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    1. Sure its a bad idea, it was tried before and we see how that is now. One PD following one set of rules and having one command structure is all this city needs. If you are interested in the department then apply and ask around. But simply playing politics to get a new department to open is not a good idea. Thanks for the tag
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    2. Honestly? I like everyone else here, just want active cops again. The city is pumping, we have a mass of Mechs, EMS and other needed jobs, but for some reason PD numbers are declining fast. I think that's what people are seeing, myself included. We can talk about quality over quantity too and I agree with that 100%, but at some point, even if you have the best 5 cops that are active, it is not enough for the cities to run correctly. Just my 2 cents. Wish I can eat these words, but eh idk its been falling fast.
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    3. I do not agree with this at all. Within the first day there were people that were trying to snipe people in legion. The point of making it a level 3 instead of separate is to make sure that people value their weapon license to be able to keep hunting.
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    4. the last thing we need is every player to have access to a long range scoped sniper o.O
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    5. Why is your first intention with a hunting rifle to shoot people....? There's like 20 other guns you can do that with if you need to
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    6. Didn't say this is how it would have to be was just a suggestion for others to add-on their input to improve. They took this same approach with NYSP before where it didn't have requirements of hours/cops to play other characters and it worked out well initially. Didn't say there would be no requirements just less restrictive, also not everyone would want to join just like when NYSP was present prior with similar guidelines and yet NYPD still heavily outnumbered NYSP. Also don't think everyone would want to join if it was a Patrol only no chance of being in a sub-division or a chance of promotion and CoC is still the PD structure. Trying to think of options that help people who can't commit to something that feels like a second IRL Job, while still getting to enjoy Police Roleplay while trying to solve the issue of we still don't have enough cops. Also you state the rules were set in place to keep things flowing, but yet we still have a shortage of officers, no?
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    7. whats the point in spending 500k on a liscence if u cant shoot people with the gun and from a crims perspective i never have a gun liscence so if i get arrested for something small i loose all of the liscences and the gun. what could be done is u could move the hunting liscence to class 1-2 to balance out the price
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    8. I've been talking to quite a few people from the community lately both in PD and out of PD and the balance PD to crims is still very much so unlevel. Some have brought up the idea of bringing back SP without hour requirements/cops in city requirements for people who have been in the city for a while and want a healthy split between their crim and cop. Just something like a basic trooper rank, no chance to move up in ranks or CoC unless they want to transfer back to NYPD and follow the Hours/Cops In City requirement, Basically a forever patrol honorary PD position for people who have been in the community for a few years or however long that want to be able to RP as a cop without having this big underlying white line of clauses to enjoy the other characters we've spent years building. Similar to how other cities use Park Rangers for this kind of job and etc.
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