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    1. Email : 𝓐𝓡𝓒𝓗𝓘𝓔#1774 Let me know the price your looking for
    2. Hit me with some offers
    3. i got the money for it just hit me up !! Email - ArchieBiggz#1774
    4. This vehicle is Fully upgraded and fully insured inchase of and accident you get in. Has a custom plate (AllMscle) Email - ArchieWright#1774 I'm looking to get around 6.5m For this beast of a car. It has a top speed of 260mph, fastest car in the city.
    5. (Willing To Drop the Price)
    6. I'm looking to get 6.9m - 7m For my Gauntlet Custom(Its Fully Upgraded and insured) It's Got A Top Speed Of 280mph Email - ArchieWright#1774 Looking For Good Offers No LowBalling
    7. Kosovo

      LTB a Raptor

      Email : ArchieBiggz#1774 Number : 608-3561
    8. Please let me know u have one I would love to have it to add to my collection. Email : ArchieBiggz#1774 phone number : 608-3561
    9. It has very low mileage. Recently got a full car service. Everything works 100% perfect condition And ready for a new owner. Email : ArchieBiggz#1774 Phone number : 608-3561 The current Offer Stands At - 2m
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