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    Good morning Dear Devs and Admins, Since the winter is coming up and snow as well. Can we get the mechanic or a way to collect snow balls and throw them? Also I don’t know how our city looks during winter, can we get the whole city snowy. The road is snowy free everything just like GTAV
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    Let's be honest, both mechanics and lawyers have a good amount of down time. As a lawyer, when you're not at PD representing a client or meeting with potentials you will find yourself bored out of you mind at legion when the city is quiet. As a mechanic, there will also be times when it is slow and no one is looking for work to be done on their vehicles. It is my understanding that you can be a mech on one character and a lawyer on the other but why should we limit RP to separate characters. The legal department is in dire need of people and I know of several mechanics who would join legal if they can stay on as a mechanic. I truly hope management can make an exception on this rule because it would only benefit the server as a whole. Questions or comments are always welcome!
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    Hello Everybody! Austin grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and he always was an independent person. he never bothered anyone nor never really hung out with many people till he moved out to California. When he moved to California he wanted to start to help other people so he decided to be an EMT. He enjoyed being an EMT while he was out in California and Eventually became a Lieutenant. He was a respected EMT and he knew pretty much everyone. Everyone knew his name and eventually he started to get involved with Drugs and criminal activity. The day came and he decided to resign and go about his own way. Well when he went his own way, he started to get his hands on many drugs and started to distribute them. Now He is still looking for what he wants to do whether if he wants to start to help Civilians of his City again or continue to get his hands on drugs again. Only time will tell on which direction he wants to go. Now he just has to meet the right people and see what will happen!
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    I was in a situation today where a cop didn't lock the door properly, uncuffed me, and then I managed to get out of the door and started punching him, I punched him down into a coma and then I punched another cop into a coma, physically and mechanically there's no way of me taking their keys and unlocking the door just because it's not added to the game, and it sucks. So what I did was, I did /me Takes door keys, then I went back and did it again and did /me takes keys, now I rped that I took the keys but yet again, physically I don't have them and I can not open the doors because that mechanic isn't added to the game, so after rping that I took their keys the only way for me to actually get through was to do an emote, I asked in ooc if I could do it, none of the cops responded, was this wrong? Definitely. I already spoke to management about this and I received a warning. I'm just simply suggesting if Keys could get added so it would be something that you would have to have in your inventory and maybe could get taken by a command or something else so it wouldn't have to resort to that. I one hundred percent understand what I did was wrong and I am sorry for that. I just wish things like this could get added to the server so it would just make everything much easier and give better rp, due to this server being a public, I do understand there's a lot of things they won't add because of all the problems. If adding keys for houses, mrpd, ect could be added and it wouldn't be too hard, It would make a great addition to the server. Here are clips of the incident: https://clips.twitch.tv/EnthusiasticSteamySandwichKippa https://clips.twitch.tv/AgitatedCourageousHamburgerTBTacoRight https://clips.twitch.tv/ExquisiteSquareAubergineKAPOW
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    Jimmy Johnson VS State of New York will be held on Monday October 28th, 2019 at 8pm EST.
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