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    1. Totally agree with these points! I definitely think the Burgershot mechanic is great and if it wasn't as grindy or if the meals you make did more than just fill hunger and thirst, I think there'd be more natural demand for it. Something like allow it to fill hunger, thirst and maybe some health, it would make it worth buying at the price needed (considering the grind of getting 2 meat and making 1 meal, and the value of selling that meat at the butchery). Some tweaks on existing jobs could make them more enjoyable as well, but I do love the ideas OP brought up, especially the car dealer and gym owner.
    2. I'll go ahead and answer some of these questions for you, to help you out. I know it can be daunting, but the BEST way to figure this out is to find a creative In-Character way of asking and roleplaying to get that information. That way everyone can remain immersed in their characters. I roleplay daily in the city and for hours at a time and one of the WORST thing that can happen is when someone starts typing away in OOC asking a ton of questions that they could have creatively RP'd to find out for the most part. However, here are some answers for you: 1. You should always assume police are in the city... exploiting mechanics in the city to attempt to determine that not only is metagaming potentially but also ruins the immersion and fun 2. Cruise control can be managed from flexing the "M" muscle while driving, navigating to 'vehicle' and then enabling the speed limiter. 3. Twitter support can be found on TeamSpeak (see bigcityrp.com for TS) 4. The ID needed for reporting a player can be found by pushing F6. If the menu won't go away, push F5 to close the ID menu. 5. Once you are given the Discord civilian role you can contact staff there as well as the community for support. TeamSpeak is a solid way to do it, but be sure to try to answer your own questions by digging through the forums or asking via roleplay while in the city... there are 6,400+ members of the community and under 50 staff... they have A LOT of questions coming at them constantly. Be patient. 6. I am not sure what you mean by being okay until the counter comes up, other than I'm assuming you're talking the counter that eventually sends you to the hospital. In that case I'd recommend doing what you feel is best... I tend to RP out any of the random things that happen while in the city because it adds to the immersion and also gives others a way to 'break the ice' and get involved in an otherwise pointless incident (such as a local knocking me off my bicycle on accident and RPing that out a bit... you never know who will RP that with you and what can come of that. Be adventurous... heck, I even RP around the locals and no one else just to get a feel of my character and immerse myself into the world around me. 7. It is best to only ask questions in city-wide OOC chat that you otherwise don't feel you have been able to find answers to. But TRY to find those answers yourself... make some connections via RP and find in-character ways to ask those questions, or find a way to get "email" (discord) information from a connection and ask them privately OOC (just don't use that method to metagame as its definitely a way to ruin the RP and immersion). I hope this helps. Good luck to you and I hope to encounter you sometime in the city (I can be found in Queens most of the time).
    3. I think the difference here is this: which brings more RP interaction (forget the leachers, they'll go to whatever job pays the highest anyway... it doesn't matter what it is, so that point, while valid, simply isn't the point being made here)? Taxi Driving brings the most interaction and as such should be the highest paying job. Its a service, it reduces crime, it brings more social RP interaction and as such, it should be rewarded with the best starting pay out of the available jobs until another one can do the same for RP as the taxi job. In reality, however, I feel ALL legal jobs pay far too less... either that or illegal activities pay far too much. If we cut back on the incentives for illegal jobs making as much and bolster legal paying jobs we will reduce crime, improve RP and have more legal jobs being worked by people. Just my two cents, thanks for keeping it respectful James!
    4. I agree its too high but I will say this: the best way to cut back on crime is to make non-criminal activity more enticing (such as better paying legal jobs), a better focus on RP-rich storytelling etc... what I was alluding to is that crime is always going to be present, but I concur, so much of what I see daily in the city is outrageously unrealistic criminal activity.
    5. The issue is that after the call there is no guarantee the fare will be taken or that the rider will wait either. It adds some communication and some people will follow through but it doesn't resolve the issue entirely. I do not believe the cutting of the taxi salary is needed. Currently the taxi job is the only real job that provides a true service to others in the city. It creates dynamic RP scenarios and is a great way to get to know people around the city... encouraging people to be taxi drivers is a better approach. You'll always have the guy on duty who isn't taking calls and just collecting the salary... same can be said for any job they go on duty for, but I'm not quite sure where you feel the taxi job deserves less pay than the miner and how the miner profession is somehow worth more than the taxi job when it adds, quite frankly, no consistent roleplay opportunities whatsoever that I have been able to see. Just my two cents.
