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    1. Hi Guys, I have not been in the server for a long time. But I know these issues and I understand your concern @Scott1shR1pper The main issue over the 10 years I've been doing RP for is that RP is an open sourced game. It has no solid definition and you could make it anything you want to be. Because there is no foundation for the game that can be agreed to from community to community it creates this cluster of what RP should be since all these people are coming from wherever. It's not like Call of duty, or dead by daylight that have objectives, goals, whatever. They have a specific way the game is supposed to be played and there really isn't any other way to play it. because RP's goal is non existent and instead your own people can call just about anything good RP as long as they like what they're experiencing. Also this thing about "Win" and "Lose" in RP it doesn't exist for a second. Why do you feel you can win or lose at RP we are roleplaying a life simulator here in the city of New York. So is life just a game then? I mean I don;t really think we see life as a game but like. if you don't get away from a robbery and the cops catch you. Did you lose? No, you just continue Roleplaying from there. did the cops fail to catch you? Maybe that was just meant to happen like anything else in life, you didn't lose anything. You catch them next time around. There always tends to be more RP from getting caught then not being caught because there are more interaction between that. Like @Crunch Said you get out what you put into RP. It's a gamemode that heavily lies on creativity too and real life experience can actually help you do better in roleplay at times where applicable. If crims get salty that they lost their shit and the police caught them? Make something out of that take a bad situation and turn it into a positive interaction where you can have some great laughs with your friends. If you're legit being salty because you are losing a fake item coded into a game or a number on your screen. You've got issues there. those are the people that need to be shown to the door because they're not here to have fun. We're here to have fun. As far as what RP is fair. Again take that negative and turn it into a positive. So you got caught, so you got away? Now what, USE THAT! continue the RP and do something fun between you and the cop to make that entertaining. The whole purpose of the game too is to have fun. There will be no crying like you were born yesterday that's unacceptable. If a cop tazes you off the bike omg he must be winning. I mean I guess you can think of it that way.....or you could continue to RP it out have fun and then address it to them in discord how you feel. But do it in a civil manner it's ok to talk about RP and how it could improve or always go better but that doesn't mean it has to change becuase you wanted to have a little bike chase. Use the challenge of getting tazed off the bike before you could get away as a fact of ok I got caught maybe I should try something else better to outplay the cops next time. You can use it to grow your characters story. So at the end of the day any bad interaction where you quote win or lose erase that from your head. Take what seems negative be creative build on it and make it positive and you'll appreciate RP a lot more. And for those who want to be an actual baby about it instead of actually enjoying all the RP that is going on. The door is waiting for them.
    2. I loved it back in the day when the 2 departments were separated. When NYPD was doing it's thing and NYSP was doing it's thing as well. The day the departments were to merge I was very disappointed that it had to come to that. as much as it was needed to improve communications and for everyone to be on the same page because one department was doing something different than the other and then we couldn't coordinate together as much. I think the one strong thing was that the departments were 2 separate family's and I just felt something strong about it being that way. So there were things that worked about it. It was nice to be able to have a choice which you got into as realistically you could not be a trooper and an officer in the state of NY at the same time they are really 2 separate departments. I think if they separated again NYPD and SP need to agree on the same rules guidelines and procedures at least to some extent so the 2 departments can communicate properly, so it at least solves that problem. As far as the hour requirements. One of the things that bothered me quite a bit when I came back into PD as Simon Cooper was that, there were times when I was very busy and just wanted to go on my crim and give the PD some RP. I'm still gonna put my hours in for the week and shit etc but putting a specific numbers of hours you must reach in PD was just not working for me anymore. I felt trapped behind a brick wall I could not bust down just to have a little fun for a bit. A lot of people can agree with me that it feels more like a job when you set a number of hours for someone to meet to their head before they can do what they want. It has gotten to the point where people are just coming around to get their hours done because they don't know whether they want to stay or go. There is RP that officers want to have that was once present in the city. I remember how much fun cop used to be 3 years ago. But where it is now if good cops aren't motivated to get on actively enough on their own without a set requirement with a termination if they don't make it is kinda like threatening them so then they're like ok ok I will hop on and be active for you. I don't know how many officers see it the same way I do or not but bottom line is. People shouldn't have to worry about losing their cop job or not based purely on a set in stone number of activity hours that MUST be met. People should be coming here to RP, have fun with one another and enjoy themselves because this is just a game, NOT real life. If you notice a lack of activity after removing the number of hours required to be on duty maybe say let's see u guys at least hop on a couple times in a month to evaluate whether you stay or go. Isn't that a lot more fair to people? cuz if they don't wanna hop on after that long then they can always come back later. Then in this case there is probably another underlying problem that you need to work harder to overcome and fix rather than have a job like hours rule to do it for you. Again I'm sorry to be rude and I understand how important being a cop is in terms of how much people love to RP with them but, this is just my 2 cents.
