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    1. That's the whole point of gun Control let the guys that's going to distribute them the right way there's no reason why everyone should be making guns that's unrealistic but i hear what you saying
    2. As a Ammo Shop owner we have the ability to build hand guns add attachments to various weapons and even craft other weapons so why not just let us craft the Ak47 AR15 and other illegal weapons and let the owners of the shop pick who they want to sell guns too that way everyone can't make them and there's not 100 people walking around with gins on they're back we need more gun control it's just to easy for a new guy or anyone just to pick up a scanner and build a gun or the gun owners can have a limited amount of guns a month that we can distribute to the community.
    3. O.G LiL Tray LoC in diss bitch on HOOVER
    4. I have both hit me up Huncho K BiGGz#5657
    5. We baCk me and Chip and Lil sis moving that work on HooVer
    6. I got all 3 Mercedes for you $36m for all 3
    7. Facts we actually know what we are doing unlike these clowns
    8. Hit me up I'll buy it Huncho K BiGGz#5756
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