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  1. TerpZ

    LTB: McLaren P1

    One day..... Someone will sell my a P1...
  2. TerpZ

    LTB: McLaren P1

    Still looking
  3. TerpZ

    LTB: McLaren P1

    Oh you know that I know. Please keep me in mind, brother
  4. TerpZ

    LTB: McLaren P1

  5. TerpZ

    LTB: McLaren P1

  6. TerpZ

    Cleaning Vehicles

    I personally dont think I need your permission if I can advertise my store on your post. I am just informing you that there are multiple car washes throughout the city that you can get your car washed at. Along with mechanics having the ability to wash vehicles as well.
  7. TerpZ

    LTB: McLaren P1

  8. TerpZ

    Cleaning Vehicles

    We have plenty of car washes in the city including the own I own in Little Seoul (item store 5) You should come by sometime.
  9. Ya, that's the only reason I made the suggestion since both departments need a little help as far as activity.
  10. Looking to sell all 3. Willing to knock off 500k off of the stock prices. Not interested in trades unless you have a Mclaren and are willing to take cash on top of the cars. Text: 655-7963 Email: Terpz#2452
  11. TerpZ

    [Police] FPIU and traffic vests

    A new police intercpetor SUV would be nice. I tried to follow a truck offroad in the crown vic last night and let's just say it didn't end well haha. I don't think that a majority of the PD suggestions get brushed aside though. There is a ton of development that goes into the LEO side of the server.
  12. TerpZ

    Wacky radical idea

    Well hopefully there are other jobs or activities that can be added in the future to better the RP involvement. The main problem with a server wipe is that there a lots of people who have been here for a long time who have been grinding hard to get to the point where they are today. Let's not forget about all of the donors who have also invested lots of money in the server. I know, if you are donating it should be for appreciation of the server, not just for in-game money but some people don't look at it like that. Personally, I have put in so many hours selling drugs and guns to other players to get the point where I do not have to grind anymore. It is all purely RP for me now which is great. If there was a server wipe I would be back to square one again and just selling drugs to locals and doing deliveries which involves literally 0 RP interaction. I would hate to lose all of my cars, business, house and everything else I have busted my ass to get. Let's all put our minds together and think of ways we can suugest to devs to better the overall RP interaction without taking away all of our beloved cares and monies!
  13. TerpZ

    Additional Storage Container

    Yes! For the love of god, please add more storage containers! The current lockers are very much out in the open and it would be nice to have one out of the city limits.
  14. TerpZ

    LTB: McLaren P1

    If you have a McLaren for sale I am very interested. Shoot me a dm! Terpz#2452 655-7963
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