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  1. Billy Jackson

    New Clothes and activities !

    Can you elaborate on what new activities you have in mind? Im always down for more things to do
  2. Billy Jackson

    List of commands

    There are emotes for smoking that you can use. /e smoke would work, then Z to cancel it. If you press F10 it will bring up a huge list of emotes you can do
  3. Billy Jackson

    Twitter invalid

    Make sure you are using your EXACT name on your ID. Upper and lower case and everything exact. You can try logging out and back into twitter, sometimes that will help. Twitter does give some issues from time to time, so if that doesnt work i would recommend joining Waiting for Support on our teamspeak and speaking with staff about it (IP is bigcityrp.com)
  4. Billy Jackson

    List of commands

    /me and /me2 are used mainly to portray things that you otherwise could not do via game mechanics. For example, if a medic needs to place a C collar on you, they dont have an emote or anything in game to do so, so they will do “/me places c collar on patient” or something along those lines
  5. Billy Jackson

    my mic doesnt work please help

    A couple things you can try - Make sure your input and output are set correct to what youre using - Set it to Push To Talk instead of voice activation, and press N to talk (or change your keybind to something easier, id recommend mouse3 or mouse4) - Make sure your voice sensitivity is up
  6. Billy Jackson

    A New Face in Town

    Welcome to BCRP! Id recommend taking a good read of the rules to learn what is and is not acceptable (https://bigcityrp.com/rules.php) We also have some guides to help you get started (https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/forum/176-guides/) Hope you enjoy!
  7. Billy Jackson

    New Here, Need Answers Please

    I believe the discord apps can take up to 2ish weeks, depending on how many there are. Sometimes it gets swamped and can take a bit. As for twitter, its a bit weird with making your account. A couple things you can try... - When filling out the username, erase where it says "LOCKED" and enter your character name EXACTLY as it appears on your license. Upper and lower case, spacing, everything exact. - create a password, obviously lol - once youve done so, if it says anything like 'invalid something', try logging out and then back in If none of that works, hop in our teamspeak (IP is bigcityrp.com) and join the 'Waiting for Support' channel near the top. A member of staff in there will be able to assist you with twitter issues
  8. Billy Jackson

    New Here, Need Answers Please

    Welcome to BigCityRP! In order to join the onesync cities (Brooklyn and Manhattan), your discord app will have to be approved. Once you are in the discord and have the civilian role, you just need to like FiveM and discord and youll be good. As for house purchasing, there really isnt much available at the moment, aside from some of the multi-story apartment buildings. Next time you are in game, type /apartments. Then check your map, and anything available will show. When you walk up to a front door, if it says “locked” or “press E to enter”, it is already owned, and just locked or unlocked. If it says “press E to view”, you can purchase it. Hope this helps, if you have any further questions feel free to reach out!
  9. Billy Jackson

    Weather Changes/Suggestions

    Definitely agree. Rain is way too often, and lasts way too long. The rain happens, it starts to clear up and becomes a sun shower, then right back into heavy rain, into a loud thunderstorm. The other day i noticed that the rain started right around 6am-ish as the sun was coming up, and didnt stop until the sun went down and it was nightime again. Thats a bit too much Its been suggested in the suggestion forum a few times also. Hopefully it gets messed with soon
  10. Billy Jackson

    Hey everyone! New to the community :)

    Welcome to BCRP! Teamspeak is only used for police/EMS/tow radio really. We use in game chat here, yes. I would recommend going into your voice settings, and making sure you have the correct input/output set, make sure your voice sensitivity is up, and also in your windows sound settings, make sure whatever input/output you will be using in game are set to default for your PC. If you are going to be using Push To Talk (recommended), make sure you are using the proper keybind to activate your voice. (N) is the default key i believe. I would suggest setting your keybind to a simple key that is easy to use. (I use mouse4 for in game, mouse3 for teamspeak) I hope this will help you get going in the right direction, and if you have any further questions feel free to reach out either on here or even in DM's. Enjoy the RP!
  11. Billy Jackson

    AFK Kicking ?

    putting it on whisper and coughing, clearing my throat, sighing, basically any everyday dad noise, has always worked for me
  12. Billy Jackson

    AFK Kicking ?

    You can talk through your mic, that reset it
  13. Billy Jackson


    Welcome! I would VERY much recommend this guide, written up by one of the management team. Most importantly, have fun! https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14215-roleplay-the-art-of-good-roleplay/
  14. Billy Jackson

    /addkeys Feature

    Just out of curiosity, where'd you hear that one?
  15. Billy Jackson

    More Clothing Options

    We have enough clothing for the “gangsters” of BCRP lol. I do agree though, itd be sick to have actual J’s, or a nike/adidas pullover, a Yankees fitted, more jeans that arent skin tight with roses on them. But in MY personal opinion, we need more western/cowboy clothes. I have like 5 outfits for Billy, and 3 of them are the same shirt in a different color
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