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    1. How goes it everyone. I have been looking for a P1 for about a year now so if anyone is willing to let one go for a decent price, please reach out to me. I am not particularly looking to get raped on price so please keep that in mind when messaging me. I can pay cash, trade or a combination of both. I have about 60 vehicles in my collection and would be willing to trade any of them except for a select few. Lots of goodies so hit me up if you’re looking for a special something. I am also looking for a Maserati Ghibi if you have one that you’re willing to part with.
    2. TerpZ

      LTB: McLaren P1

      One day..... Someone will sell my a P1...
    3. TerpZ

      LTB: McLaren P1

      Oh you know that I know. Please keep me in mind, brother
    4. I personally dont think I need your permission if I can advertise my store on your post. I am just informing you that there are multiple car washes throughout the city that you can get your car washed at. Along with mechanics having the ability to wash vehicles as well.
    5. We have plenty of car washes in the city including the own I own in Little Seoul (item store 5) You should come by sometime.
    6. I live in an area where the straight ghetto is about 2 miles from my house. I see undercovers roll around in Toyota Camry's almost every Friday night. Gang task force, undercovers and such have to drive in a vehicle that are incognito in order to do their job...
    7. Ya, that's the only reason I made the suggestion since both departments need a little help as far as activity.
    8. It varies... Could be up to a day or two. Management is usually very good at getting to people in a timely manner.
    9. Looking to sell all 3. Willing to knock off 500k off of the stock prices. Not interested in trades unless you have a Mclaren and are willing to take cash on top of the cars. Text: 655-7963 Email: Terpz#2452
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