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  1. Paul Carter

    LTS Innovation

    nice bike
  2. Paul Carter

    Selling 69 Ford Mustang Boss302

  3. Paul Carter

    Selling 69 Ford Mustang Boss302

  4. Paul Carter

    301 Brouge Ave.

  5. Paul Carter

    LTS - Tug Street Apartment 2

    Selling one of the front units at the Tug Street Apartment complex https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/classifieds/item/2451-tug-street-apartment-2/ Starting bid $2m 101-7005 Fergish#7763
  6. Paul Carter

    Tug Street Apartment 2

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Ready to retire to a beautiful home near the NY Coast? This may be the spot for you. In the wonderful Tug Street apartment complex, this unit is situated just up the stairs from the garage. A premium location for this building. Cozy interior with a beautiful view, I will even leave all my family photos inside so you wont feel so alone. If you own a boat or enjoy fishing then you will be happy to see that the Boat Dealership and personal Dock are both very close by, even just a quick swim. Gov Fee is $500k Starting Bids at $2m obo 101-7005 Fergish#7763

    2,000,000.00 IGC

  7. Paul Carter

    Selling rare and og corvette

    3.5m when you’re ready big fella
  8. Paul Carter

    LTB - Nightshade and/or Deviant

    Looking to buy a FU/Ins Nightshade, Deviant, and Rapid GT3. Maybe other muscle cars I know i will buy the Nightshade and Rapid GT3, I’ll need to test drive the Deviant. HMU with what you have 101-7005 Fergish#7763
  9. Paul Carter

    Selling BMW M3 E36 & Corvette

    Starting bid or buyout on the Vette?
  10. Paul Carter

    **LTS Tempesta**

  11. Paul Carter

    LTB OG PDM cars w/ Wishlist

    Bought a few, still looking for more
  12. Paul Carter

    261 Covenant Ave

  13. Paul Carter

    Looking to Sell: Ford Raptor

  14. Paul Carter

    LTB OG PDM cars w/ Wishlist

    Low riders, Muscle cars, and Motorcycles. C’mon wit meh
  15. Paul Carter

    LTB- Mclaren P1

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