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    1. Great family 10/10 would Vouch for the member.
    2. I agree there should still be requirements to being a cop whether it's 5 hours a week or what have you, but there shouldn't be a laundry list of pre-checks before you go on another character, or have to pass on other RP scenarios because there aren't enough cops on duty, etc.
    3. That's why I was offering a suggestion of creating like a trooper,park ranger, or sheriff role that still operates within PD and under PD for people who just want to be patrol officers, don't want to be CoC, don't want promotions, don't want to join a Sub-Division, just want to be able to pick and choose when they play crim or cop instead of constant whitelines of requirements that is a page long before I can click a character just because there's 2 bad eggs in every other carton of a dozen. PD should be there to enjoy and have fun RPing just like every other department and aspect of the game. There shouldn't be a pre-flight checklist to force your hand at what kind of RP you're about to have to provide because you have to pick that specific character only. If you want to join a sub-division I understand having to commit more time to the department and etc, but just to have an option to be a simple cop you shouldn't have to jump through 5 flaming hoops before you click connect to the server nor should people have to turn down invitations from friends for other sets of RP on other characters because there isn't enough cops.
    4. Isn't playing politics because if you read what I posted it said it would still follow PD SOP and CoC just a entry patrol position for members of the community who want to have a healthy split between their crim and cop and don't want to be anything other than a simple Patrol Officer without having whitelines underlining everything they do when they just want to play a game. It doesn't even have to be NYSP it was just a suggestion of it being something different from NYPD Patrol Officer, where you know other cities institute things like the Ranger Program, and Sheriffs for those kind of players. I've also been in the NYSP and NYPD multiple times while also being CoC, ran a sub-divison, and created a Bailiff Program in the time I was in PD, so I appreciate your aggressive and naive approach of telling me if I'm interested in PD to apply and ask around while everything you stated was addressed in prior posts and is definitely not the case which you would have known if you read the thread instead of just spam downvoting everything without obtaining any information to the subject. Thank you for your input though!
    5. @Joe Conway if you'd like to add an input instead of just downvoting everything and not helping fuel a potential discussion of an idea, feel free to say something.
    6. I understand where you're coming from and I appreciate your input on the situation I love hearing both sides of people opposed and people for it. If that's the case then why didn't you leave NYPD when NYSP was in place with these same guidelines before? Another issue I've seen with the minimum 5 hours when I'm on duty is there's a lot of people just "farming" their hours, regardless if it's an empty city, or they're just basically AFKing the island getting their 5 hours hanging out, or they're all circled at a gas station ignoring calls while talking and not even patrolling. Seems a little moot to have such a high hour requirement when the people enforcing it spend the majority of the time standing around doing the same thing.
    7. Didn't say this is how it would have to be was just a suggestion for others to add-on their input to improve. They took this same approach with NYSP before where it didn't have requirements of hours/cops to play other characters and it worked out well initially. Didn't say there would be no requirements just less restrictive, also not everyone would want to join just like when NYSP was present prior with similar guidelines and yet NYPD still heavily outnumbered NYSP. Also don't think everyone would want to join if it was a Patrol only no chance of being in a sub-division or a chance of promotion and CoC is still the PD structure. Trying to think of options that help people who can't commit to something that feels like a second IRL Job, while still getting to enjoy Police Roleplay while trying to solve the issue of we still don't have enough cops. Also you state the rules were set in place to keep things flowing, but yet we still have a shortage of officers, no?
    8. I've been talking to quite a few people from the community lately both in PD and out of PD and the balance PD to crims is still very much so unlevel. Some have brought up the idea of bringing back SP without hour requirements/cops in city requirements for people who have been in the city for a while and want a healthy split between their crim and cop. Just something like a basic trooper rank, no chance to move up in ranks or CoC unless they want to transfer back to NYPD and follow the Hours/Cops In City requirement, Basically a forever patrol honorary PD position for people who have been in the community for a few years or however long that want to be able to RP as a cop without having this big underlying white line of clauses to enjoy the other characters we've spent years building. Similar to how other cities use Park Rangers for this kind of job and etc.
    9. from people like GTAWiseGuy who create the cars for FiveM who release them in the FiveM Repositories and etc, not just GTA Single Player Mods. Because some of them also have engine sound modifications and etc, that don't transfer over from the GTA5Mods. You can also look at some of the cars and the creator will state "Only works in Single player base GTA5. no other mods." Wasn't saying it wouldn't work, just stating a lot of the cars, don't work from there. I'd love to have more cars, I always want more unique cars in the city. I just wish we could get the Rockstar cars like the Casino Heist DLC Cars before we import more cars.
    10. Pretty sure a lot of the GTA5Mods cars will not work as they were intended for non-fivem clientside use.
    11. How can you suggest to add back things that were never in the car store to begin with. lower amounts given and limit transaction perks claimed monthly for donations we say we want people to donate to support the server not perks but have people who sit at legion and brag they get donation money every other day, daily, etc. If we want to live by that statement we should enforce it. The Second Car Store and Casino both cleared so much money but then magically a shit ton more appeared out of no where. increase fines, jail times ,etc. Have court costs that are a percentage of their fine on top of the fine, etc. Make the Repercussions of the crime heavier on the wallet since heavier on the time isn't a direction the server wants to go.
    12. To apply this would just take officers away from responding to shots fired, robberies, etc. as soon as crims see a checkpoint with multiple officers in use is when you see the spike, it's just like when they see a group of them driving to sandy code 2/3 then suddenly an in the city bank alarm gets triggered. I would say this would be something cool that we could look at in things like Event Cities if we were able to have jurisdiction in there finally to do things like arrest drunk drivers leaving events via a DUI checkpoint, etc instead of just letting people drive 200+ drunk and high AF to and from events without consequences. It would also you know, for the people who just run around and stack warrant after warrant, stop them from being able to attend events easily without trying to sneak in/etc which would cause more RP interaction because you know, if you want to be so high profile you shouldn't be able to just freely roam.
    13. We need more legal options with depth not more criminal options I feel.
    14. I was always just told to employ the use of Mechanics/Tows at mech shops for this with their tow trucks as long as it fits accordingly.
    15. So as a person who has worked at mech 4 without an ATM for the majority of my time here in the city I've been thinking of an idea that could help. What if instead of requiring 95k cash for every upgrade or sending them to an ATM to get the cash, why not in the mech menu can we not have a payment option where we can submit a payment request where we input their gov ID and the price and they press Y when prompted or N to decline like the old MDT Fine system worked and then it shows in our chatlog or notification if the payment was processed/etc and if they don't have enough in the bank it reads declined insufficient funds. Because most people IRL pay for those services via debit/credit cards anyways and it would make a more realistic scenario instead of Dayday getting 95k out of his panto to pay me for upgrades. Could also assist with tow drivers being able to invoice before repairing since people always claim they never have money or try to dip on the payment part or just rob back the money they give you after you repair their car. It makes Mech Shops less of a potential hot spot for people who think "I just saw that man do 5 upgrades for cash via twitter. let's go rob him." since it goes to the bank account too. could add a lot of RP to it where we could use the Tablet to "type up" everything we are installing for the invoice and then swipe their card via our "Square" on our Tablets.
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