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    1. So being a cop since the end of 2019, I think personally owned cop cars are out dated. Reason being that originally they were meant so that cops could put stuff in the cars, such as med kits, suspects weapons etc. As back in 2019- March or April of 2020 rented cars did not have a glove box/ trunk that could be used. Currently rented cars trunks can be accessed and stuff can be put into it. Another less serious point is that some civs have officers cars that the officers gave away after they had been fired, from talking to people these cop cars resell value is anywhere from 15 - 100+ million.
    2. This all seems fine, I would like to have some sort or baseline training for all officers as what to do during a prison break. The 3 that i have seen while on duty have all ended the same way, all cops get shot, and they get someone out which is fine. But having training for normal officers may help, by the time a swat team gets in the senerio is over. As for 2 jail breaks on the same person I think the best way to handle this is if you get broken out of prison once your account should probably get flagged so that IF you get found and reset you don't go to the PRISION, you should be stuck insi
    3. I agree it would also stop the texture lost, if you would remove the addon cars. I would also hope that the cop cars would also be put to normal GTA cop car because if they do something to the civ side they should do it to the leo side. Same for the whitlisted server i hope.
    4. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2015-chevrolet-tahoe-ltz
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