.
    4. I agree. I rarely play civ, but myself and Randymage decided to try out civ. Within 5 minutes of being on our civ we got held up and taken hostage out in the open. I believe there needs to be a rule where you can't just run up to someone and take them hostage (especially at legion square). It'd be nice to see initiation of RP first before taking someone hostage. Maybe if you want to take someone hostage set up a fake deal. Go over twitter and say you're selling a car, and have them go to a discreet location. Then when they show up you walk them over to an alleyway or something along those lines and then take them hostage. I honestly think taking someone hostage out in the open should be considered fail RP. It's pretty shitty, and is not enjoyable at all to the hostage. Remember it's RP, not trying to rob banks/stores 15 times a day. Make a story line out of it to where it's enjoyable for all parties.
    5. What server on SA-MP were you apart of? I played on NG:RP as well as LS:RP back in the good ole' days.
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