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    1. An econ wipe and a reworking of drugs and/or guns is what the server needs imo. Bringing back some form of the kingpin idea would create a better criminal hierarchy, and would keep actual organized crime organized.
    2. I agree with this suggestion, theres needs to be some form of hierarchy back in the criminal underworld. Right now there are big and small gangs and families, but nobody needs to respect each other or care about their actions, since they can get guns and drugs on their own. In real life you dont make guns from collecting parts at the beach, and groups are the ones smuggling these different products in. With some form of hierarchy when it comes to guns and drugs, you wont have people just shooting up and doing whatever, because if they fuck up they wont get good guns or be able to make good mon
    3. The DeCavalcante crime family, also known as the North Jersey Mob, is one of the many crime families in the larger association known as Cosa Nostra, or as it’s known by the public, the Italian-American Mafia. It was formed in 1964 by Simone “Sam the Plumber” DeCavalcante, when he united different Italian gangs into one family, recognized by the Commission of the Mafia. Throughout the late 90s to today, one of the most prolific and active members in the family is Silvio “The Cyclops” Bascarelli, a made man who has throughout his nearly 5 decade career served as capo, underboss, and de facto bos
    4. Silvio “The Cyclops” Bascarelli was born in New Springville in 1957, to a father who worked as a taxi driver and a mother who worked as a seamstress. He grew up around a lot of Italian and Dominican kids, forming a close bond with them and eventually forming a street gang called the Kelly Blvd Springers or KBS. With a crew of 8, they became a strong group burglars and car jackers. They became known by some as the Greasy Car Bandits. Staten Island was mainly controlled by the Gambino and Bonnano families, with their neighborhood being controlled by the Bonnano family. They began wo
    5. I'm pretty sure he left or got banned, he isn't in the discord anymore
    6. Some form of contraband would be dope, adds more criminal activity and rather than everyone selling dope there could be a system for thieves, hijackers and smugglers to make money.
    7. i dont know if u remember it but i used to rob tilly's house all the time and steal from 24/7s, some of the most ridiculous and fun criminal shit i've done lol
    8. I think this idea is great, setting up burglary crews and robbing houses, using lockpicks for something aside from cars.
    9. I love the idea, finally New York server has the five boroughs!
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