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    1. This was suggested just a few days ago - https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/topic/34303-being-able-to-rob-downed-bodies/ It would be great if we could add something like this But as said in the other thread, this would cause more shootouts and gunplay Shit is already bad enough at the moment, so i personally do not see something like this being added anytime soon, at least until we can figure out how to clean up the city and get away from everything being gun/violence driven, and back to a roleplay server
    2. BUMP still would like a ground level before i take an upstairs apartment
    3. As the title states, looking for a Pink Cage apartment on the ground level. If no one is willing to sell ground level, i will settle for a second floor spot. Shoot me an email if you'd prefer. whit_yo#1212, aka Billy Jackson
    4. Still couldn't agree more. Should be networking in the city to find these cars you're looking to buy Or maybe we could come up with an app for the phone to list cars for sale.... call it.... crunchlist.com
    5. Im not saying you specifically. In the past when people ask about bounty hunting or attempt to be a bounty hunter, they see a bounty on someones head, find them, and kill them on the spot to collect the bounty. Thats why we havent allowed it in the past. What you are talking about seems like it would be the proper way to go about it, so you never know maybe something like that could be implemented if done correctly
    6. This has been asked about many times. Unfortunately there is little to no RP in bounty hunting, people would just use it as another excuse to shoot people
    7. Why is your first intention with a hunting rifle to shoot people....? There's like 20 other guns you can do that with if you need to
    8. As Dino said, it becomes unstable. We have been trying some things though, so perhaps in the near future we may be able to
    9. Potential interior for Larry's RV's in Harmony, fit with a table to be used like at PDM? https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-larrys-rv-mlo/1492002
    10. Agreed, even if its only Paleto, or only Sandy, definitely need at least one outside the city
    11. Next time you are in a city, please head to Teamspeak to get your last name changed IP is bigcityrp.com, and sit in the waiting for support channel
    12. Good evening! Tonight i am going to bring forth a suggestion that I feel like most of us will be on board with. I'm sure most, if not all of us have dealt with OOC chat getting clogged up with other types of notifications, as seen below: SUGGESTION My suggestion is to completely move anything of the sort. Move anything like that, that would otherwise clog up OOC Chat, to the NEW(ish) notification area that we have, as seen below: This way, anything that would clog up OOC will now only appear for long enough to read it, then disappear. OOC chat can then be used strictly for OOC purposes, and receiving Warnings/Messages from the Staff Team It would definitely be nice to press T to do an emote, or to take a screenshot, and not be blasted with all of the weed you have sold today, or be reminded of your incredibly boring hospital stay from earlier. Just nice simple red text for OOC chat over there, everything else is gone! Feedback is welcome! Please share any ideas for this that you may have! - Whit
    13. Pretty much exactly this. Id prefer it have never been added also, but it is what it is at this point. Only problem with making third party crosshairs against the rules (like it used to be) is how do we know they are using them? The people that use crosshairs are not here to roleplay to begin with, and have ruined it for everyone else essentially. So here we are with crosshairs for everybody!
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