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  1. Billy Jackson

    Additional Storage Container

    Ive come to realize this is pretty low on the list of things to implement BUT, i must keep trying, for my people! Another neat location. Fairly secluded area up in Sandy near Grapeseed. It uses one of the railroads MOW buildings.
  2. Billy Jackson

    Tasing timer and tackling

  3. Billy Jackson

    Character Customization

  4. Billy Jackson

    Searching other players

    /carry was added in correctly lol you saw what happened.
  5. Billy Jackson

    Additional Storage Container

  6. Billy Jackson

    Court Case Channel

    Yeah, but not a lot of people frequent the forums like they do Discord. Idk just a thought. Figured it would help get audiences for more court cases
  7. Billy Jackson

    AJ Turner

    Worst taxi in NYC. Smells like beef
  8. Billy Jackson

    Court Case Channel

    Afternoon yall We were talking about court cases recently, and personally i really enjoyed sitting in on the one i attended. The issue is not knowing when/where court cases are happening. My suggestion is adding a #court-cases channel under the Courts category on discord. It can work as a place to post who has upcoming court cases, when, and where they are happening. Even restrict it to only lawyers, DA, judge ect. can post in it, to keep it clean. Happy RPing Billy Jackson
  9. Billy Jackson

    Speed Cameras

    I dont really ever get hit, but i think they should be removed completely, personally. And fully agree with the stolen car thing.
  10. Billy Jackson

    Additional Storage Container

    Another pretty decent location I just came across. At the very north of the map, in the same spot as Gas Station 9 and Item Store 14. It looks like a nice little shady spot to use as a storage shed
  11. Billy Jackson

    Storage idea

    Im with ya man. Check out this location i suggested a few days ago https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12976-additional-storage-container/
  12. Billy Jackson

    Mech shop 6

    Mech shop 6 is already a business. For some reason, it isnt listen on the minimap yet. But we are trying to get it added
  13. Billy Jackson

    Cleaning Vehicles

    Ive learned that comparing things to nopixel usually doesnt go over well, just a heads up
  14. Billy Jackson


    There is that dirt track up near Sandy that could be used as a MX track too. The one at the construction site near Rebel Radio. but yes, Darts and Bowling would be awesome. “Niko, it is your cahzin, lets go bowling”
  15. Billy Jackson

    Additional Storage Container

    I've been searching for a while now, looking for a storage container that IS NOT the one smack dab in the middle of the city that every person seems to own and use. While on my search, hoping to find one up north somewhere, i came across this spot. It is quite literally a storage container, its not in the middle of the city, and its not right in Paleto, Sandy, Grapeseed ect.
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