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    1. Fully insured and legal, this original is ready for a new set of hands for the right price, looking to get the current value of 10m for it, not interested in anything lower, offers will close 9/16, at that time the highest offer of 10m or higher will be accepted, no offer will be accepted before said date.
    2. I fully agree, that is not the way to fix things. I got my first big break from doing a ton of scanning over 2 days, then just flipped a bunch of items
    3. Thats simply not relevant if nobody is complaining about them. Theres a big difference between characters like "crackhead grandpa" that is there to screw around and be disliked, and people like Nova, who goes there because if she goes anywhere else, she gets shot on sight or her bike stolen. There are things where you could say they're doing "nothing," but how much are you there? Actually talking to them and finding out why theyre there? Im Raptor. The last living Goddamn Velociraptor. I go to Legion because the normal jobs have trash pay, i get tired of trying to find the remnants of my ances
    4. While i feel and understand the problems stated, what you're talking about is to vague for the comfort of the community. You make it sound like you don't want people loitering in Legion at all, which it thats not the case, excuse me, but if that is the case, id have to say that ive made all my best connections there and with that location i would have given this place up entirely. There is simple not enough tools in the city to build story without some sort of use of Legion. I understand problems such as shitlords and such, and sure, handle that however you want, but the general population
    5. Today is August the 6th, as we all know, yesterday is the day that toolkits were added back to the tool store after being removed for about 18 hours to add more for mechs to do and more realism to the city, but that got me thinking, "aren't there just better ways?" Yes, i thought of a few things, such as Project cars, finding rare parts and linking up with a mech to put the pieces together to build exclusive vehicles, hell, even finding exclusive parts for cars to make them better when installed in the correct vehicle but needing a mech to both identify the part, the car it goes to, and the
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