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    1. it absolutely needs to be thought of, i know i can come across as negative at times but im going to be straight blunt this is beyond crazy as i said i spent 2 years here having an amazing time and have provided some amazing rp for pd. even with out shooting one single bullet some how you end up with 100 plus no matter what anymore or at least 75 the stacking 9 times fleeing is crazy to me there needs to be some type of limit at this point i feel like were seeing who can get the highest score with arrest times. yea the crim did the crime but you know its not real life we are here to have fun and enjoy each others role play so put me in jail for 3 hours cool im going to sleep see you next week when i have a day off it kills the vibes so hard
    2. its beyond crazy seems like every arrest is 100 plus months no matter what i have been here for 2 years and never have i sat in jail like i have now . 1.5 to 3.5 hours for some fun and crazy times that everyone has enjoyed rp wise to now here is time out for 3 hours which kills the mojo. there needs to be a cap no matter how horrible every other place i have visited and tried caps out the most i have seen is 120 months. not being negative but were to to rp and have fun no one should be in jail 3 plus hours i know we say nothing changed but something has some where
    3. i see your side but even just something keeps people happy i mean i have seen places way smaller this and way bigger still have a thread in emails for ideas and thought that are being worked on. i myself would love to see anything just showing its going north and there is plans for advancement. not saying your not but then again how do we know ? but as uncle frank said as well when can we have another community meeting ????????? one that stays on track and focuses on the city status no people thinking there on a talk show telling us about the time they got arrested and it was not fair lol i enjoyed hearing from the higher ups about there thoughts and ideas and plans
    4. 100% needs to be looked at, before we keep adding cars i would love to see jobs that would allow me to afford said cars, also another community meeting would be great, and maybe get some ideas on the directions city are going....
    5. Another great idea that needs brought up again sandy and paleto need love to having to go to the city to move cars is insane and to be fair with the rejects being in sandy and now other groups I cringe at going into the city because it’s. 60% chance you will be shot or robbed at pdm as you Just want to move a car from the pdm lizards lol
    6. Can we please get some more attention to this and not let this idea die besides first aid kits how about pain killers or a better version of a first aid kit that needs crafted but please let’s look at this besides new cars this would be a great update to the mechs of the body and way we function and give more options as role play could keep going besides one hit you bleed out done game over see you in 45 mins at the least
    7. Plus 1+++++++**** best idea I have seen every time you take it out your paying 25 k to try get it out or have to have friends drive you to park bring you back drop you off…. This would be huge to see just a 1 slot parking or even 3 at the public docks along with a place to fill the boats in sandy and paleto
    8. Just like the mustang and demon one of the most worst noises and don’t dare go for a ride and want a conversation I won’t be near one wanted one but I also don’t need hearing lost from something that is not even that fast to sound like that
    9. I’m huge fan of on the run which has put me in the 9s 6 times it should not go to that point, not sure how to word it but once I hit 8 days I’m going for 9s ain’t no doubt about it so to be fair you can say the same about probation I know a ton who sleep it off not Robbie once that probation kicks in it’s 99% going to be 9s cause even missing you be red light will end your ass up on the 9s docket….. so to be real if you wonder why people sleep shit this is why when your on probation and get a speeding ticket your telling me I’m going for the 9s lol just something to think about like speeding and other small crimes should not send someone for 9s to sit in jail 2-3 weeks and god forbid you get in a fist fight to defend yourself guess what now you sit another week due to bad behavior cause your expected to let home boy stab you or hump you just because your in jail dont mean you can’t defend yourself. But at the end of the day there does need to be some kind of difference on these warrant if you get taken in there needs to be court there needs to be more court room action and rp not just take a freaking plea deal and bounce. We have this entire doj system to just plea out every time or wait 2-4 weeks for a hearing and at that point the rp stops most of it goes to emails and the fear of slipping up in jail and getting a bad report sent in will make it longer and then it’s like cool I’m expecting to sit in here and just chat all day…
    10. Definitely needs a update
    11. Lol plus one !!!!! Also the idea of being on the run is a thrill and I don’t think anyone said it would be slept off I’m sure there is a way to see if said person just slept it off is so remove them for fail rp…… there needs to be a middle besides sit in jail for 9s and rp wit the local guards
    12. Would like to see the low rider custom for sure in the second link make a great bike for the club
    13. Thank you for also looking out for the mc fan base and making things happen I like this idea a lot. As the president of the Devils rejects bike options are huge to use to have a variety for our members and not have to pay 150 million to someone for a old school bike cause it’s not around no more I’m here for the rp and the experience not making some one rich in a pixel world. Thank you again for looking into this @Crunch
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