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  1. ScruffMAGuff

    Selling Chump Towers APT 5!!!

    Time Left: 2 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Only building with these interiors. Interior is amazing for this New York lifestyle. Location is also amazing.

    15,000,000.00 IGC

  2. ScruffMAGuff

    Selling Chump Towers APT 5!!!


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    I would like to keep it but you know, priorities. Gov was 3m when I got it but someone said it changed to 5m. Gov will be included, of course. Shoot me some serious offers. I'm pretty sure, only Chump tower apt's have this interior as well. They are also the newest houses to be added to the city. To reach me you can e-mail ScruffMAGuff#7682 or find me in Queens. Michael Royal

    20,000,000.00 IGC

  3. ScruffMAGuff

    The Royal Family

    You have a job Tommy.
  4. ScruffMAGuff

    The Royal Family

    Love my fam!
  5. ScruffMAGuff

    Looking to be a Mechanic. |Mike Royal|

  6. ScruffMAGuff

    Warrens' Automotive (Mechanic Shop 4) is Hiring

    Looking to work for a Mech shop. Tow would be just fine. I have experience at Mech 5. I know, I have what it takes to be a mechanic. I reside in Brooklyn. If you are open for more employees, let me know.
  7. ScruffMAGuff

    Looking to be a Mechanic. |Mike Royal|

    Hi. I am Mike Royal. I am looking for a Mechanic job. I reside in Queens, but will be in Brooklyn most of my time. I have 2 brothers. One is already is a mechanic. The other just became a tow truck driver. There is not a day that I'm not in the city. I would love to work at Mech shop 5 because that's where my brother's work. If not, that's fine. I will represent your mech shop as much as possible and will be willing to do events at the mech shop as well to bring more business Anything to make more money for the company. If anyone is interested, you can contact me here. Also my number is 335-5165. I'll be in Brooklyn or Queens.
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