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  1. xKing

    Taking offers on some of my cars

    how much for the M3 E46?
  2. xKing

    LTB A Mirror Park House

    Looking to buy a nice Mirror Park House. Contact me at my email: 𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔤#2862 or contact me here with your price on your Mirror Park House!
  3. xKing

    Beautiful house for sale!

    how much you looking to sell it for?
  4. xKing

    LTB Ford Focus RS

  5. xKing

    LTB Ford Focus RS

  6. xKing

    LTB Ford Focus RS

    B U M P
  7. xKing

    LTB Ford Focus RS

  8. xKing

    2 Great cars for sale or trade!

    Guessing the Benefactor Schafter isnt OG?
  9. xKing

    LTB Ford Focus RS

  10. xKing

    LTB Ford Focus RS

  11. xKing

    LTB Ford Focus RS

  12. xKing

    LTS OG Ford Focus RS

    Still got this?
  13. Hello Everybody! Austin grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and he always was an independent person. he never bothered anyone nor never really hung out with many people till he moved out to California. When he moved to California he wanted to start to help other people so he decided to be an EMT. He enjoyed being an EMT while he was out in California and Eventually became a Lieutenant. He was a respected EMT and he knew pretty much everyone. Everyone knew his name and eventually he started to get involved with Drugs and criminal activity. The day came and he decided to resign and go about his own way. Well when he went his own way, he started to get his hands on many drugs and started to distribute them. Now He is still looking for what he wants to do whether if he wants to start to help Civilians of his City again or continue to get his hands on drugs again. Only time will tell on which direction he wants to go. Now he just has to meet the right people and see what will happen!