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    1. 200 million? how is this even justified? Sorry but do we need to regulate housing too?
    2. You understand thats not as easy as you think in these servers... But the future will be different. We will certainly look at the Raptor tho.
    3. A new phone is in the works, actually even before this post was made. But certainly a much needed change. I agree!
    4. Just open a support ticket staff will help you out brother.
    5. Alot of what we see in staff are things that quickly become OOC. People get mad when they get caught by cops. People get mad when they lose a gun fight or situation vs. another group or person. I see some really stupid reports come in, things that should continue in RP but some people just dont allow that to happen. Lots of issues that should be in character and handled that way, fall on the laps of staff. Role play is not about things obtained, how much you have or how long you been here. Its about dedicating your time to creating and buildi
    6. Honestly I hear this from new people all the time. Not sure why people are not open to networking. Not every new person you dont know is a shitlord or dont RP well, give people a chance.. I have many new people that come here, have nothing compared to many people here and still message saying how much fun and good interactions they have had here with some people. But the majority of people just need to be open and allow new things to happen and see where it goes. Not much you risk in giving a new person a chance.
    7. So to respond to as many of the things ive see in this thread, here goes. First no one was talking down to anyone, I was simply taken back at Alfies post as he I am sure is aware of things we talk about in TS and Discord and things we are working on. Yes many of those things have been put on the back burner, Nardah has been working on some bug fixes, more importantly things you dont get to see, like migrating the data from text format to SQL, which is a major pain in the ass. By doing this, it gives us more control and consistency on how stuff is stored and saved. Lots of peop
    8. https://gyazo.com/729800e5d2c9792ccae731c9e6db77f9 Hmm Last I checked your part of staff are you not? You know we have been talking about 2.0 for a while now and the things that will be changed and addressed and how it will work. If you didnt, then maybe you have not been around idk. But clearly this is the same message thats been posted before and I have responded and explained before what our plans are. Nobody has ever been removed or punished for speaking up, the important thing is how its approached, we are adults, when you see an issue or want something t
    9. If we cant stick to the issues on both sides and work together to talk about the best ways to make it better for all of us in the community, then please no one else post. This is not battle Royal, whoever gets the last word in wins. So lets focus on what we need to look at and change so both sides can get back to role playing, instead of he said, she said, bull shit.
    10. Absolutely, I agree with you @dNStreeeet for a long time I have always asked as well as complained that cops should never automatically go to AR's, I dont even agree with them having them. Cops have pistols and shot guns in NY. But here is part of the issue, its cops that have many friends playing as crims or people that just made friends with, when that cop rolls up and every person at the park has an AR or shot gun on his/her back, the cop says nothing and drives away. When in fact, this is not enforcing the laws your supposed to enforce, doing so would lead to people stopping the AR'
    11. Absolutely! I dont agree with anyone's response from staff as "Cool Story Bro". But this isnt a management situation, this is a community discussion and that response is him defending his job and department, but the issue is it feels pretty one sided. I dont protect anyone if they do wrong, I will be the first to call them out, my concern for 5 years is the "player" here, regardless what his/her job maybe, idgaf. You wont find anyone more fair and straight forward then me, but clearly not everyone can say the same thing. I have no emotional attachment to any family, friend
    12. So some things you mentioned in this post we can all agree can be re-worked or changed. But unless your pablo escabar you will always be at somewhat of a disadvantage to police. Crims dont have helicopters, spike strips, radar, dogs or sniper rifles just to name a few, so yes you will be at a disadvantage vs a police department irl and in game. Can we get criminals to think before they do something? Maybe not using a personal car for illegal activity? Maybe plan something instead of just yolo'ing it, then cry when they get caught? I mean I always like to hear
    13. Um not sure whats happening, but Id appreciate if a problem existed, report it, not everyone wants to be subjected to this stuff. We also have a feedback system, leave feedback. But I will be locking this thread and any thread that turns into this. Im not here to take sides, Time, place and way to handle things that wont involve 11,000 people not interested in this.
    14. Before I ban each one of you, either you act like a human being or get the fuck out of this community, I dont give a fuck who you are. If a post is up and you bid and lose, move the fuck on. If you win, buy it and shut up. If you have nothing good to say, dont say anything at all. Stop reporting people when you are all doing the same shit. Staff is aware the next person that acts like an asshole will be removed no questions ask.
    15. @Dino containers are character specific yes, but you can certainly own more than 1. We have many different locations for them.
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