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    1. So, I don't know if this is a thing, but maybe illegal tommy guns. Buildable or blackmarket
    2. Happy Birthday Ivan!


    3. Either remove it or edit it. Cause vehicles that are MEANT for jumping dirt jumps like in sandy shores, should be with heavily decreased chance of it happening
    4. Happy Birthday TopCop72

    5. I don't think there needs to be a hospital timer for when you respawn, you already have to wait 300+ seconds
    6. Still, are the people gonna see the cars? If they park it In front of the house
    7. Would be good if the cops maybe are notified if they are caught with a description of the person
    8. I've been interested but no one has been hiring
    9. How about an insurance claim in sandy or paleto?
    10. I mean, they're meant for dirt bikes. And every time I do a small jump at the redwood race track I get a concussion. Dirk bikes are meant for doing stunts. Not in particular stunt jumps. I mean actual legit jumps like off a small hill to a small decline. basically like redwood racetrack in sandy
    11. Nah, masks are freedom of self-representation. My opinion stands as masks should be allowed
    12. I agree with Atroix. Everything he's said was true. You have to CREATE the roleplays as well. I say cleaning money should stay as it is.
    13. in my opinion, they can at least go the damn speed limit so that's why I suggested this
    14. The truck is way too slow to get anything done. Maybe increase the speed of it just abit
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        The Department of Justice is declaring the opening of the Municipal Courts as of Saturday, the 6th August. 
        The Court will allow citizens to appeal violations and traffic offenses received within the last 90 days in court through self-representation or with the representation of their legal counsel.
        The following has been approved for appealing in the Municipal Court:
        Violations issued that were neither a misdemeanor or a felonious charge. 
        Traffic offenses  that were neither a misdemeanor or a felonious charge. 
        The Municipal Court System is available between 12pm and 4pm (Eastern Standard Time) on Saturdays and will be open to the public to bring their cases forward to present to the court. All citizens wishing to present their cases to the court will be asked to dress in respectable clothing whilst court is in session.
        No weapons of any kind will be permitted inside the courthouse at any time with exclusion to courthouse bailiffs and requested law enforcement.
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