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    1. The Vanetti Family -History- The Vanetti family was a low ranking branch family to a much larger organization in Italy, they were foot soldiers often sent to do the dirty work that the rest of the family either deemed to be work unfit for them or simply to risky to get involved with. The family for generations not only shed the blood of others in service to the cause but their own as well, as the vicious cycle continued for years the Don of the family decided it had been enough and pleaded for the release of his family or at the minimum a better place in the hierarchy stating
    2. I remember that photo in my office! Ah good times, I miss you lads.
    3. Alucard


      The grind for money years ago was the major appeal for players, at least the ones I knew as I can't speak for everyone. But I have fond memories of scraping by with the boys and having to get organized, and even when banding together fighting tooth and nail to keep afloat and take risks. Trying to find the new way to make quick and good cash to buy the things you wanted such as cars, property, but most of all the feeling of accomplishment when you hit your first mil was cathartic. Now it feels like there's no work involved with getting the things you want, it can sometimes quite literally be h
    4. I appreciate the update and welcome man! Always need a refresher even after a few years lol
    5. Avilio Bruno is a twenty-one year old young man born in New York having lived there his whole life with his single father Angelo a former associate of the now supposedly disbanded Vanetti crime family. At eighteen after his first semester of senior year he returned home at the end of the school day to find his door unlocked which was unusual as the neighborhood him and his father lived in was known for it's rather high crime rate. He thought nothing of it assuming his father had just come back inside and knew that Avilio would be home soon so he left the door unlocked for him. He called out to
    6. Hello everyone interested in reading this greeting. It's a pleasure to join your community I was brought in about three months ago by Willay and wasn't invested enough to make a forum account, but after spending a decent amount of time in the city I decided to give in and dive into this place with excitement. I'm sure some of you have met my character Walter Dornez, and if not I look forward to having an interaction with you. I spend a lot of my time creating scenarios based in the seedy underbelly of New York. Anyway I hope all of you have a good morning/afternoon/evening and I hope to h
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