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    1. So when I first read this I thought that this was a dumb idea as for the multiple years I have been here it has been NYPD / NYSP, with other small different servers such as Alaska and LA. However after I took a few days to think about it (even thought I know it wont happen) it sounds like a good idea drop something "new" for the community. My next thought was then man that's a lot of reworking for the EMS / PD. Logically I thought why not make it a community vote/ event? Have the community vote on what the EMS and PD should be called (preferably 1 department for each for load of the server) after that is established, vote on a color scheme for ems and pd. Then off of those colors, have people make a shirt and pant on those colors, and have an owner release the ytd and ytf for people to skin the patrol car have the community vote and make anything else. During that time have the PD and EMS decide on a new rank structure if they desire. After all is done then implement it.
    2. Take out all the add on cars EVEN THE PD CARS. Swap all the imports with base GTA 5 supercars. For the PD cars turn um into default GTA 5 Cop cars, IT WILL LOOK CRINGY, but hay if the other half of the community can only get base GTA 5 cars so should we, this does mean that we could not fuck around with the default GTA cop cars to fit the pd needs no. This change would also help the server in terms of texture loss / pot wholes that ppl experience. Good idea imo
    3. From reading your post I agree with some points 1. There is no RP, from an officer point of view this is somewhat true most of the people that I see sit at legion and get gunned down when someone does a drive by. Then scream at an officer to get lost they don't want our help, however a good amount of people that don't go near legion give great RP. You just need to find the right group to go around with. I cannot comment on any FDNY matter, however on the PD side yes normally all on duty officers pile into one city for a number of reason mainly bc officers need back up or the other server is "dead". 2.The economy is dogshit, This I agree with our economy is very bad and over inflated , reasons for this since I started playing here in 2018 I dont think we have ever had an eco / total wipe. On top of this people can buy in game money which does shot our selves in the foot, because if you donate your are keeping the community running, but you are making the economy worse in the process. The only way to fix this would to be stop giving money out to people that donate, however in doing this you take away an incentive to donate. The best way to do donations is either to give them custom plates on cars or just donate because you like the server. HOWEVER if you do eco wipe what do you tell the people that have donated 100's if not thousands of dollars to the server to get ALOT of in game money. Does the Whitelist / GA tag mean a lot to people no it just means that you can get into a server with better and nice things to do. I normally do get better RP in queens bc ppl have a reason do to stuff bc they need money and are actively trying to make a name for themselves, but legion in queens is normally bad. On the flip side brookyln has more to do which may be why RP lacks there bc ppl have found stuff to do and dont have to run and gun and drive cars from place to place At the end of the day we are all here for different reasons, and we cant make everyone happy but you can try to be that diving force to change things for the better
    4. Look better? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/765071845316624396/858805687748132884/unknown.png
    5. Ya im a brick the pants I have in the picture go better with the ESU, SRG, K-9, Aviation top. I have a recolored pant
    6. If im correct all the Female ones are like the males for what ever reason the NYSP are the same color
    7. I have made New PD/SP uniforms, Reason being is our uniforms are about 1 year old and could use an update. I am not saying that our current uniforms are bad, However I belive change is good. Below are photos of my proposed uniforms (this is not everything nor is it an extensive list) Everything posted as a male and female version. IF anyone as any other ideas for me to add or any questions, comments, concerns just reach out on the forums, or my discord at bighead8567#1492
    8. Update if a dev wants the skin files: Thanks to Ryan Edwards for doing a second pass on um
    9. I know that OFFICERS keep asking for a SP SU Skin. So I made 2 skins. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I KNOW ITS A DIFFERENT MODEL First 2 picture are of the blue skin, the last 2 are of the black skin
    10. So being a cop since the end of 2019, I think personally owned cop cars are out dated. Reason being that originally they were meant so that cops could put stuff in the cars, such as med kits, suspects weapons etc. As back in 2019- March or April of 2020 rented cars did not have a glove box/ trunk that could be used. Currently rented cars trunks can be accessed and stuff can be put into it. Another less serious point is that some civs have officers cars that the officers gave away after they had been fired, from talking to people these cop cars resell value is anywhere from 15 - 100+ million. I feel that these cops cars will increase exponentially in price due to it being a clout symbol, among civs just how the I8 and other fast vehicles were over the summer of 2020.
    11. This all seems fine, I would like to have some sort or baseline training for all officers as what to do during a prison break. The 3 that i have seen while on duty have all ended the same way, all cops get shot, and they get someone out which is fine. But having training for normal officers may help, by the time a swat team gets in the senerio is over. As for 2 jail breaks on the same person I think the best way to handle this is if you get broken out of prison once your account should probably get flagged so that IF you get found and reset you don't go to the PRISION, you should be stuck inside of some cell at an undisclosed location, maybe the bunker under chilliad or somewhere else just waiting for your trial date. As for the warden tell us who got out yes this would be realistic however, I think that this is not needed if you quickly scroll through the arrests you can get a good idea on who they are breaking out. Like with the last break that had happened, before the bullets started flying I looked through resent arrest and had a good idea who they were breaking out. Another option could be if you want to know who broke out have stuff for CID or MCU to find around the crime scene, imate numbers, arrest report number, etc. If they aren't around after the break or don't want to find that stuff then, you would never be 100% sure on who got out.
    12. I agree it would also stop the texture lost, if you would remove the addon cars. I would also hope that the cop cars would also be put to normal GTA cop car because if they do something to the civ side they should do it to the leo side. Same for the whitlisted server i hope.
    13. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2015-chevrolet-tahoe-ltz
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