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    1. It's not just me that has this issue dude, I'm the only one with balls bringing this forth cause noone wants to deal with higher ups wanting to deny the fact that lockpicking is being abused. Why should players be able to lockpick cars with no cops on, but they cant rob houses with no cops on? It doesn't make sense. Also yeah, it was a couple of dooshbags that are targeting me, why? cause 85% of the people on your public server don't know how to actually roleplay. And yes, you did blame me, you told me to switch servers cause of some petty criminals targeting me, do you tell bully victims to switch school cause they get bullied? no, you NEVER blame the victim in ANY situation, you really disappointed me there.
    2. So ur blaming it on the victim (me) cause I'm sitting in a server with no cops on when all of them are occupying the 64 slot instead? cute.
    3. So lockpicking cars is mostly just for criminals, and I get it, it's a crime where they wanna steal a quick car to get away, or too lazy to walk around, but lately, this function has been abusive as fuck, and needs to be changed asap. So my situation is where I have this rare car, and some mingebags decided to lockpick it in the middle of legion, with no police on, and then just driving it around, smashing it onto walls, and shit, this is really frustrating, and mind you, that they lockpicked the car with no POLICE on, so what am I suppose to do? just go ahead and nod and smile, or what? Noone else will help me getting the car back, the police don't care enough about petty crimes, and how are they gonna keep the keys after a WHOLE day when I got my car back from the insurance? Today they got into my car again, and did the same shit cause they still had the keys for it, and I couldn't do anything cause there was no cops on, I've reported this to the mods, and they believe it's allowed to do this, which is ignorant in itself, am I never suppose to take out my car anymore cause they still got my keys? There has to be a function or something to combat the lockpicking, they shouldn't get away with this so easily and abuse the system.
    4. If criminals gets to have an SMG (or something like that) and if the police thinks it should be added to their huge list of weaponry aswell, then people should be able to buy body armor in gun stores, not sure why that hasn't been implemented before.
    5. Victoria & Viola was born in Las Vegas by a ignorant hardworking father, and a mother who's is stone cold, both of them didn't have the time for the twins and sadly, the daughters were occupied mostly with their nannies and butlers around them. Being in a british rich family that has a golden family line that runs in their veins, not everything turned out so well for both of them. Victoria was top grade-a's student, being homecoming queen, running for school president, and being the most popular girl in school, but yet was unsecure about herself, she always felt everything was a competition, and always had to be on top, but could never really be satisfied with the work that she put out. She later on then became an social media influencer where she was working hard to become a designer, make-up artist, and entrepreneur, only then to finish her actual goal, to run a business by herself, her company named Haute Eve has been through its scandals and success, now originated in 2 locations, Las Vegas, and London. Victoria traveled to New York city only to do a few business errands with her father Malcolm, but ended up becoming the party girl of the century in the city, people enjoyed her company, as much as Victoria enjoyed theirs, she has maintained her city for quite some time, having a large group of friends and having well established contacts and sources, and even some people working for her, she became the Queen of knowledge and the Mistress of Mystery, and has been known to be sort of like a lonewolf by the recent months that has passed on. Viola was a failure of a student, being the total punk rebel kid that was running around and smashing windows and kissing boys at age 13, she ran away from home when she was 21, and felt that the nannies and butlers couldn't be running her life anymore, despising her sister that got most of the attention, Viola was always confident and impulsive, always head-first in all situations, this made her a threat, this made her dangerous. Viola later on in life became a vandal savage that was wrecking small town cities with small biker gangs here and there. Chains, leather, blood and sweat was mostly her days, living with only 9 dollars each month, and sleeping on cardboard boxes in dirty garages, in most cases she had to flirt her way to money, but that flirtatious manner would be a lethal personality, for herself and others. Viola has been through some of the most hardest and toughest traumas in her life, at age 23 she did her first cold blood murder and felt no remorse, but more or less excited by it, the adrenaline of a kill filled her nostrils and made her want to do it even more, she's always been like this, even at the age she is now, age 25. Viola traveled to New York City after a few weeks when she got the news that her twin sister was in town, they met once at Victoria's luxorious apartment, suprised at the sudden apperance, Victoria couldn't really despise her sister, but more or less try to listen, Viola on the other hand, doesn't like her sister. even with their disfigured sisterhood, they both share something they don't want to let go, it's a picture of them at the age of 5, standing next to each other as family, as friends, as sisters. (Sorry about the akward grammar, english is not my main language, xo.)
    6. Your lucky enough to have one, I've been wanting to get a clothing shop for like ever, and people snag businesses up like crazy.
    7. yep, they are pretty much unplayable at this moment.
    8. Okay lovely, it has mixed experiences for everyone apparantely, but again, for a 32 slot server where people are doing only two things, robbing bank or doing drugs 24/7, I mean, where else would you be? there's not really any other purpose in the city.
    9. oof, this happens to me too. last week i was kidnapped to being a hostage 4 times in a row each day, LMAO, that was fun.
    10. Thank you. But yes, it's not only me, there's been countless of other incidents with other people being treated sucha way, like some incidents people been in they been straight up asking if they are actually black irl cause they sound white, and I've noticed that people can't let go the fact that we're playing a CHARACTER. to point it simply, this is a great quote. its all VIRTUAL and not REAL, and we're playing CHARACTERS.
    11. For a 32 only slot server, I think legion being the social rp place is all fine, being at legion is not always so bad, and besides, those that aren't there are out doing drugs or illegal stuff anyways, so you don't get much rp being outside of legion anyways. however, I do agree, bring back more rp instead of like "oh this is gta online, let me do what i do best at, kill everyone and be a mingebag."
    12. It's a common issue that needs to be fixed for the devs, it happened yesterday to me, lol.
    13. forgot to add this here* I've always felt that the roleplay in fiveM has been very lack luster and mostly people come from gta online and have NO idea what roleplaying is, I just hope that people practice roleplay and study it, cause it's just not about to go into a server, and then go around shooting.
    14. It's not just me that has to deal with it, I'm the only one bringing it to the attention cause I've had people playing female or male characters, and they been asked straight up why they sound that way, or assumed what gender they are cause of how they sound. I know I sound like a complete SJW and an utter offended feminazi, lol, but I feel like people shouldn't really care about asking what gender someone is, or straight up saying "you are a man/female" and you display as the one gender that they say that you are not.
    15. you think that's bad? I've been giving taxi rides to them!
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