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  1. John Falcon

    AFK Kicking ?

    Talking does reset the timer, always worked for me. Just make sure your voice is transmitting and you're on shout.
  2. John Falcon


    Yeah the rain is ok but I hate the thunder as cool as it is, it needs to go. It was fun to have it for a while but now it's just irritating. also as far as FPS loss I actually really don't experience this at all and I am using a 970 GPU with a 4th gen i7 so I am not sure how everyone else is experiencing the frame drops and not me. oh well lol but yea plz let's do this. "Rain, Rain, go away, come again some other day"
  3. John Falcon

    New Clothes?

    There are a ton of clothes to choose from. More than I can count. You can also choose different styles for the clothes on top of that. There is no lack of clothes whatsoever. As far as updates go, there is no priority for clothing at the moment, but maybe in a future..........future update.
  4. John Falcon

    New Here

    Welcome to the city man. Don't get in trouble with the law or i'll be at Rikers to make sure you get on the right path in our wonderful NYC!
  5. John Falcon

    College Degrees

    I think something like this is something that you could do as a scenario one time plan a fun event do a school life RP thing. and then kiss it goodbye. Not to sound rude. I love the idea of school RP as it can be a lot of fun and some good laughs and even remind us of how smart we are nowadays because let's go back to 1st grade why not. Maybe even see who gets the furthest as far as grades go starting from 1st grade all the way to 12th grade material and see who lasts. Then the winner gets a cash prize. I can see that working out and everyone enjoying it. as far as a daily thing or weekly etc it's just not happening imo.
  6. John Falcon

    Debit Cards

    Would be kinda cool too if someone could start a credit card business in game where they can distribute credit lines to people and you could use a payment due date just like the housing system to pay it back and if they fail to the business owners get notified and it could end up going as credit card fraud etc. Could still be a cool idea if the debit/credit card system could be implemented.
  7. John Falcon

    Priority Que

    It's understandable that people want to get into the city where everyone is, sure there MUST be cops EMS and even your friends in there. But why this city over the other 3 cities that are not full. While each city has a different name. None of them are different. I encourage you if you're being pushed back to go to another one of the boroughs where guess what, you don't have to wait at ALL. You can start playing right away! How great is that! But nobody really wants to do that and wait in queue and leave 3 servers with little to no people in it. The community pays for all these servers to be up the more we fill the other ones up there are bound to be officers and EMS etc that will want to come over too. So you can still play and get what u want. I would go and ask my friends to join me on another city and the majority of the time I get the answer Sure!
  8. John Falcon

    Mayor Job

    Yeah this sounds like it would be a really fun thing to be able to do. I feel as though whoever takes the role is someone who is going to be around very often it could be fun and enjoyable to have a person for the city to look up to and enjoy seeing from day to day around the city, but then again sometimes things government and politics related are best kept out of RP just because some people take politics very seriously to a point where it's not really fun or it's too personal. I suppose trying it out wouldn't hurt.
  9. John Falcon

    Phone numbers

    The Problem with the phone numbers all these years GTA V has been around is that the number is assigned to your unique steam account hex code. Different steam account different number. It's not assigned to your different characters. People have tried to change this, and failed. I don't know if the servers where a lot of streamers play on have done it, I don't think they have tbh. The phone number has worked this way since FiveM came out. if I am on my cop and someone calls or texts me I just say who is this, and tell them they got the wrong number, works for the time being until a solution comes out for this in the future.
  10. John Falcon

    ROLEPLAY! - The art of good roleplay

    This is awesome lol. Loved the song too hahaha
  11. John Falcon


    Beat this, I'm moving it up to 5.00
  12. John Falcon

    Add More Player Slots

    The community is paying for 4-5 cities to be active. Personally the 128 and 64 is just too laggy once it fills up due to the fact OneSync is still in Alpha and honestly probably has a long way to go, yet people are going to jump on the bandwagon and use it all the time anyways because supposedly more is better. It isn't always, depends on how many people are here to RP and who are in the cities just to make money but I would love to see other boroughs get populated, they're all the same no city has less than another one other than what players are where at what time. if you got friends in 1 city and u can't get in ask them to join u in another when they get populated, people will follow.
  13. John Falcon

    Whitelist Job Priority

    You are basically suggesting that you want this to revert to the way it used to be. Back when I joined the community in February. Cadets did not get queue prio at all. While I did agree that was great, it was very tough to get into the city without it and we could not get them their training easily that way so it was changed I believe that they get prio. I can see how your point is relevant but if queue numbers get too high and they don't have time to get on to get their training, it causes a lot of frustration. We also had a civ rule where there had to be 4 cops on for you to go civ which I wouldn't mind if that got implemented again, but to be fair we already get more than enough officers into the cities lately so there is almost no point to doing so. As far as lawyers go, we still desperately need lawyers in the city at times and it's very motivating to get that from them if they have to wait in the back of the line every single time. I only think they should get that at Attorney though since they show the motivation. u know. That's just my way of breaking this down.
  14. John Falcon

    Hey Y'all

    Welcome, hope to see u around in the city!
  15. John Falcon

    311 and 911 animation

    I know of 1 server that has something like this where you start typing it in the /whatever and after you type that without hitting enter it would pull out your phone. I would love to see that here too and I know it can be coded in I just don't know how. I don't know if a texting animation has been made for FiveM anywhere on the forums I've never seen it. I only saw the typing animation. I would love it if people would stop using /911 and /311 when they don't have a phone it should not give you permission to use it if you don't have a phone so when you type it and you don't have one you get a message up there in red letters saying "You don't have a cell phone". But I understand it helps to use it for things like if you need to be ER'd because u got stuck above the hospital, that was one time when I had to use it. other than that. I would love to see this implemented.
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