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    1. I Like this Idea we have the entire movie studio are in the city which gets very little use. Possibly get the Jobs as actual city paid jobs to give more no criminal activities for people to do. I see a lot of potential here.
    2. FredUk

      Queue Prio

      Exactly why do people sit in a 15 people que when another city has 15 people in it ? Large City not included but not exclusive we have Two large Cities yet we can see at some times 18 -20 people ques. Yes I get some people may have story lines going on they need to be in that City to move forward, But I have seen people sit in a 15 person que and then get in the city and go and stand in Maze ??
    3. Also Make sure you have discord open then open FiveM
    4. If this gets the go ahead (I hope I does it sound like a great way for our residents to vent some of their anger issues) I would maybe suggest the Trainer gets proper weapon training from the Police Force and a Certificate of Completion Etc, Before Showing others. I would also love it if you could show NON lethal weapons like the Taser and maybe the beanbag shot gun ?
    5. I see this get abused also but I would also say yes people do indeed know their cousin. My cousin for example sake is FDNY this doesn't make me an expert if field dressings as some people seem to think. One problem is they use to share the same home and still do share the same phone so can in theory read each others text messages etc. I agree With the Vexxer that people are to quick to abuse this system or scream my "cousin" is a cop and you can't do that or a solicitor etc which is wrong in every sense. But yes if RP'd Correctly via a 3rd person for example then then yes I do belive criminal information could be shared that way within a family unit.
    6. They could also be medically trained to deal with drowning or boating / jet ski incident's
    7. This could then open up food delivery options
    8. I don't think this is not only a good suggestion but a necessity to be honest. Jay well played Sir for thinking of this and the notification is a great addition to the idea.
    9. Quick Note to The Police Department. Firstly Thanks for the Welcome! Secondly We will no doubt cross paths more and more as our Crew Grows from strength to strength. However Any I Repeat Any Sign of Disrespect from my Crew towards any officer WILL NOT be tolerated. Please inform me After you throw the book at them. I consider Disrespect a crime.
    10. Fred Uk AKA The Boss Pickle Dill Aka Cleaner Tony Aka Muscle Rob AKA Right Hand Man Hendo Aka Wheels Boava Aka Cracker Jason AKA Master Mind We have come over from the UK after a job went bad due to a mole who is no longer with us, SO we have moved to avoid the heat and have been cruising the cities for a while now looking to set up shop and take over some turf. You may have seen us around, We know the Cops have ;-). We have a tight bond and always have each other backs but we do welcome new family members once you have proved your worth and reliability. We are not shit lords and don't associate with them. Respect is our number one moto. This is earnt and repaid.
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