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    1. To think that isn't all of us, , hopefully we can get a photo in of everyone when they are available!
    2. 1. whould love to see a command that Puts people in the trunk, like the /getin command just /putin instead, where if someone is dead on the ground you can /carry and do /putin to put them in the trunk. Nice idea, however this would likely defeat the purpose of FDNY and an EMS role in general no one would wait for the ambulance. 2. A plugins/addon called WEStancer whould solve the widebody issues on some cars, that the wheels dont fit the widebody, if mechanics got that plugin, they can choose manually where the wheels should sit, and can also lower the car as they please. Sounds like a good idea, might be a bit complicated to implement 3. whould also we cool if we as civilians chould Ziptie like cuffs, where we can buy zipties somewhere After you made this suggestion they have since introduced plastic to the city, I think Zip ties could be made out of plastic somehow and perhaps limited / and has a certain probability of successfully cuffing an individual and I like the idea very much. 4. more businesses to run, more like Coffe shops, resturants, and such Again since this suggestion i believe they are slowly being implemented. 5.whould love to see more custom cars, and please without any crazy bodykits and such. More has been added A lot of nice suggestions , i particularly like the zip tie one, im sure it has probly been suggested before but it may provide an extra reason to use plastic.
    3. I also like the idea, a seafront business is certainly appealing since there is no other business around the pier area and it would make a lot of sense. I very much hope your idea gets brought to light and you get to help implement it with the government.
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