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  1. Ben Accardi

    Selling FU Dinka Double T, Dinka Akuma and FU Civic Type R

    bump new cars for sale, email Client#8119
  2. Ben Accardi

    Selling FU Dinka Double T, Dinka Akuma and FU Civic Type R

    Bump, all still for sale.
  3. All 3 for Sale, Dinka Double T and Civic Type R should be FU and I'm not sure if the Akuma is. Also now selling Subaru STI and 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish. post offers or hmu at Client#8119 or 000-3000.
  4. Ben Accardi


    That could work too
  5. Ben Accardi


    Certain crosshairs are built into monitors, you can't track these type of crosshairs, and there are multiple apps that you can use for a crosshair, you can also suspect a person of using a crosshair but you can never know 100%, it also wouldn't matter if someone spammed headshots if they did the same damage as a body shot?
  6. Ben Accardi


    Well recoil wouldn't really matter to a person with a crosshair that could just 1 tap you in the head with one shot.
  7. Ben Accardi


    Why shouldn't adjusting head shots be the solution though? It would give people more chances in a gun fight, it would counter crosshairs, it would make gunfights last longer and be more interesting, it would stop people from just randomly getting ambushed and one tapped in the head without having a chance of fighting back.
  8. Ben Accardi


    As a lot of you know shoot outs happen a lot in BigCity, and I'm not saying shootouts are bad, as long as their is RP involved and it's pretty decent, I personally don't mind getting shot or killed, but there is a lot of people that just shoot for no reason, or just ambush you and you get instantly headshotted, there is also a lot of people that have crosshairs and just headshot you from 100 miles away, but as a way of countering shitlords, countering cross hairs, countering people just randomly ambushing you and head shotting you without you having any chance of retaliating, what if we removed the ability to headshot someone with 1 shot and just made it so a headshot would count as body shot damage, or maybe make it so a headshot does more damage than a body shot but atleast it won't one shot you. Opinions?
  9. Ben Accardi

    Looking to Buy a BMW M4 GTS

    Careful he might buy it and 10 mins later resell it for 1 million profit!
  10. Ben Accardi

    Business stash

    So as you guys know we have permissions in houses where we can give people permission to use the clothing changer, the stash unit, ect.. I was wondering if we could also get this implemented into shops like a gun store so you can give access to people so they are able to access the inventory ect.
  11. Ben Accardi

    ROLEPLAY! - The art of good roleplay

    Johnson muppet best rper oh yeah
  12. Ben Accardi

    LTB M5 BMW 4 door

    Gotta add me back on the emails
  13. Ben Accardi

    Cable cars to go up Mt. Chiliad

    Good suggestion bot!
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