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    1. Hello everybody! It's your favourite guy in a box. Today I'd like to push for a fix to the cinematic bars. As you can see from this image (Don't mind the black box in the chat) There's various elements that are not hidden while cinematic mode is enabled. 1. The chat bar (Top Left) 2. Your current cash (Top right) 3. Your meters and chat status (Bottom left) 4. The FiveM build information (Bottom right) Currently this can look a bit broken if cinematic is enabled so my suggestion/request is to put the cinematic mode IN FRO
    2. As Edwards says, there are measures that would automatically go off. Both from a realism standpoint and from a game perspective (We'd spend most the shift looking for a cop who hasn't called in for a while and it would go down as MIA as opposed to Officer in Distress) There are some cops that SLAP that shit the moment they go down and there are some that wait some time then activate it. A theoretical compromise of both sides could be that they can't manually activate it when downed until a preset amount of time has passed (30 seconds passes and the officer's alarm can b
    3. Hi folks. I do some digging, I find some things. These are generally things I've found that would be roleplay-friendly additions to the server. Shelby's Scar Pack (No relation) https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-shelbys-scar-pack-replacing-sun-damage-with-scars/1561412 Eyepatch accessory (Left or Right) https://gta5mod.net/gta-5-mods/player/eyepatch-for-mp-male-left-and-right-1-0-1/ Instructor Vest (Trying to make this, pls hold) Clothing Menu Control Menu https://forum.cfx.re/t/dpclothing-1-0-3-clothing-variations-and-toggles-glo
    4. Hi there. I'm Vexx and this is a proposal about [Insert title here] The problem Right now, we have our businesses and various other ads split across the forums as well as advertised primarily in-game through twitter as a form of digital thing. I realised at the moment, we use GCPHone or a similar name. Can't remember it off the top of my head but hey. Right now, we don't have a specific way to collectively keep all the advertisements in a complete in-character way or at least try and move these kinds of things in-game to clean things up a bit. SO...Summar
    5. Welcome to the community! We hope you enjoy your stay
    6. The ability to customize the interior of a car model would require it to be compatible with native modification. It'll more than likely be a case by case basis of what cars we can and can't customize to what extent.
    7. Seems like a decent idea. High frequency dispatches make hearing things problematic
    8. I've found the RP in Brooklyn to be always a lot better. You tend to see familiar faces a lot more and it generally leads to more fun roleplay but that's just in my own opinion
    9. Good find! Every job that provides a service should in reality be substituted out for players when they're around. With this. We can at least cover the quiet periods and avoid people needing to be asking emergency services for rides.
    10. Yeah! The NPC could be random. Sometimes they're in, sometimes they're not. That unknowing really adds to the risk of the burglary! Some stealth to the game when the NPC is in could make it really fun without you just walking in and yanking their shit. I was keen on the lockpicking mini-game and that's a really good start to the house burglaries. We just need to push the idea a little further and flesh out a really in-depth Thief like experience.
    11. Vexx


      Yes! I don't know the exact number of spots we have but it is considerably small when you're doing frequent runs day in, day out. Any kind of bulk delivery could suffice a lot more locations than what you've listed to really bulk up the variety in the deliveries. All in all. Really good suggestion!
    12. Hi, I'm Vexx. I'm a cool guy. I recently had this eureka moment while I was writing up some stuff for a character I had in the mix. For those that don't know, I spent more time helping people create really cool characters and support them in really taking their roleplay to the next level. (If by now, you think I'm doing a sales pitch. I promise I'm not selling anything.) The idea was simple. What if I could create a little group workshop that was outside the constraints of roleplay and focused entirely on group supported improvement of a play
    13. Hello peoples! Had a little thought to change the tone on the forums recently with a little question I'd throw out once a while to see what kind of discussion we can get going on this. So... this week's question is: What's your favorite inside joke from the community? For me, it was about a year ago. I was spouting off my random bullshit ideas again and out of the blue, Crunch says "Vexx. I need to you just climb into a box and close the top". So, I decided to carry this joke to the MAXIMUM. I got a Fiverr artist to draw a literal box
    14. I empathise with FDNY a lot in this understanding. With that in mind, I do my best on all characters to really give them an intricate and detailed injury so they have some extra creativity with how they want to treat me. In the end, I need medical aid and they're the medical professionals so with that in mind. I'll always meet them in the middle to achieve this. This is how I roleplay, I hope others try to achieve this too!
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