    6. Fantastic news! Thanks! You are correct, far too many crimes, however that is to be expected; crime is prevalent in society and of course it would be in this city as well. But I agree GEM just gave us some great news! Hopefully that'll open up room for more defense attorneys as well.
    7. Absolutely spot on! This admin team, management team and the owners have made this community an exciting part of my life, and I am very appreciative of the hard work they do to keep it operating smoothly. Keep up the great work and know you're appreciated!!
    8. Taxi Drivers are important to the city. We provide legal transportation, help reduce grand theft autos from occurring by being regularly available. So, you'd think people would appreciate the service to the city, and you'd be right! Most people do and I am thankful for that! However, there exists an ongoing issue that makes many people lose interest in carrying on the taxi driver career. From time to time, and sometimes often depending on the day, taxi drivers will receive calls for rides and we will drive across town, sometimes 6-7 miles, just to arrive to a pickup location and no one is around. In that time frame a competing taxi driver has picked up a fare in town with a local or with another 'resident' and they've made some money. Meanwhile, the driver who was left without a fare to pickup has to drive another 4-5 miles back to the city and then wait for more calls or pickup locals. The issue is that it becomes frustrating and discouraging because sometimes people abuse the system and do this far too often without any sort of punishment or accountability. SO, my suggestion is this (I will provide a few suggested ideas): Idea #1: When a person calls for a taxi, immediately charge the person requesting the taxi a set amount of money, say $1,000-$1,500. Most cab rides go for $3,000-$6,000 depending on destination, distance, etc... This would mean the person who called the cab ride would be charged a portion up front and could be charged the rest at their destination. If the cab driver were to cancel the ride, they'd lose the $1,500 and it would be returned to the player who was initially charged for the requested ride. This would prevent abuse on both ends. Idea #2: When a taxi ride is called for, provide the phone number and name for the requester. This way if they cancel and abuse the system their name and number can be reported to the police and the police can RP a follow-up with the individual who is abusing the taxi line, thus creating RP for fare-evasions. Just a few ideas that would add some level of accountability without eliminating potential RP for fare evasion violations, etc... it would likely make taxi drivers more prevalent and would cut down some on the unnecessary grand theft auto crimes occurring in the city, and because of that it initiates more regular RP opening up to the development of more character-driven scenarios and storylines.
    9. I will say that many times people need more legal representation because there aren't, in some opinions, enough lawyers in the city. I applied nearly a month ago and never received a reply as to whether or not my application was even accepted for interview consideration. So there are areas that could improve, but given the amount of people in the legal profession in the city and the number of crimes, I'd say they're just overwhelmed with cases right now mostly, and that's what may make the system seem flawed to some.
    10. Aren't police able to impound a car so its out of the way when tows are not in service? This would add an RP interaction... call the police, wait for them to get there and interact as they RP it being impounded.
    11. Absolutely the best way to get a legitimate/legal ride around town is to use Twitter and the Taxi Line. The prices are fair for the service you're receiving and the time you're saving, and the connections are the most important part... the fun back-and-forth RP and dialogue is what its all about anyway. It's why Toni Catoni has made a career out of the Lucky Limo Service.
    12. Start the thread now and we can make it happen... I'm sure we can get people to commit to making it happen.
    13. Which is why the roleplay/politics should be in-game based (even put into the GTA/NYC lore if you will, so that its not focused on political parties etc... just ideas)
    14. I love the idea of it. Adding a bit of politics and campaigning and running the 'government' would create a fun dynamic for the citizens in the city. I think it could be a great way to open up more roleplay scenarios. I love the idea personally and would be interested in seeing what it would take and either helping someone run and get elected or trying so myself down the road. Keep me posted on this because I am all ears about it!
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