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  1. John Falcon

    Drivers License, License Suspension, Point System

    I still think adding a way to suspend the license is a good idea as we can't always get people in to do driving lessons for people and I'm not entirely sure how many people want to make an effort to do that RP with people. Though I agree it would be a cool concept to be assigned driving lessons with those who take that legal job. 7 days was just an example instead maybe make it 3 days. but as far as punishments go, we should see what management would like to do.
  2. This was something I wanted to bring up for a while I brought it up in another post reply to a topic but I feel like it deserves its own. A lot of people drive like crazy in the city, they get pulled over show their drivers license and get a ticket but in NYC the point system does exist. If a driver gets 11 points they get their license suspended. Is it possible for us to add it where the civilians have to purchase a drivers license? They don't have to take the test, (It's BS I know). But when they get 11 points or so which would add up on the MDT. The officer could revoke the drivers license just like the gun license and they it would not let them buy a new one for 7 days. While suspended/revoked, they could not buy new vehicles. If they drive without a license or driving suspended, they could get fined or even arrested just like in real life, depends. But you think this would make people be more disciplined when driving? Traffic tickets are one thing but with how much money people have I don't think traffic citations mean much to people. I can't speak on behalf of people for that, but it feels that way. when citations are issued it would add points to that person. When they buy a new license after the 7 days it resets to 0 again. I wouldn't know how to program this into the system since I don't do FiveM scripting but I think it's possible because the gun license buying and revoking was possible. So maybe this is similar to that? What are your guys thoughts on this?
  3. John Falcon

    AJ Turner

    Best Taxi Service and Limo Service in the entire city of New York 10/10. When I first called Turners Taxi Service I thought I was gonna die by the end of my ride. But thanks to AJ Turners Taxi Service. I have made it in 1 piece to my destination. This man is like the next superman, but for driving, and I didn't almost die in a crash this time, such a polite and well behaved gentleman. so I believe he deserved 30k tips and a gold star for being that fuckin awesome. if u don't order this taxi service, u don't know what you're doing. If you underpay this man, that's an insult.
  4. John Falcon


    Great Introduction Welcome to the city!
  5. John Falcon

    Speed Cameras

    The Stolen car thing yeah sure I get that. I guess the local is gonna pick up the tab on that one. Personally. They need to stay. Without them civs are just going to keep running over 100 MPH into the city the fines teach discipline for people not to speed whether they care about it or not. if you always traveled the speed limit maybe you wouldn't have a problem with this. But anyways, they need to stay. Plus being a serious RP server understaffed cops or not, speed cameras always exist I see them everyday driving through intersections. It would be just more unrealistic to get rid of them.
  6. John Falcon

    Visible Gun License

    I think he was referring to a "Graphic" image to be able to view the gun license rather than a pop up notification. Also, having a point system since it exists in new york would be cool to have too. I'm not too fond of just skipping the driving test and automatically having a license in the state of NY as people don't just "Get" a license and keep it forever. If people earned their license and racked up too many points from traffic offenses you can get your license suspended for so and so days or get it removed permanently and you'd have to reapply for one. I get the driving test is annoying but actually if you want to make it where you can just buy one instead since there is a fee to get a license reissued or getting one printed in the first place. That could be fine too.
  7. John Falcon

    Nick Savage

    Welcome to the City, See you Around.
  8. John Falcon

    Oh, Why Hello Dere

    Welcome, Hope you enjoy your time in the city!
  9. John Falcon


    1 Month is good, the snow is nice but it gets irritating after a while. It's fun to throw snowballs but I think it's best to do it during the month of december after that it's kinda irrelevant to keep having snow.
  10. John Falcon


    2 Months is a bit much for the snow, just make it for the month of december with christmas props to put in the city. like Rockefeller center has a tree. It's very irritating to have it so a month is bearable but I don't object to having it there at all. You normally don't see snow covering the streets of NYC as they plow it away so quickly all the time.
  11. John Falcon

    Automated server restarts

    I know this is very possible. There are scripts that you can find on the forums I believe that would be able to automatically restart all the servers ever so and so hours. A lot of public servers I've been to have been able to accomplish obtaining a script like this. I know some of the crashes are due to a kid with no life DDoSing but the civ numbers get to 1000 sometimes and a server restart is needed and with nobody around to do it either so. I Vouch for this to get put into place.
  12. John Falcon

    🎰 Stardust Casino 🎰

    Looking to be a Dealer. John Archer
  13. John Falcon

    New Life

    Welcome bro, good to have you!
  14. John Falcon

    🎰 Stardust Casino 🎰

    I'd be interested in the dealer job on lower manhattan
  15. John Falcon

    🎰 Stardust Casino 🎰

    I am interested in the position. I personally want to get back to doing this. I was previously employed at the casino as James Falcon before it switched over to new Ownership. I would love to take back the role as a Dealer. A Security guard is a fine position for me too if those are more needed at the moment.