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    1. We already have rules that people can't call tow trucks, ems, cops, taxis, etc and rob them. We should make it to where people can't rob miners as they are breaking down the pay dirt. Our server has already nerfed the fuck out of that job by not letting us collect as much as we want without a cooldown. Sucks to wait 20 minutes for pay dirt to fill up, then another 20 minutes to turn it into materials and then some lazy ass without any rp whatsoever will come over and take your materials. Should be a server rule against it. Until something like that is added, I'm just going to Queens and doing it. But sucks that I have to avoid RP because people do shit like this.
    2. It would be awesome to have a mayor/governor. We could vote as a city for one. The RP that could come from it would be AWESOME!
    3. There are two things that I think would make the immersion better for the police. One is that in NYC IRL, the lights on every emergency vehicle, including police, are only red and white. I think that would be an awesome change to give the NYPD the most realistic experience. Another change that would be awesome is possibly adding an optional on screen rear view mirror so that if we are escorting vehicles like prison buses, we can see them behind us without spamming C over and over. Let me know what you think!
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