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  1. ScruffMAGuff

    "Community Whitelist"

    So I have been in this community for almost a year and a half now. I have recently taken a break and come back on occasion on a different character for some fun RP. I have noticed that even though these servers are "community whitelisted" and not a REAL whitelist, I feel like people should have to do more to get into them. I still see people time and time again not valuing their lives, people in discord, the META. It's honestly insane. I am just wanting to put the word out, there should be different requirements in being able to join those cities. Whether it having to be in the community for 5 months or more OR have some proof that you can ACTUALLY RP. That is all.
  2. ScruffMAGuff

    The Royal's

    The Royals are an all American family that started in southern North America in the late 1800’s during the industrialization era post-Civil War. After moving to New York in the early 1900’s, post-WWI, the Royals gradually started to increase in population within the bloodline. Pre-WWII, the Royal family came together and formed what still exists and is known today as the Royal Family Mafia. Post WWII, the men of the family returned home from the war with a lot of medical health issues and post traumatic stress. Their focus on their family and work ethic on arrival to the states only made the Royals stronger. In correlation with present day bloodline, the father of the current Royals that live in NYC was born in the 1960’s, around the JFK / Cold War era. Lorenzo Royal, a true role model amongst the family, was born in a semi-detached brownstone house in Mirror Park, Brooklyn. Growing up he was spoiled by his family and always surrounded by his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and siblings. He attended a private school and received the best education in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Coming out of high school, he had himself a high school sweetheart, Cynthia Genovese, and was ready to get to work. He was already set up with the family business as the Royals owned multiple store fronts. During his teenage years, Lorenzo found himself in gunfights, executions, loan-sharking, and numerous tasks that would not be expected of an 18 year old boy--but these were Royals. Always getting his hands dirty, by the age of 30 Lorenzo established himself in Queens around the Rockford Hills area during the early 1990’s where he settled in with Cynthia and accidently had his first baby boy, Pat Royal. It was only until Pat was a couple of months old until they got married on Eclipse Boulevard. As Pat was growing up as an infant, Lorenzo was too focused on “work.” Cynthia had felt neglected and disrespected from her husband. This resulted in her cheating on him with her brother-in-law, Vincent Royal. Lorenzo had thought this was his own child when Cynthia had given birth due to the physical resemblance within the Royal bloodline. Cynthia and Vincent vowed to never mention their secret child, Michael Royal, the newest face of the Royal bloodline, to anyone. Around this time, reaching the mid-90’s, the Royals were at war. A family from Brooklyn, known as the Juliano family, were causing trouble for the Royals’ business, constantly attacking their shops and where they lived, stalking the Royals till they step out their front door only to let off a couple of shots. This was a dirty war. Around 1995 the Royals found themselves in the Battle For Brooklyn against the Julianos where a majority of the men, including Lorenzo, were gunned down and killed by the Brooklyn Shipyard. Cynthia, along with the other mothers of the Royal family have realized their husbands and fathers/father-in-laws have all been severely injured or killed. The only result of this could be fleeing. Cynthia moved to the lower Bronx on Grove Street since she couldn’t afford payments in Queens due to the loss of her husband. Out of loneliness and survival, she tried her best to fit in with the neighborhood and crowd around her. After some time, she ended up sleeping with a man, whom the name of is unknown, but was pregnant yet again. Cynthia knew what she got herself into and did not regret it but learned. Once she had her baby boy, Tyrone Royal, she focused on her kids and their growth in the city of New York. Putting her children through schooling while working two jobs, Cynthia struggled but never gave up on her kids. Pat, Mike, and Tyrone stood tall and represented great images of the Royal family whether it was through successful business deals made at such a young age, or criminal records that could make jaws drop. While attending high school, Tyrone met a fellow classmate, Moe Flowers. Moe had been living on his own due to the death of his parents in Los Angeles where he lived prior. These two would hit liquor stores after class together, rob bodegas, and get into shootouts on Grove Street. Tyrone thought Moe could be useful as they survived in New York. Soon to be one of the worst decisions the family has made, in their early 20’s, modern-present day, Tyrone by himself, had adopted Moe into the family as the youngest brother; making them the four heirs to the Royal throne. Regrouping in Queens, the Royal bloodline will rise again--and New York won’t be ready. Over time, they have made a name and a figurehead in the city of New York and truly respected their community. However, within the family itself, internal issues rose. Some people forgot their role in the family. Unnecessary shootouts, absence, and structure started to fade. A BIG business move that left some people in the dark, which resulted in the separation of the four brothers where Moe and Tyrone picked up and left. Michael and Pat had to now rebuild some of the structure back in the family, to how it should have been. Immediate Family Mike Royal - BossPat Royal - Underboss Riley Killz - Fiance to Mike Caporegime Unknown Soldiers Cole Petrov Don Wallace Associates Clout Family Killz Family Petrov Family Sons Of Anarchy Mau brothers
  3. ScruffMAGuff

    2 new cars?

    I just don't think it would be that hard to put in. Like AJ Turner said above. They can just take out the broken Camero that is in there now, and take out the older C36. I saw them on a drift server. Just thought they would look nice.
  4. ScruffMAGuff

    2 new cars?

    Chevrolet Camero zl1 Widebody and Mercedes C63 AMG Widebody
  5. ScruffMAGuff



    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    This is 1 of the 2 Clubhouses in the city. Current offer is 35m.

    35,000,000.00 IGC

  6. ScruffMAGuff

    Adv. Repair Kits

    Sell price to civs would obv be dropped.
  7. ScruffMAGuff

    Adv. Repair Kits

    Maybe not even lowering the amount of metal it takes to make the kit. Maybe giving us more precious stone out of the rock. Like getting an RNG number of 1-5 precious stones per rock.
  8. ScruffMAGuff

    Adv. Repair Kits

    Instead if them being 5 scrap to make one. I think lowering it would be better. Maybe to 3 or 4?
  9. ScruffMAGuff

    Vehicle Finance Plans

    (Royal stamp of approval)
  10. ScruffMAGuff

    Vehicle Finance Plans

    So smart man. How did you think of this? I can't believe no one else thought of this idea
  11. ScruffMAGuff

    Sons of Anarchy MC

    Good group of people right here!
  12. ScruffMAGuff

    Selling Chump Towers APT 5!!!


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Only building with these interiors. Interior is amazing for this New York lifestyle. Location is also amazing.

    15,000,000.00 IGC

  13. ScruffMAGuff

    Selling Chump Towers APT 5!!!


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    I would like to keep it but you know, priorities. Gov was 3m when I got it but someone said it changed to 5m. Gov will be included, of course. Shoot me some serious offers. I'm pretty sure, only Chump tower apt's have this interior as well. They are also the newest houses to be added to the city. To reach me you can e-mail ScruffMAGuff#7682 or find me in Queens. Michael Royal

    20,000,000.00 IGC

  14. ScruffMAGuff

    The Royal Family

    You have a job Tommy.
  15. ScruffMAGuff

    The Royal Family

    Love my fam!
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