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    1. I agree that they should be all at the same price. I understand that money should not impact RP but if people are trying to RP at a LS this would either result in no profit or possible loss of money. I also noticed that it states whenever you go to an LS it states that it would be cheaper at a mech shop. I think the prices should be changed for LS workers and the message be updated to state "this would be cheaper if done by an employee or at a mech shop" this would allow the amount of RP that an LS customs worker to increase and give more of an incentive for people to want to work their. I guess the end point is that everyone should be treated fairly, you have added this new feature for the LS customs and that's great but if its not as worth it for the worker or the customer as everything is full price then neither side it to be blamed for the issue but instead it should whoever made the decision for the prices to be different.
    2. 1017 North Rockford Allow It Assets are proud to offer this splendid property 1017 North Rockford for sale today. This property is current home to Vixen Blaze This beautiful home is based in the new housing area up in North Rockford. This house is perfect for those who want to remain in the city but have a nice quiet place to live. The location is great as you are simply down the road from the local convenience store and gas station, all other major places of interest are simply a minutes drive away. This house come with a large 24 car garage to allow you enough room to store your entire car collection if you choose to do so. Bidding Information: Bidding is being hosted by Sales Representative Jamaal Bashir Bids can be placed via Email @ Sami♔#6920 Starting Bid: $24,000,000 Buyout: $34,000,000 C/O: $29,000,000 Are you interested in selling an asset of yours professionally? Contact a Sales Representative of Allow It Assets to learn more! Mr. Stevo M: Pinball#9999 Mr. Josh M: Wubz#3809 Mr. Jamaal B: Sami♔#6920 Images:
    3. not sure if it was updated after your message but it shows bidding will end, Tuesday November 3rd, 6pm EST.
    4. Wagwan. So I heard about this post and just wanted to say being a member of this community for over 1 1/2 years without any major breaks I built myself and built a story around my character and how he went from nothing to something and I enjoyed it to the fullest at the start as every little thing was actual role play and all parties involved played their part. Now a days you just see people who are after items/drugs/houses/cars and they have been in the city for less than a week and through donations have been able to purchase cars worth millions. It took me over 8 months to be able to buy first "rare" car and even then I took a loan at the time. Now before people say it yes I have donated and quite a bit at that but that does not mean that I came in to the server and donated to get the easy money and get what I want I had played on the server for months before my first donation. Recently I had not enjoyed my time in the city what so ever because no one really wants to build a story no one really RP's anymore. I started off seeing people stacked at legion but they were told by announcements to move or be kicked but this changed nothing as they went from Legion Lizards to Maze Maggots because what they do has not changed it simply in a different area. I just slowly started people giving up all effort because if it's not the people at Maze it's people who just get in to gun fights left right and center because they have nothing else to do and that's how they pass their time. I have heard many people say Just make a new character and start again but going back to Basher's point of the charges. It is so hard to get a new character going because legal jobs pay nothing compared to the economy that we have as you could do 4-5 trucking runs but lose that the moment you do one thing wrong, this leads to people starting off with the criminal life but when they are just starting and get caught they go even further in to debt because those charges are even higher. I personally am one of the ones that have given up as I simply just did not enjoy being in the city when there is nothing that can be done and the current economy state is where it is at. I simply held an event gave my stuff away and said my goodbyes and I'm just being honest I don't know if this is just a long break or me being done with the server because unless I don't see any changes/improvements I am not looking to come back to what I left. Things need to actually happen and changes need to be put in place. Announcements have been made and people have got excited but how long ago was that. Actions will forever speak louder than words and we have not seen many things being done. I'm so happy to see that people are speaking up about this and the fact that a member from management has posted this shows even more of a concern to me. First the staff need to be on the same page and it should not matter what position you hold within a community because we should all have the right to voice our opinions. Basher's doing this was great to see because he is involving the whole community not just the staff. This community gets kept in the dark way to much and it's just not right, we never know what changes there will be until they happen and from experience it seems there is hardly any community contribution because it never gets in to account. It would be nice to polls asking what the community would like to see and then actions taken on it. Well that's that i'm going to peace out with this and hopefully once things improve for the better and possibly get this econ wipe we all so badly want Jamaal might be back but until then I'm sticking to my words and not planning to be back.
    5. Bump This car is still for sale peeps, store clean car that you don't really see everyone driving. Gets you the like you want and does not matter what colour you really want it this car looks great in many colours. If pictures are required please let us know or if you require to see it/test drive it we can arrange meeting up on the city to get that sorted.
    6. Wagwan, So I am looking to take offers on my rare BMW X5M. The last two have both sold for 110 and 115 which was nearly 2 months ago. This car is a true collectors piece and the people that have them are not looking to let go of them any time soon. The car also comes witha private plate reading "THEBMWX5" If I get a good enough offer I will be looking to sell the car. I will only sell it for the right price but will be open to all offers that are sensible. Hit me on the phone on 846-6181 or on email Sami.B♔#2307 I'll be looking to keep the C/O updated on here.
    7. How much are you looking to spend as I might be able to have someone get you one and also are you an officer or civilian?
    8. Current offer on the house is at 45m via email.
    9. Current offer on the house is at 43.5m via email.
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