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    1. Buddy Im going to just assume that it is not for sale. I don't think asking a thousand times is going to achieve anything. Especially when there has been multiple staff members specify that the property is not available.
    2. I was just thinking of this idea the other day, every time I go to buy a car it says that my garage is full and then I have to either leave Mosely's to transfer a car or drive all the way back down to the city from Sandy Shores or Paleto just to get to PDM. I personally believe all car dealerships should have a transfer vehicle spot incase Public Garage 1 is full.
    3. I think resale on this is like Max 7-7.5
    4. It is the 10m one.
    5. Walking said it perfectly. You SHOULD NOT be wearing a vest or badge off duty
    6. Yeah they are still around to be bought, I just bought one a week ago
    7. No youre good! I was just informing, sorry if that came off aggressive. Was not meant to!
    8. Matter of fact we do have a whole division for detectives! Would you believe that! I am one of the leads of the detective unit and I can reassure you that there are not just "regular patrol officers" acting as undercover officers. Again, we have a whole division of detectives, and their specific roles are to process probations, investigate scenes, and act in the undercover manner. We cannot force officers to put on an accent. At any time you may request IDs of the people you are interacting with, doesnt mean you are going to always get it. We pla
    9. I am looking to buy the newer 2016 Porche 911. I have about 6.5-7.5m to spend on one, but if you have one just let me know how much you want for it. @Ressurecting#0101 in the BigCityRP Discord :)
    10. I believe that this topic has been addressed by the developers / owners multiple times. It is difficult to replace or add clothing into the server without interfering with other clothing. With the new casino update that they are testing, it *might* open up the possibility of new clothing (I think, do not mark my words), but it is not for certain.
    11. This is not the right area of the forums. This is Real Estate, not vehicles.
    12. I have a house in the hills. If you would like to email me on discord for all of the information Ressurecting#0001
    13. Looking for any police vehicles that you may want to sell. Ressurecting#2668
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