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    1. I am correct the shirt has been fix the Cafeteria is open 24/7 it only closes if DOC Locks it. Corrections Officer, Thomas Henshaw/
    2. As explained before cops dont really carry more or pockets are bigger so we can take evidance of you and other people with out running in to a issue. I already run in to a issue right now sometimes with taking shit of people.
    3. I would like to add on to this makes it so people have to do it hidden so not just steal a car and chop it no. They have to wait till the heat cools down. Then you would be able to drive to the chop and chop the car. Some cars might have an alarm when there is an alarm you need to remove with. If you do that correctly, then the alarm won't go off and you only have a small change of getting report to the officer if you fail you sound the alarm and a call comes in for officers to check it out. You also have the change to get reports from a local coming by and finding it suspicious.
    4. Yes i would love to respond to someone robbing a atm it bring new rp.
    5. I like how you think. But I think we should have a different system put in place for that then the old system. It's just too easy to walk into a store and to the safe. Same with the bank I think I should involve more work and planning than just rolling up with a no plate bike and just robbing it. The bank in Plato should stay how it is its so far away and people will abuse it to get police out the city or just to hit it and not finish.
    6. I think your always keeping that there being a lot of automatic fire arms but this is because people just use them for stupid stuff. They dont Value there weapons i have had 1 Automatic fire arm back in the day and i had it for more then 2 months before i lost it.
    7. Please no because the doc bell already get abused a lot and people just keep ringing the bell tthen we show up and there gone
    8. Please make it that timers don’t move when a lockdown is placed.
    9. Yea but when your in lockdown in a real prison you most off the time don't get out so prisoners have to play is safe and can't just stab a guard and gets released.
    10. I love the idea That we remove the thing that tells you how much time you have. And we replace it with a check time marker. As soon DOC is on duty the marker will say "Sorry, Can't check your time ask a guard". When your time is up you walk over to that and it will say "Your Time is up a Guard will transport you to the front" it will then teleport you out to the front. If there is a lockdown your time doesn't go down and you can't leave the prison.
    11. I Love the clothing wheel and the leap think then people can jump and hide from officers and officer can then legit tackle someone instaid of just jump on them.
    12. To add on to this topic can we have a seatbelt sound when we buckle or self in and when we unbuckle same for if your not having your seatbelt on you hear the ding.
    13. No Need for a garage if they just be smart they can part on the other side of legion and hangout there or park behind the bank. enough parking for everyone. but people keep sticking around infront of the bank.
    14. I agree with you a lot of families own it and most of them are justing it to make automatic's
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