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    1. so is there a big county server up? im only asking because i have RD2 and id be 100% down to rp on there
    2. I just came across this suggestion and i can agree iv been having the same idea for a while hidden spots in the yard that can hold 1-10 items with a 1-15 pound weight limit not 100% sure on if it should be allowed as a permanent storage for example the storage units you find around the city but 100% have some where to hide your contraband would be cool
    3. With some of the low riders the interior color cant be changed witch makes it a burden for some of us that take the time to grind money to have a nice car to show off just to not be fully happy with the outcome because of this interior color problem. With that being said my goal for this suggestion is to get the option added.
    4. can we get more cloths and hair stiles were very limited on what we can wear
    5. My Email: Lee Freeman™#0470 7MILL FIRST COME FIRST SERVE https://gyazo.com/c6a8442c607c4e505cab721a040daf44
    6. ya your lucky to join a server like this for your first fivem server every other servers like a bs tycoon hope you enjoy your stay on the server
    7. my suggestion is adding a new server for just prison rp and having doc workers with also adding a command for the arresting officers to transfer the people to the jail server and upon relice a bus will be outside that gives them an option to go back to the city of there choosing with priority q reason for suggestion is the servers get full thats a big fact and it could help with freeing up space on the server for freeworld role play and it could make it more interesting for "prison rp"
    8. carbine rifles replicas MUST show id on meet once i have made sure your not the airsoft police price is 250k each number 702-6348
    9. i wasnt revived by the cop he literally cuffed me and went to the hospital for me
    10. WHYYYYYY is it that we have a rule in place where we cant remember things that lead up to our deaths but cops are allowed to cuff us then go to the hospital and arrest us basically what im saying is if we die the rp situation like a shoot out with the cops should die too and i know im not the only one that gets mad about this
    11. the servers need to be upped to 50-64 slots they get full too fast how can any one want to roll in a group when there 1/4 of the population
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