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  • Ralph is a cool guy. Call or text him 999-9999
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  • Be on the lookout for Rocky the Big Foot in Chiliad forrest
  • Looking for good hunters to take out vermin in the hillside of Chilliad. Please call the Park Rangers to get your permit today!
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    1. email me offers Thomie#6927
    2. Email offers or reply here. email: Thomie#6927 MUST SEND PICTURES $7,000,000 BUDGET
    3. Will trade for Tesla Model X
    4. Reply/DM with offers! Currently selling for around 8,000,000+ don't lowball me in email EMAIL: Thomie#6927 You can message me here, but faster response via email! Will update when I get offers. Post trades here looking for high end cars and nice houses as well!
    5. There are body options for spoilers, bumpers, etc when going to LS Customs. However, there is nothing in those categories, I'm not sure when this was added but it would be nice if we can get more body upgrades on the car like spoilers, exhast, seats, things like that. Thank You
    6. Ill out bid him no matter what ^ what ever price he says I will out bid
    7. Moses


      Very true, but selling drugs isn't as fun as rping as government workers such as PD or FDNY
    8. Moses


      I have returned from an 8th month or so break and I left during the era when families were running the drug business. Not much has changed, but I never really liked how good drugs truly were. There is no point of not being a criminal since that is how people make money around the city. I have no problem with that because that's how they are supposed to work. However, all of the other jobs get paid terrible. I remember when I was in the FDNY I was getting paid 4k every day. Now its 8k everyday but is that still better compared to being a criminal? I'm not here to beg for drugs to be removed or
    9. Paying 1 mil OBO im very flexible with my offer. Email: Yotes#3333
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