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    1. luckylizards


      Im going to 100% agree with you on this one. My RP for years has been centered around having a functioning operational used car dealership in the city where people could come, see a car, test a car, haggle over prices, all kinds of stuff...it was HOURS of rp almost every night...that RP is 1000% gone now. It's extremely unfortunate. Great idea in theory but I do think that it has had many unintended consequences. The harm it has done certainly outweighs the good.
    2. The Delorean's top speed IRL is about 100 so that car is pretty much spot on IMO.
    3. The issue I see here is one of time and resources. People submit all these grand things to do with businesses but then they peter out after 2 weeks. Take the vanilla unicorn for example. There have probably been 30 "grand openings" this year just because people get it and do something with it for 2 weeks and then disappear. It would literally take an admin committing to this as a full time job to do nothing but monitor inactive businesses and houses. I think they do a great job of getting to it when they can but its really just an impossible task to keep up with.
    4. I don't think anyone really wants to see a big queens come back. The whole point was to get people into Brooklyn. IMO good riddance to GTA Online.
    5. I agree with all the points that are made here. Unfortunately mechanics and cars have become the only thing left to do. People have been allowed to sit on businesses without doing anything with them. This new way of dishing out businesses was supposed to fix that but when you have members of the admin team that have been tying up businesses for years with no RP, i kinda have some doubts that they will ever fix that problem. Not gonna institute rules that would hurt themselves. We all know the economy issues...moving on. The crime. This is where things can EASILY be fixed. The biggest issues with the crime is the punishments. I understand that the DOC and the detectives want RP, however, we are locking people up for the 9s for jaywalking at this point....its ridiculous. I am friends with 17 (yes i counted them) people that have been here for over a year providing RP but have left for good because they cant RP anymore. They cant do anything without being dumped in jail for weeks. Im hoping that a change to this will come soon.
    6. I'm throwing this out there. The 9's are getting OUTTA CONTROL lol. People are getting the 9's for assault now. I've been around long enough to see a lot of different variations of the 9's but I have never seen it like this. The 9's were always reserved for the worst of the worst. Now, the criminals have to be afraid to do any RP because they might get stuck in a hole for 2 weeks. The 9's need to be completely reworked. Please lets get back to a time when you RP'd a crime, RP'd an arrest, paid the fine, did your time and get rid of this instaperma jailing stuff.
    7. IMO complaining about getting the 9s is not the issue. In fact, getting the 9s can add a ton of in jail and court RP to the city. I work in the DOJ now and it has been an eye opening experience to see all that goes on behind the scenes. With that said, I believe the issue is in the way we do things. There is absolutely no excuse for RPers to sit in a pretend jail for weeks on end because it takes 417 people to all be able to coordinate their schedules in order to have court to get people out. I understand wanting to make things as realistic as possible but with the limited resources (lawyers, judges, DAs, etc) its just not practical. SOOO many people have said screw BigCity at this point because they are just stuck. This is a suggestion forum so I offer a suggestion. 5 days is the max on the 9's. If you can get your case done within 5 days, you fully RP court etc. If you go over 5 days, then you are prompted when you come into the city. You can elect to get out of jail but you have to pay the fines you are charged with, plus a huge early release "fee" Make the fee big enough that it deters people from just sitting for the 5 days and getting out. Lasty, we always hear the same argument against any reform like this and before someone says "well 5 days isn't enough time to get all the DOJ stuff done....." if DOJ can't get efficient enough to figure out how to finish RP within 5 days, then it doesn't need to exist.
    8. Hit an officer with a shotgun 4 times...still got arrested lmao
    9. I'm gong to bring this one back from the dead. The car sales and real estate sales on here are destroying the RP in the city. If I put a car out for sale in city and tweet about it, hits really hit or miss on if you can get someone to come look because they just look on the forum and do the deal OOC in discord. If I put it on here, I can get 5 DMs in my discord in 10 minutes. It kills the RP in the cities. We really need to take the sales of cars and Houses off the forums and get it back in the cities. Get the RP going. I mean if we are doing it with cars, why not with guns?
    10. There is one flaw that I say with this idea and I will try to explain it as best as possible. So let's say I have a character named Brian. Brian owns a house. Brian gives level for access to my friend Joe. Now Joe can do everything with the house that Brian can do. I then log on to my other character let's say his name is Jack. Go now has the ability to give Jack access to the house. Now that Jack is one of the people that's listed with access on the house, I can now switch back to my character Brian and remove Joe from level four and give Jack level four. Essentially what that could create is people abusing the system to have one character basically owning unlimited houses. I hope you get what I'm saying here
    11. And i can respect that point of view and please don't misunderstand....I mean no disrespect at all, i think its a good healthy discussion. I feel like at the end of the day, I'm here to further my RP, build a character, and enjoy the time that I get away from real life to play. The last thing that I should be forced to do is work around your schedule in order to continue my experience. People who RP lawyers have lives too and can't be expected to be available 24 hours a day. How about a middle ground solution. Run it like EMS. If EMS are online in the city, you have to wait a lot longer in order to take a flight to the hospital. If there are none available, then the time is reduced automatically. Do the same with DOJ. If you are booked by the cops and DOJ is in city and available, then you are sentenced to the 9s and the RP can be allowed to play out. If there are no DOJ online and available, you get sentenced to a lengthy few hour stay and then are released. At the end of the day I feel like when a player is killed in the street, they don't lay in the street until EMS comes on duty. Why should people have to sit around and wait for DOJ to come on duty.
    12. This in itself i think highlights the problem. We have quality RPers that sit for days on end waiting for someone else to be available for them to RP with. This takes these quality RPers essentially out of the cities while they wait sometimes days for an attorney to get everything together for them. This seems like force RP honestly. I think the notion of having quality depth RP for DOJ is a great premise but the execution is lacking. IMO there should be a time limit on the 9's just like there is a time limit on waiting for EMS if they aren't available. Once you have spent X amount of hours in jail (you have to be in the server of course), you are automatically released. If someone uses that "timer" to avoid interacting with DOJ and attorneys, then make it a rules violation just like it is when people skip EMS even though they are available.
    13. We already have this. Its just up to people to creatively RP. we run a used car lot out of mech shop 6 parking lot. Just watch twitter. Its open almost daily!
    14. Oh I love this. You are absolutely correct. I think that part of it is a great resource. I really should have been more specific. I dont see advertising a business as any different than getting a billboard lol. I should have clarified better that I meant buying and selling things.
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