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    1. Okay again my opinion lol you can disagree with it that's fine.
    2. (A few more things) *Cops should not search anyone they please a lot of people have been arrested for this the cop must have a VALID/FACTUAL evidence on why they are searching the person searching without a cause for no reason is against the law. *Tasers for some strange reason require a license in real life tasers can be purchased without any source of licensing this should also be changed for realism tasers take a very long time to kill with and are seen as simply a stunning weapon.
    3. Again I said this was my opinion no need to get defensive over it and that is actually to help EMS if you read carefully they should have the option to pick up someone if they think they should be fine.
    4. Below is going to be a serious analysis of what can be done to help better the servers already in place this is my OPINION I emphasize that before people have a attack! (Quick Mention)- Lately I have noticed the tone of things is that the new city will be more closely worked on which is unfortunate for those who have worked in the older servers for quite some time. Below are simply suggestions and things I believe will help balance the server and work into bring the future of the older cities into a brighter threshold. (Major Patches)- *First money that is made illegally t
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