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    1. Beautifully wrote out Baron. Oh, I'll add one more thing. Favoritism in the city is REAL.
    2. Give LS Custom shop mechanics the ability to put on drift/street tires. We can make them but not put them on??? lol Let them get the mech discount to repair vehicles. or Add NoS to the shops- 25 plastic and 25 scrap metal and something like 10 red phospherous as the components. Or add something to get the nitrous. Maybe add adv lockpicks too or make lockpicks something only mech shops and customs shops can make- 5 plastic / 10 scrap metal
    3. BUMP........ Something needs to happen soon.
    4. Looking for a few "experienced" mechanics for Benny's Customs! Looking for people that will be ACTIVE and show that they love the work they do. We are more of a family here and respect is a big thing to the shop. Not looking for someone to just say, "Hey, I work at Benny's" (Who knows...you might be owning the shop one day) Frequently asked question: How much do I make? Answer: the more work you do, the more you make. Send me an email @ ScruffMAGuff#7682 or call/text me in the city 335-5165
    5. https://strawpoll.com/kquerpv1s
    6. A bunch of stuff needs to be fixed..... never happens though. Too many envious and jealous people bitch about stuff and higher ups listen to them instead of the people who want to see the city do/be better. I'm going to start hounding them like other people do. There is a point where you just start getting fed up with things. Specially when it's going on almost 4 years now. You'd think someones voice would be heard by now, but no. You have to be in a certain group of people to get things done.
    7. Can mechanics at LS customs shops get the same repair discounts that mechanics get? I have people ask me all the time to repair their cars at Bennys Customs..... I have to pay the max amount. No discounts. Curious if it's like this on purpose or not..... When changing these things, keep in mind they don't use the same menu to do repairs and customs. So if you change one thing you have to change another. Otherwise can you make it clear that you want them to be separate businesses and operate differently.
    8. I have not Jack. I was just suggesting these things because they are in GTA online. So the script has to be out there somewhere.
    9. I would love to see NYSP back. I think with a little more brain storming, it could work. Like Vinny stated, it doesn't need to have it's own sub-divisions. I know I would love to come back as a trooper as Craig King. The hour stipulation and having to choose my cop over crim when there wasn't enough cops on duty just wasn't for me.
    10. Loving the new arm wrestling, pool, and darts. Curious if maybe tennis and golf could be a thing too?
    11. Well that's the point. If you don't RP, why should you get it? Do the RP, you get rewarded. If done right certain prices shouldn't matter. Do the RP to get it for a better price
    12. If done right, you would be able to still have to opportunity to get if from another person/family even if you got blacklisted from a person/family. Like I said in an earlier post. As long as you do some RP anyone will still have the ability to get it.
    13. Agreed 100%. Regulation is a big thing. The system in place right now is pretty decent in the sense of how much drugs you can get atm. NO 10,000+ orders at once.
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