    3. if people choose to use a crosshair. they are cheating they know they are a shitty shooter and don't want to make it challenging and skillful and do it the right way. We do not need to level the playing field and give it to everyone else. if people want a crosshair so bad they will go the lengths they want to go and when they get caught they get banned. Otherwise, nothing gets done about it, they won, but they cheated to win and they know who they are. It always feels better when you use skill in your shooting in RP getting through a gunfight. Also is a much better adrenaline rush. The one we have needs to be removed entirely, if you choose to cheat it's up to you and just hope u don't get caught.
    4. There are animations I've seen other servers use where your character would pat the other person down. Would be nice if there was a way to give this searching access to those who work security's a small whitelisting perms option for those who can be responsible to use it only for security purposes or where necessary in RP
    5. Sounds like a good idea, but it also sounds like it wouldn't really solve all the issues. The problem is once people lose their gun license. they go to people who do have guns to sell and they don't check for a gun license, they just give them the gun for a profit. So how likely are you to see a reduction in gunfights, probably close to none as people will just use the ways around it. I see how this would be a good idea checking records and getting it through a police department. Or Maybe just certify people to be able to check a record and issue them idk. Either way with the mentality of a lot of players in the city. They always look for a way around it to get what they want. it's too bad. But Not a bad suggestion!
    6. I personally think that if we ever moved to a 2.0 version of the city where people would not abuse robbing would be amazing. Imagine if there was a way to make it where store owners could store money in the safe and put their own passcode on it or some system as a way to lock it up and the criminal would have to solve what they inputted in order to crack it. Otherwise if they opened it and there was no money in the safe they would get nothing. Anything people purchase money wise would automatically get stored in the safe? because I don't know if people will just use the safe or put it in the bank but I think for RP sake they should use it. if the safe has it's personal passcode then they should be comfortable storing money in there. But this would be more realistic than random money amounts. It would kinda be funny too if someone opened the safe and there was no money in there after all. This also opens up potential for security to be hired for 24/7's If the robber successfully opens the safe they can take what was stored inside it.
    7. I didn't even know it existed before someone told me about it. It reminded me of Snowballs. I can't wait to see how long it takes before this gets removed just like the snowballs did. Sure enough not even a week after it came in, it was gone. I wasn't surprised either. I made the most of it since I knew it was going to go away with my friends and all and sure it was a fun time but. The slapping should only be used for a legit RP reason. Not for goofy clown jokes. everytime I came into the city when you can ear all the voices trust me I heard slapping every single time. I'll miss it but it's very unfortunate something cool like this can't be kept here because it's treated like a gag and is apparently being used for powergaming like you said to get their friend out of custody through unrealistic means. It should have been used for roleplay. Maybe for 2.0 I would love to see it come back. A Justafiable reason for you to slap someone has to come from the RP itself. If for example you were out with the family on the lake and there was the mother a wife and 2 kids and Jacob one of the 2 kids got angry at the other one because he wouldn't share a box of cereal with him he might want to "Slap" him once, but not 10 thousand times. The parents would notice this and act on it to fix the problem. This is just one good example of RP lead up to why it's ok to use the slap command. Not just for your whatever you want twisted pleasures to laugh at each other like clowns.
    8. In regards to this post, and even with what happened in last nights situations. From my point of view I don't really see a way I can discuss this without being rude. So I am just gonna leave this quote here to kind of sum it all up in one. Think about this when you do RP with anyone in general not just cops. "Treat Others The Way you want to be treated.....you get the way you want to be treated". This may not be true in all cases depending on the person but I've personally found the concept to be quite true. hopefully if both sides used this, things would be a lot better. as far as being a cop goes I still maintain professionalism and follow the rules and procedures and try and make a fun experience for everyone but we have people in the city that really really wanna make us clock off duty at times and that's part of the problem right now is the interactions between crims and NYPD is not going well. I can go more in detail if u want but I'd rather do that in a voice call because it's a lot to explain.
    9. Welcome to the community, Enjoy your stay and I hope you have fun
    10. Welcome back! Hope to see you in the city soon,
    11. @Jaymoney19Staten Island never got the attention to go anywhere which I assume was why it got taken away in the first place. It had maybe 11 people in it and nobody was interested in going there, everyone still went to bronx. It might shorten the queue a bit but it was a mostly dead city too, compared to bronx.
