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    1. @dNStreeeet If cops are trained to mag dump a fleeing vehicle being code red without ever firing a shot, that itself is a major issue brother. If that is not a win mentality, i do not know what is. Even if they fired shots, why would cops just not chase the vehicle instead of mag dumping it? Where is the threat if they are fleeing? Not like players can shoot from a vehicle. All of the reasons posted in this topic are some of the major reasons organized crime scenarios developed are no longer being embraced by criminals. The new meta is criminals running from law enforcement for tr
    2. This happened right before I left management. Unfortunately, I provided a twitch highlight due to clips only showing 60 seconds in private for full context, and the vod just expired from twitch. This is the honest truth of what happened. Did a store robbery. Came out back door, as soon as I teleported out the door I was tazed. I never pointed the shotgun, I put it away on my back before I exited. I got back up, stood still and it teleported me back into the gas station quickly. Eventually I came back outside, once again putting away my shotgun before exiting. I got excessively tazed, and right
    3. Now that I 100% agree with now sir! I see your point and others. My apology folks!
    4. I clearly stated in the beginning of my post, first paragraph, that if crim gameplay was included, the topic I wrote up would be extremely longer than it was. A cop should write up a forum post on Crim Gameplay, as they have the best knowledge/experience of unfair gameplay and strategies crims use and provide solutions. However, I can tell you that most of the solutions will be kicks, bans, or perma bans, which most already receive from staff. However, still great community discussion topic to embrace imo. https://gyazo.com/d6bf9da106fdf315992eb7e15a878ecc
    5. @CrunchMy case is rested with the unbalanced and bias in staff membership. This is a Senior Management team member and Assistant Chief of Police replying with mockery to a community discussion with "COOL STRORY BRO". 100% unacceptable. His words are taken quite literally to all Police officers under him, thus same attitude is embraced. Not an example to portray in a community discussion. This is why this community discussion on Cop gameplay was important to talk about. I mean the new cocaine method was launched 2 days ago, and already no one wants to do it because of t
    6. Crunch, you say that I am biased and one sided? Absolutely not sir. Whats one sided is management being 95% law enforcement, 2% FDNY, and then 4 staff non criminals. So the perspective is unbalanced and biased whether you believe it or not. Thanks, Poker
    7. Great discussion. I quit management today due to a completely unrelated topic. I plan on posting more topics for discussion as a community. Want to address Criminal Gameplay? Take the time to write it up, instead of complain about it verbally. There is plenty to write about of wrong doing. From metagaming, using discord, being disrespectful, shitlording, cheating, etc. to a long list of other things. The number 1 issue is they get kicked and banned for these reasons and many more while cops get protected under complaint procedure for most part. There is no consistent standard for the community
    8. It's time we had this discussion as a community, Cops VS Crims Gameplay. SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES/OPINIONS. Please keep comments tactful and do not curse or attack anyone sharing their input, or select individuals. Provide clips to enhance discussion if you have any. If you identify a concern/complaint provide a solution as well to address it. This is a two way street on both Cop and Crim gameplay. I am going to list player's top concerns with the current state of Cop gameplay due to the length of the topic. This is a general overview, and let me be clear, it is not all cops, but a handful. Than
    9. Blazer offroad quad. one good jump makes engine red or dead instantly.
    10. Management would like the community's assistance in identifying civilian vehicles that break down easily so their durability can fixed by the development team. There are approximately 200-250 vehicles in the server. We need to know what vehicles get red engine/disabled quickly by hitting things/small jumps/being rammed. Help us identify these issues with vehicles please. 1. Provide make and model of vehicle 2. List things hit in which made engine red/disabled. Also include info if vehicle is rammed. 3. Provide quick write up with requested info and if you have video clips post it a
    11. Michael Royal VS State Of New York court case will be held at 4pm EST.
    12. Butch Erino VS State Of New York rescheduled court case 8pm EST. Testimony delays are why this case has been rescheduled.
    13. Jimmy Johnson VS State of New York will be held on Monday October 28th, 2019 at 8pm EST.
    14. Court is scheduled on October 7 2019 9pm EST for Raymond Terelli VS State of New York. Borough will be announced 1 hour prior.
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