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  1. Jake Cooke


    Enjoy Cozz, hope you have a great time at this community mate!
  2. Herro, my name is Chou i came back from my vacation in Vietnam as i spent some time with my famireey i can't wait to fly to the "Big city" again and meet some old and some new faces! For those who don't know me like (Karl, WUU,slade, robo etc) i am from Vietnam and i am "Annoyingly funny" if that makes any sense. I only have a very small family. Me when i first got accepted into the police department and gained the rank of Sergeant Backstory so... Where do i start. I was born in a small town in vietnam i was living a normal life. My family all worked, i had friends (I know hard to believe right). My father joined the New York Police Department in 1980, he then became the chief in 1999 then i was born in 2000. My father was not there for my birth because he had a busy job as the chief, as i got older at the age of 14. We finally went to fly over to the States and see my father, when we landed we saw him in his stunning uniform. However.... as i was walking towards him a truck pulled up behind him and the person in the back got out with an MG47 and shot him in the back a total of 20 times. The officers on scene with my father pulled out their Sidearms and tried firing back at them they called for an ambulance as well as additional units to arrive on scene to apprehend the subject. The subject fled in the vehicle and was no where to be seen. Still to this day the case is open and is still not solved! ;( 2 YEARS LATER! Over the years i was still trying to get over my fathers death so what i did was the right choice, i wanted to become a law enforcement officer but in the same county so i graduated at the academy around 1 year after the 2 years. I was a patrol officer and everyone knew that i was the son of the ex chief. The case was still not solved, so i took matters into my own hands. We had Intel that he was moving countries to vietnam to try kill the rest of my family! So to this date i still protect my family with all my life and look after them and supply them rice. However the police department fired me for "Not being a stable officer", i have applied for the department again and hopefully things have changed and hopefully we can get this Du Ma! "I saw every round as it ripped through my fathers life!" " Every time i go to blink the subject opens fires!" #Bleed Blue#Blue Blood#Blue brothers#HONOUR! #RESPECT! #JUSTICE! My father in the uniform! The shooting article SKETCH IMAGE OF SUSPECT ( PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR THIS MAN AND CONTACT ME ON MY INFORMATION BELOW) Detectives working the case #IWILLGETJUSTICERICCE
  3. Jake Cooke

    To all cops

    What i do and many officers like to do is get your ID first before we even tell you what you have done this way it is much easier if you run or do something the officer still has your ID. After i have gotten the ID i will then say what the reason for the stop was
  4. Jake Cooke

    Panic Button

    Hi All, So i came up with an idea with (Johnny's) help and we were thinking of having a panic button for cops so like when a certain officer is in danger he hits the panic button maybe = button and it sends all the officers on duty a way point to the officers 10-7 (Location) in red even if they have a way point active for a destination it will redirect them to it. I was thinking it maybe coming up with an announcement like a robbery announcement, i think this would be an awesome idea and help officers rp a little more as well as be notified to the other officers cause many officers mute their coms (Even though we have told them not to) so this would be a really great idea. Also really helps the officer that is in danger, because as you know IRL you press the red button on your radio (In your car) or on your radio mic and it will transmit 10 seconds audio and update a location. However I don't know how hard this will be to get added but i just wanted to put my idea and (Johnny's) idea out there so it maybe gets recognised thank you
  5. Jake Cooke

    Idea About Police Ped skins

    Hello, Some Of the police Ped skins are broken, for example the ranger that skin also never gets used much. Secondly some of the Ped skins no-one uses like the D.O.C Officer skin or the "Security skin". I really don't know why these skins are in the PD as no-one ever uses them, so maybe could we remove them or maybe replace them with new ones or something along the line. -Thanks
  6. Jake Cooke

    More Unmarked police cruisers

    Hello again... I would love to see some more unmarked police cars as the ones we have now are really obvious that they are police cars and people notice them straight away. Would be nice if we could get some more un noticeable unmarks, as of right now the unmarks are really useless and they aren't really "undercover". Maybe we could get a unmarked crown vic or something like that. I believe this will bring more rp and we could actually bust people for drugs etc without them knowing its an "Unmarked", this will make this civilians think more of their surroundings and who they talk to. Thank you
  7. I would love to see the radio animation come into play, as this would bring alot of realism to role play and make it look so much nicer. It will increase the realism (Like i said before) So that civilians know that we are actually talking through our radio because Irl when you are talking to a suspect and you are requesting transport or something like that you don't just go silent and use your head to talk to dispatch you actually hold and press the button to contact dispatch. This will be less confusing as civilians know you are actually talking to dispatch. However i'm not sure how hard this will be to implement into fivem i know some other servers have it ( I have provided a picture down below.) ( Server= No Pixel) The second animation is a "Hand on your gun animation" This animation again will make rp better and again civilians will be more aware of their own actions and what they decide to do next they will also know when we are ready to use lethal etc. Instead of like pulling quickly form your stomach, You would put your hand on your holster when doing a traffic stop of something like that (I believe this will bring alot more RP with the police and civilians). Again i do not know how hard this will be but thank you for looking at my suggestion
  8. Jake Cooke

    BRING Back NY State Troopers!

    Yeah they are not in Ny
  9. Jake Cooke

    More Asian Officers please <3

    I would love to see some more variety for the pd officer skins as there is no Asian officers apart from the one you customise ( that has no holster). I would love to just customise the face of the other skins but i don't know how hard this will be to do. This will add more role play for officers who want to have different faces. Thanks- Chou
  10. Jake Cooke

    Community Suggestions for New FXServer

    Maybe add more customisation to guns like for example Officers can have flashlights on the bottom of their sidearm and civs can chose sights and silencers ect ect.
  11. Jake Cooke

    Community Suggestions for New FXServer

    Add a cop Emote or a cop getting his gun out of his holster animation so criminals know when they are about to be shot or tazed
  12. Jake Cooke

    Community Suggestions for New FXServer

    ADD a seat belt option because in the fx server when u hit something at high speed you fly out of your car so this would be really usefull and again would add to the realism
  13. Jake Cooke

    Community Suggestions for New FXServer

    Actual Handcuffs on the suspect that you are arresting cause most of the times the suspect does not know that he is cuffed plus it would add way more to the realism and would look so much better - Thanks Jake
  14. Jake Cooke

    An Actual Sidearm (Cop)

    I think it would be a good idea if cops could have an actual sidearm not a pistol.50 (Deagle), I don't think the pistol.50 is a good pistol because its slow at firing and plus it's very unrealistic as a cop in New York City would not carry round a deagle in their holster They carry something round like a Glock 18 or something i have seen cops carry this gun around on different servers i don't know how hard it is going to be to implement it but i am just suggesting it as it would look good and be more realistic. -Thanks Jake
  15. Jake Cooke

    Blue Lights

    Hey i was just wondering maybe we could have Only Blue lights on some of the Patrol cars like 1 or 2 just to have variety and a different style sort of THANKS - Jake
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