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    1. Looking for Businesses and Prices My client is currently on the lookout for businesses such as gun stores, item stores, and LS customs. If you have a business that you are interesting in selling in the present or future please email me with the business, location and asking price and we could negotiate a deal if my client is interested. Email: DuoSolis#0069 Phone: 497-7501 Thank you for your time!
    2. Firstly before I state anything, I would just like to state this is not an attack, it is a critical assessment of what the owner and senior management has promised and what they have delivered in the past in order to improve and grow this community and the RP within, I am trying to keep this as unbiased as possible, but obviously there is no such thing as unbiased criticism. Initially, I would like to bring up the fact that you yourself have stated in the past, about 6-7 months ago when all the PDM custom cars were removed to increase the performance of the servers when the bigger cities were first opened up, you were going to "Bring back all PDM cars" and for people not to "Fall for any scams in the meantime". Months have passed and that promise has not been upheld and nothing has been done about these cars, thus showing that unkept promises have their consequences.... Just look at the economy now. Moreover, for over a year a "Whitelist" has been teased and has been stated to be worked on, yet former staff members have stated that it hasn't been worked on in months. the funding is there and the time has been over a year. Once again, letting the community down. So, how are we as a community supposed to believe a word the senior management and owner team states when none of their promises to the community have been satisfied in the past? Now you can go on and reply with a "You don't know what we're doing in the background". or you can take this as constructive criticism and take Alfie's opinion as constructive criticism as well. He has stated facts aided by his opinion and so have I. This "2.0"has been "worked on"for over a year and the donations on one person's profile can probably cover over a year worth of development. Pretty sure you can hire a whole dev team to set all this up with all the donations this server has. So don't put excuses and just understand we as a community are concerned and would like to see improvement. Weird how someone's staff role can be used against them when they state their opinions.....
    3. Taking Offers on 1611 Mirror Drive This house is a beautiful Mirror Park house located at the South West corner of the amazing neighborhood. It's geographic location allows for a view of both the beautiful city of New York and the hills which has the iconic sign sitting on top. This house not only offers an exhilarating view, but also a premium backyard which is one of the largest backyards in the neighborhood, containing a premier pool and a top-end grill, perfect for throwing parties during a hot summer day, or just enjoying the view from this peaceful neighborhood. This house contains an eight car garage allowing more than enough space to store any vehicles you please as well. The owner of this house is not looking to sell at the moment but is taking offers, if a price of the right degree is offered, the owner may be willing to let it go! Current Offer: $20m Please place any offers down below, or contact the broker of this deal at: Email: SP33D_R4C3R#0069 or Phone: 497-7501
    4. I've made this suggestion back when they first introduced jewelry store robberies in the city. This would not only allow us to do marriage RP without having to worry about getting arrested for illegal jewelry, but would also allow for people to RP merchant RP where the owner of the shop can sell these things if they have prior knowledge about things like watches, as I myself know there's lots of people who are interested in watches, I do have knowledge about it as well. Would definitely be interesting, would like to see some watch collecting RP too as I am interested in that irl too !
    5. Looking to sell a Fully Upgraded and Insured '69 Camaro SS. Firm Price of: 15m HMU for purchase: SP33D_R4C3R#0069
    6. Actually, factually speaking, GTA online’s cars are much much slower than most Fivem realistic RP servers’ cars, moreover the way cars handle and accelerate in GTA online is totally different from BCRP with things like double clutching and curb boosting having a bigger impact on the car’s speed. At the cars’ current state, they go at a much more realistic speed than most other servers. It’s not as easy as most people think, on the back end there’s much more to these vehicles than changing one value that says “top speed” and changing ALL cars to be about 40 mph slower would prove to be pointless and time consuming when that time could be used elsewhere in my opinion. Moreover, if all cars were to be brought down in speed, it’s not just going to be happy and fun days as other things are affected when speed goes down. If speed goes down, many cars will prove to be superior in handling as some cars may handle better at higher speeds than lower speeds which can be seen in many of the sports vehicles that are offered in PDM. This is my respectful opinion deduced through reasoning and facts I have found myself. Will be happy to see some responses .
    7. I would have to say, if the relative speed between police and crims is decreased, then I believe we would have fun chases. Although? That doesn’t mean all cars have To go down in speed, instead cop and civ cars can be brought closer together in the speeds we currently have, making it more exciting and exhilarating. Instead of saying that we need to bring speeds down, why not think of bringing the speeds closer to each other. For serious RP, sure you can say going 140 mph irl isn’t realistic in a cop chase, but when you’re going 140 mph in a video game, it doesn’t feel like it does in real life, just due to the fact that you’re in a video game, but once you reach higher speeds like 200mph, you start feeling that sort of dangerous feeling that you would get going higher speeds irl. Instead of needing cars, I’d say we have cars that are less powerful buffed to being the relative velocities of the vehicles closer together. Moreover, local civ cars need to be buffed in my opinion, I always see complains about how people use personal cars, but most 4-door civ cars have wonky handling when compared to imports that cops have access to and have low speeds. Now sure, you can say “it’s not about the speed”, but Sometimes a part of RP are those high speed chases where someone ends up blowing up a whole gas station due to them losing control going 200 mph.
    8. An Offer was sent in through emails and accepted, the sale is closed. Property is SOLD
    9. LTB 2 Maserati Ghiblis, OG Preffered, but it's fie if they aren't OG Email: SP33D_R4C3R#0069
    10. Looking to sell one of seven Liquor stores in the city. Rare opportunity to own a business. Conveniently located right next to Great Ocean Bank. Previous Caterer to Events such as NASCAR. Big parking lot, great for car meets and events. 20-40k Profit Per Week Starting Bid: 15m C/O: 20m Bidding Ended SOLD
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