    12. I personally think another option you could try is to force those with the granted access role to go to Brook or Manhattan and stay there and make Bronx a seperate role so those with the granted access tag are not allowed to go there unless given authorization from management. I wouldn't know how to implement that otherwise but I know if people put in the effort things can and will get better for the server overall
    13. It's tough to see that to where it began with granted access being this new thing instead of going fully whitelisted where everyone who had it could go into Manhattan and Brooklyn and the RP was great and all there. I feel as though in my opinion there is a disconnect here. We go to where the people are, where are the people bronx. If we just simply remove the granted access tag, every city will feel like Bronx and because everyone crowds up in Bronx and doesn't want to deal with the RP from some of the people who been here for years shitlordiness the shitlords with the tag go to the bronx too. Now we're all just crowding up one server. Tuff world we live in right? What's worse is that a lot of people who have the role are taking spots away from those new players so everything just feels like a hybrid Bronx and Brooklyn instead of one or the other. The other main issue is the application to get into those cities. No offense I've read over it and it's a joke. You should be able to actually show footage of what kind of roleplayer you are and what kind of RP you intend to bring to that city so you tell it and you prove it in turn, and I think you should have a recommendation from someone at least. As far as who is officially allowed to play on that server my question for you guys is, why aren't you playing there. You are given access to a server that is supposed to be restricted and you should be able to get good RP all around. Just because Bronx is poppin doesn't mean you have to go there. Maybe your friends don't have their Granted access tags yet, why not help them get there. It all comes down to how the community wants the flow of traffic to go. Split up, go to brooklyn go to manhattan you guys populate those servers the police will follow too. If we all just choose to crowd one server because we are desperate for action then we are just backstabbing ourselves and as a result Brook and Manhattan go to 0. That's the choice the community as a whole made because I know a lot of who has been here when those servers were poppin, are still here. I've heard from some officers before that were like The RP is worse in Brooklyn and Manhattan I'm going to go RP with the people in Bronx for a change. Oh my god, this is actually less toxic for some reason, For those of you who have the role and play as gang members. Have you ever stopped to think about why this is happening, for just a second, think about it. Why is Brooklyn and or Manhattan not populated by 12 PM EST anymore. Also if you're one of those people who love to RP as a criminal Busting a cap in a cop, disrespecting, and doing back to back hostage and house robberies all day can get very overbearing. There is no way to actually be able to know who else is doing it at the time but it's gotten very excessive to where we're tired of it going off constantly that we stop responding to it or go to bronx. There are plenty of different scenarios you can make for police officers, I can name a few off hand I'd love to personally see. Domestic Violence situations such as an assault or a altercation in the household that turns violent because someone gets angry. An accidental stabbing maybe where someone decided to come into the store and sneak a box of cereal but instead of cutting the box he accidently stabbed the knife into the person next to him, then the PD come to investigate what happened. Or How about Neighborhood disturbance calls like kicking over the neighbors trash and refusing to clean it up or someone went to the burgershot ordered a burger and refused to pay for it, or how about when someone would go to the bank with forged documents and tries to cash a check then just have someone u know a friend or someone who wants to get into RP play the bank teller and try and press charges. There are so many fun things you can do other than just shoot each other up and do high octane scenarios and sitting at legion isn't one of them too. I personally think those cities died because the RP that was coming out of those people was repetitive same old same old, there was no stories being shared around there was no love, and that eventually lead into numbers declining because I know I felt it in my gut that people were so over it. The community has to work together hear each other out and work together to make those cities great and worth earning to go into. Without that the city will continue down this crooked path. It's totally fine if you have a different opinion than me but this is how I feel as to why everyone is crowded up in Bronx now. P.S Stop playing VR Chat with Legion so often go find people that are new in the city to RP with show them the love invite them in get them started on the adventure of a lifetime, These friend groups are nice but it's not always gonna help the server grow on its own. We are RPing a life in the city here we have characters we have a story everyone is our friends and enemy's if we just focus on our friend groups and leave others out of it completely they will get bored and find somewhere else to go, they can't see everything the server has to offer because they're left out of all the fun. If you got nothing better to do than to sit at legion talking for a long period of time holding up a spot for someone that actually wants to make RP happen then it's probably best to do it for a short bit go to something in the city after or get off for the day. I'd love as a cop to be able to go into legion and personally tell people to leave the area and keep it clear as much as possible. Anyways that's all I have to say, should we get rid of the tag, No, but I think we need to shift our focus towards a better RP Future and make the effort as a team to enhance the RP we know and love that's why we came to big city in the first place right?
    14. Love this idea! I wish there was a fix for the house robberies though because when the cops come in the criminal can't see them. I am guessing it doesn't work because of One Sync issues but I am hoping a workaround gets found soon,
    15. Welcome to the city Chris! I hope you enjoy your time here with us. Thanks for the introduction and I look forward to meeting you in the city sometime.
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